€23 500


50 ft / 15.2 m
Sunreef Yachts


Sunreef 50 Adara is an ideal sailing catamaran for a getaway with family or friends in luxury and comfort, with spacious living areas inside and out.


The elegant and refined interior houses a bright and perfectly appointed main salon with a large sofa and a fully equipped open galley. The yacht can accommodate 8 guests in 4 splendid queen cabins located in the hulls, all with luxurious en-suite bathrooms.


The exterior is just as impressive. On the aft cockpit and the bow terrace, guests can relax, recline on the huge sunbeds or dine quietly by the lapping waves. The flybridge is an exceptional place to enjoy the sun and sea breeze.


Multiple water toys available on board, such as Seabobs and water skis, among others, will keep any action-seeking guest entertained. Whether you want to relax or have fun, Adara is an outstanding charter yacht for enjoying the sea in every imaginable way.


Greece - Aegean/Cyclades Sea, Greece - Ionian Sea
23 500 EUR


Greece - Aegean/Cyclades Sea, Greece - Ionian Sea
23 500 EUR


4 Double
  • Included
    1 x kayak
    2 x Seabob
    Paddle board
    Snorkeling equipment
    water ski
    Zar Formenti 3 with 70 hp Suzuki
  • Not Included
    - "Wine While Sailing" (upon request) at extra cost
    - All new linens/towels and throw pillows
    - Banana (3 seater)
    - Ice maker capacity 12kg/ day
    - Yoga Instructor (upon request) at extra cost
    -1 Inflatable kayak
    -2 Paddleboards
    -2 sea doos
    -2 Yamaha RDS250 seascooters (2019)
    -Adult water skis
    -Brand new tender (2019) 6 pax
    -One fly board available at your disposal (with condition: jet ski rental needed)
    -One pair of basic water skiing equipment for kids and teenagers
    -Round donut for towing
    -Sea Doo Aqua Lounge 6 Inflatable Island
    -snorkeling equipment for all sizes and ages
    -Tender: Williams Turbojet 14' 7" (4.45m)
    -Towable Buoy
    -Two paddle boards
    -Two Sea bobs F5S
    -Two wake boards
    (Bicycles available upon request with sufficient notice prior to the charter)
    (Jetski use is subject to the operator having a jetski licence)
    * optional e-surf upon confirmation
    ***E FOIL*** $4
    • 4 Kayaks
    • Donuts towable
    • Standup paddle board
    • Tender 14ft with 50 HP motor
    $125 per person for Discover Scuba
    $299 per person for Open Water
    $50 per person per dive
    $75 per person per night dive
    0 meter tender with 100 HP
    000 per week (all guests and instructor)
    1 beauty room
    1 Canoe
    1 hot dog for towing (3 person)
    1 Jet Ski
    1 Jet Ski Sea-Doo 3 seater 300hp
    1 Jet Ski Seadoo Spark 2 seats
    1 Jetovator
    1 Jobe Infinity pool
    1 large float mat 18' x 6'
    1 person inflatable towable
    1 round tube for towing
    1 Sea Wing Yamaha
    1 Seabob
    1 set of water ski
    1 Tender ZAR 4.95m with Yamaha 60hp
    1 towing inter tube
    1 Tubes
    1 water ski for adults & 1 x water ski for children
    1 x Air compressor
    1 x Banana
    1 x donuts
    1 x Double Hobie Kayak
    1 x doughnut with 3 seats
    1 x e-foil board
    1 x Fliteboard
    1 x GUMOTEX Kayak Thaya 410cm
    1 x HO Sports Freeride Waterski 69''
    1 x Hobie 2 person kayak
    1 x Inflatable lounge
    1 x Inflatable SUP Jobe Yarra 10.6
    1 x Jet ski Sea-Doo RTX 260 RS
    1 x Jet ski Sea-Doo Spark (3 Up) 90HP
    1 x Jet Ski Sea-Doo SPARK 1.100cc (for two)
    1 x Jet Ski Sea-Doo Spark 90 with reverse gear (2019)
    1 x Jobe Hemi Trainer Waterski
    1 x Jobe Infinity Island (extension of the swimming platform)
    1 x Jobe Lunar Sofa (for 3 persons)
    1 x Jobe Mode Combo Waterski 67''
    1 x JOBE Sky Nautic
    1 x JOBE Wakeboard
    1 x knee board
    1 x Kneeboard
    1 x Nautibuoy Inflatable pontoon
    1 x paddle
    1 x Sea Scooter Yamaha 350Li
    1 x Seabob
    1 x Seabob F5
    1 x Seabob F5 Basic
    1 x Seabob F7
    1 x Seadoo Spark 90 cv (2 seats) (2015)
    1 x Seadoo Wave runners
    1 x Single Hobie Kayak (upon request)
    1 x Stand up Paddle Board
    1 x SUP Aqua Marina Beast All-Around
    1 x Tender Novaronia 5m with a 90HP Yamaha outboard engine
    1 x Tender Oceanis 3.40m with 40 HP YAMAHA
    1 x Tender ZAR MINI RIB 13DL with OUTBOARD SUZUKI DF30ATS (2021)
    1 x Tender Zodiac Medline New Line 540 with Yamaha 100hp engine
    1 x Wake skate
    1 x Wakeboard
    1 x Water Ring
    1 x Water Ski
    1 x waterski
    1-seat inflatable donut
    1*4.2 m dinghy with 60 hp outboard
    10 ft. floating dock
    10 pax Highfield tender with 60hp engine
    10 person (10x10 ft) floating dock
    10 sets of new snorkeling gear
    10 snorkeling sets of various sizes
    10 x Different sizes and models of wet suits
    10 x Inflatable noodles
    10 x sets of snorkel
    10 x Snorkel gear
    10 x Snorkeling equipment (sizes 37-46)
    10 x Snorkeling Equipment (sizes 5 to 11)
    10 x Snorkeling gear
    10 x snorkeling gears
    10 x Snorkelling
    10.50 m. Vidoli towable tender 250 hp
    10.97m/36ft Hinckley Jet Tender
    10' x 10' inflatable dock
    10ft Inflatable circular mesh ring
    10m 6hp tender
    10m with OB motor 15HP
    11m tender with toilet (2 x 450 hp Mercury)
    12 ft floating Fiesta Island
    12 m2 inflatable platform
    12 sets of snorkel gear
    12 x Sets of Masks & flippers
    13 x Snorkeling gear
    13' Avon Tender with Suzuki 40 HP 4-Stroke Outboard
    14 x underwater blue lights
    14ft Dinghy with 50 HP engine
    15' Dinghy
    15’ Highfield tender
    15ft Highfield Deluxe 460 RIB center console with 70hp Yamaha
    16' RIB 90hp Yamaha with towing harness
    18ft Nautica tender with Yamaha 115 HP engine (refitted as new in 2020)
    1m BSC towed behind
    1m RIB
    1x Audi Etron JET Fliteboard
    1x M
    1x Steel 15L)
    1x XXXL)
    2 Canoe
    2 Clear kayaks
    2 Cybex semi-recumbant bicycles - programmable
    2 eFoils
    2 Electric scooters
    2 floating Fatboy beanbags
    2 inflatable SUP´s
    2 inflatable unicorns
    2 jet ski for 3 persons (new 2014/2015)
    2 Kayaks (2 seater)
    2 Kymera Bodyboards
    2 Laser Sailing Dingies
    2 m RIB
    2 Man Donut
    2 massage rooms
    2 MT 50 HP Dinghy
    2 paddle boards
    2 Pax Kayak
    2 person
    2 person ocean kayak
    2 Person towable ski donut
    2 person Tube
    2 Rigid 2-men Kayaks
    2 Rigid convertible SUP/kayaks
    2 Rigid SUP boards
    2 Sea scooters Yamaha
    2 Seabobs F5S
    2 seat kayak
    2 seater Kayak
    2 seats
    2 Spinning Rods. Boat is BVI Registered for fishing (guests need individual permit)
    2 Stand Up Paddle
    2 Stand up paddle boards
    2 Standup Paddleboards
    2 Sub-Wings
    2 Sub-Wings (Tow Behind)
    2 SUP
    2 Tenders - Williams 380
    2 tenders: a Highfield 5m80 with engine Honda 80 HP and a Bombard AX compact 500 with Yamaha 9.9 HP
    2 Trident sea scooter
    2 Tubes
    2 upon request)
    2 Water Bikes
    2 x “aquasub” or “planasub” or “tow board” - a small kind if board towed by the tender very slow and people can snorkel and go very deep changing the angle of the board and then come back to surface.
    2 x 2 Man Kayaks
    2 x 2-person kayaks
    2 x 2020 Spark Seadoo Waverunners
    2 x 2022 Seabob F5 (one with camera)
    2 x 3-seater
    2 x 3-seater waverunners
    2 x 5.6m rib tenders
    2 x 60-man watercraft lifeboats; Liferafts 8 x 20 pax + 2 x 25 pax
    2 x Adults and kids helmets
    2 x Aquamarina floating islans 250 cm / 160 cm
    2 x Baby life jackets
    2 x Bean bag
    2 x bean bags
    2 x beanbag chairs
    2 x beanbags
    2 x bicycles
    2 x Blowup SUPs that can also serve as kayaks
    2 x brand new seabobs
    2 x Canoes
    2 x Canoes (2 people)
    2 x Carbon Bicycles
    2 x carbon paddles
    2 x Children's Snorkel Set
    2 x chill Hammocks
    2 x Clear kayaks
    2 x Cowbell
    2 x deck bean bag chairs
    2 x Deep fishing rods
    2 x diving equipment (RDVZ only)
    2 x Donut
    2 x Donuts
    2 x Dumbells
    2 x E-Foil
    2 x e-foil (available upon request and at Captain’s discretion)
    2 x E-foil boards
    2 x E-foils
    2 x Electric Bikes - Gocycle g3
    2 x Electric Foldable bicycle
    2 x Electric Folding Bike
    2 x Electric mini scooters
    2 x electric scooter (trottinette)
    2 x Electric scooters
    2 x electric Seabobs
    2 x F5 SeaBobs
    2 x Fishing gear
    2 x Fishing Rod
    2 x Fishing rods (Jigging)
    2 x Flite Board
    2 x floating Fatboy bean bags
    2 x Fly boards
    2 x Freeweight Case
    2 X Go Pro cameras in waterproof housing
    2 x GoCyles (available upon request)
    2 x GoPro's and a drone
    2 x GoPro's with Underwater Dome and multiple adventure mounts
    2 x Gym Ball
    2 x Hamburger - Grim
    2 x Hammocks
    2 x Hover Star
    2 x inflatable 3-seats kayaks
    2 x Inflatable donut
    2 x Inflatable donuts
    2 x inflatable kayaks
    2 x inflatable paddle boards
    2 x inflatable paddleboards
    2 x inflatable SUP
    2 x Inflatable SUP's
    2 x Inflatable tube
    2 x Inflatable tubes
    2 x Ipad
    2 x iRocker SUPS (paddleboards)
    2 x Jet ski
    2 x Jet ski (Yamaha)
    2 x Jet ski Seadoo
    2 x Jetski
    2 x Jetskis
    2 x Jobe Crusher Towable (for 1 person)
    2 x JOBE Paddel Surf
    2 x Jobe Paddle Boards
    2 x Jobe Wakeboards
    2 x Kayak
    2 x kayak (two seats)
    2 x Kayak 2 pax
    2 x Kayak Paddles to use the SUP as a kayak
    2 x Kayaks
    2 x kayaks 1 Pax
    2 x Kayaks with Seats
    2 x Kite surf gear
    2 x Medium child life jackets
    2 x MESLE iSUP BONAIRE 325 LIGHT (stand-up paddling boards)
    2 x Monoski
    2 x Monoskis
    2 x Nautibuoy (inflatable platform / waverunner dock)
    2 x Nautibuoy Platforms that can be used for tender / jet ski docking & sunbathing (New 2020)
    2 x new Canoes
    2 x one man Kayaks
    2 x Oru Kayaks
    2 x Paddle Boards
    2 x Paddleboard
    2 x Paddleboards
    2 x Paddles
    2 x passenger Hacker Craft Prestige varnished launches carrying 8 guests. (recently refit)
    2 x Pedal SUP
    2 x Personal watercraft Yamaha WX 1100 (two seaters)
    2 x Removable stainless steel saddles with screw in plugs on the foredeck for tender
    2 x Ribeye tenders (5.5 mtrs each)
    2 x rigid paddle boards
    2 x Ringo
    2 x Ringos
    2 x scuba diving sets and diving compressor on board
    2 x Sea Bob
    2 x sea bobs
    2 x Sea bobs Cayago F5
    2 x Sea kayak
    2 x Sea Scooter
    2 x sea scooters
    2 x Sea scooters Yamaha
    2 x Sea-bobs ( 2 onboard at all times
    2 x SEA-DOO underwater scooter
    2 x SeaBob F5
    2 x Seabob F5 2020
    2 x Seabob F5 SR
    2 x Seabob F5S
    2 x Seabob F5S (2020)
    2 x Seabob F7
    2 x Seabob FS5
    2 x Seabobs
    2 x seabobs F5 & F5s
    2 x Seabobs F5s
    2 x Seadoo seabobs
    2 x Seadoo sit down jetskis
    2 x Seadoo spark
    2 x SeaDoo Spark Jet Ski
    2 x SeaDoo Spark Jet Ski (2 seats)
    2 x SeaDoo Spark Waverunners
    2 x SeaDoo Spark Waverunners (3-seater)
    2 x Seascooter
    2 x seawings
    2 x sets of PENN fishing gear
    2 x Sets of water-ski (adult and child)
    2 x Small child life jackets
    2 x small Flamingo donut
    2 x small kites
    2 x squirt guns
    2 x Stand up paddle board
    2 X Stand Up Paddle Boards
    2 x Stand up paddleboard
    2 x Stand Up Paddleboard (Fanatic Ray Air)
    2 x Stand Up Paddleboards
    2 x Stand-Up paddle board/Kayak combo
    2 x standup paddleboards
    2 x Stinson rod/reels
    2 x Subwing
    2 x subwings
    2 x Sundecks (inflatable & floating)
    2 x SUP
    2 x SUP (one of them convertible to a windsurf board junior size and the other adult size)
    2 x SUP (Stand Up Paddlebord)
    2 x SUP boards
    2 x SUP's (inflatables)
    2 x Sups
    2 x SUPs (Stand Up Paddle Board)
    2 x Surfboards
    2 x Tandem Kayaks
    2 x Technogym exercise bikes
    2 x Technogym treadmills
    2 x Tender PIRELLI PZERO 420 (2010) with YAMAHA 40 hp + PIRELLI PZERO 470 (2010) with YAHAMA 40 HP
    2 x Tenders
    2 x Towable donuts
    2 x Towable tubes
    2 x Tube
    2 x Tubes
    2 x Ugly stick rod/reels
    2 x Under water scooter
    2 x under water scooters
    2 x Underwater electric scooters
    2 x Underwater scooter Swii
    2 x Wakeboard
    2 x wakeboard (boots sizes from 32 to 46)
    2 x wakeboards
    2 x Water Ski (Adults)
    2 x Water skis
    2 x Water skis adults
    2 x Water-ski (1 Pair for adult and 1 pair for child)
    2 x Waterski
    2 x Waterskis
    2 x windsurfers
    2 x Wing Foil
    2 x YAMAHA 1300 Hp Jet-Ski
    2 x Yamaha Jet Pod Pro sea scooters
    2 x Yamaha Jet Skis (2020)
    2 x Yamaha RDS250 seascooters (2019)
    2 x Yamaha Sea Scooters
    2 x Yamaha Seascooters
    2 x Yamaha VX Cruiser waverunners
    2 x Yamaha waverunners / jetskis
    2 x Yoga mats
    2 Yamaha RDS250 seascooters
    2-seat inflatable banana
    2-seat inflatable donut
    2.7m with electric engine 3hp and two batteries
    20 x Line Fishing equipment
    20 x Snorkeling equipment
    20 x Snorkeling Gear
    2017 Seascan Marine tender (6.25m) with 240 hp
    2019 Seadoo Jetski GTX 155 (3 seats)
    2020 Yamaha Jetski VX Cruiser (3 seats)
    2020 ZAR 5 90hp 9 pax tender
    20hp 4pax tender stored in dinghy garage
    20m w/ 50 HP engine
    25 mt
    2m Novurania with 50hp Yamaha outboard
    2m with 5hp outboard
    2m with 60HP outboard engine (2020)
    2m with 60HP outboard engine (New 2020)
    2x 2 person inflatable kayak
    2x Electric Scooter Bikes for outdoor use
    2x inflatable SUPs
    2x Jobe hydra
    2x Kayak
    2x Kayaks
    2x Kayaks (2 seats)
    2x Lift E-foil
    2x OpenBic Sailing dinghy
    2x Paddle
    2x Paddle board
    2x Paddle boards
    2x Sea bob F5s
    2x Seabob
    2x Seabob F5
    2x Seabob F5SR
    2x Seadoo seascooter (underwater propeller)
    2x seated Kayak
    2x Stand up paddle
    2x Stand-up paddles
    2x steel 12L
    2x SUP Board
    2x Sup/windsurf from JOBE
    2x Towable (1P+2P)
    2x Towing toys
    2x Under water scooter (speed 3
    2x Wakeboard
    2x Wakeboard O'Brien adult
    2x Water skis
    3 Demon amplifiers for sound/TV system
    3 Electric bikes
    3 mt Tender with 40 HP outboard
    3 person float
    3 person Towable Tube
    3 sets of diving equipment
    3 side full enclosure cockpit tents
    3 X Brand New SEABOB F5S (2019)
    3 x canoe
    3 x dive gear sets
    3 x Donuts
    3 x electric folding bikes
    3 x Fishing gear
    3 x Fishing Rods and Lures (Trolling and Jigging)
    3 x Inflatable paddle boards
    3 x Inflatables
    3 x Paddle
    3 x Paddle board
    3 x Paddleboard
    3 x pairs of water skis
    3 X RINGS
    3 x SCUBA Divegear (BCD
    3 x Scuba Diving Gear
    3 x Sea wing
    3 x Sea wings
    3 x Seabob F5S
    3 x single SUP's
    3 x Stand-up paddle boards
    3 x SUP
    3 x SUP's
    3 x Tubes
    3 x Wave Runner Yamaha
    3 x windsurf boards
    3 x Yacht Beach Leisure Platforms
    3 x Yamaha Seawing II
    3-person armchair
    3.30m Sur Marine tender with a Suzuki 20HP outboard engine
    3.8m beam 700Hp 45kn (2020 Fast and comfortable)
    3.8m. beam 700Hp 45kn (brand new 2020
    30 m with an 20 hp outboard
    30 with outboard engine 50 hp
    33' Whaler tender with fishing outriggers and bait box (Optional extra for US$4000)
    36' Hinckley Picnic Boat available for an extra fee
    3G Wi-Fi throughout the yacht
    3m with 115hp outboard
    3mm full surf wetsuits - West (3x L)
    3x Bodyboard
    3x L 2x XL
    3x L)
    3x S. 4x M
    3x Scubapro)
    3x stand up paddle
    3x Surf Boards
    3x Waterski
    4 Full divers equipment (BCD
    4 m Tender Novurania with 60 HP YAMAHA
    4 person floating dock with chairs
    4 person inflatable towable
    4 Sea Kayaks
    4 sets of Snorkel Equipment
    4 Trolling Rods
    4 x Adult sport life jackets
    4 x beach/deck beanbags
    4 x Bean bag chairs on front deck
    4 x bean bag loungers
    4 x diving tanks + compressor
    4 x Flippers
    4 x Full divers equipment (BCD
    4 x hybrid bikes (Specialized Diverge Sport)
    4 x hybrid e-bikes (Specialized Turbo Creo SL Comp Carbon EVO)
    4 x Inflatable donut
    4 x kayaks (one person kayaks)
    4 x lounge chairs on aft deck
    4 x new inflatable and rigid SUPs
    4 x Paddle board (new)
    4 x Paddle boards
    4 x Sea Doo RS1 underwater propulsion units
    4 x Sea Wings
    4 x Seabobs
    4 x seawing II Yamaha underwater scooter
    4 x sets of dive gear (rendez-vous diving only)
    4 x Sets of Diving Equipment
    4 x Snorkeling masks
    4 x Suex diving scooters
    4 x suex water scooters
    4 x SUP
    4 x Tubes
    4 x TV LG 24’’ HD in the cabins
    4 x Wakeboards
    4 x Yoga Mats
    4.20m Highfield Sp Tender
    4.2m Tender 50hp Yamaha outboard
    4.2m Tender with 50hp outboard
    4.57m/15ft Nautica Tender
    4.5m tender with 50hp outboard
    4.7m RIB tender by Ribline - Pishel Concept
    4.8 m 90 hp Mercury fast Boat
    4.8 m Evinrude Joker Boat 90Hp (2012)
    4.8 m Tender with 100 HP outboard engine
    40 hp RIB
    40 m outboard engine 40 Hp
    40 mt
    40 mt with 15HP outboard
    40 with 40 hp for 6 pax
    40hp 4
    45 mt Seadoo 3 seats Seadoo Gtx Ltd 300 with Stereo BRP audio system
    47′ Sony TV in salon
    4x Dive Gear
    5 kmh/h)
    5 x Fishing gear
    5 x Snorkeling equipment
    5 x Yoga mat
    5.1 RIB + 70HP outboard
    5.5m Tender with 115 HP
    5.70m Highfield (2015) with Yamaha 60hp engine
    5.9m (19 ft) Tender with 90 HP engine
    505 Williams Diesel Jet tender
    50m 10 HP Yamaha
    55” Smart Tv in the Lounge
    5m Suzuki 115hp
    5mm full scuba wetsuits - Aqualung (1x XS
    5x Inflatable cherry balls
    5x Paddle boards
    6 person floating island + multiple floating chairs/mats
    6 Person floating retreat with sun canopy
    6 x Adult Snorkel Sets
    6 x GAV
    6 x inflatable chairs
    6 x Noodles
    6 x Octopus
    6 x Sets of Snorkling Equipment
    6 x Snorkel & fins sets
    6 x snorkeling equipment
    6 x snorkeling vests
    6 x Snorkelling equipment
    6 x sun beds on Trampoline for relaxing in the sun or sleeping under the stars
    6 x swim noodles
    6-man banana
    6-person floating mat/swim up bar
    6-person jacuzzi on the deck
    6.5 RIB+ Yamaha 130hp
    60 HP
    60 hp outboard
    60 with 60 HP
    60 with 70HP
    60m Zodiac tender with 60hp
    65 m Yamaha Engine 25 Cv
    650+ Movies
    65m + 60 HP engine SUZUKI
    6m tender with 50 HP outboard
    6x18’ Floating Mat
    7 m fast tender boat (new 2014)
    7 m with Honda 50 HP
    7.2m Four Winns tender (2019)
    70 m dinghy with 60 HP outboard Yamaha engine
    70 mt with 9
    70hp 6.2m RIB (2019)
    8 person party island
    8 sets scuba diving equipment w/ Divemaster as permanent member of crew
    8 sets scuba diving equipment w/ diving instructor
    8 underwater lights
    8 x Diving bottles
    8 x saddle seats
    8 x sets of snorkeling gear
    8 x Snorkeling gear
    8 x Snorkeling set
    8 x Snorkeling sets of various sizes
    8 x Snorkelling Equipment
    8 x Trx system Bands
    80 m. Yamaha outboard 30 Hp 4 strokes
    80 mt with 40hp outboard
    80 mt with 60hp outboard Water ski
    9 HP outboard
    9.14m ZAR custom tow tender with 2 x Evinrude 300HP (upon request)
    90 with 50 HP outboard
    90m) / 40HP
    A fully equipped dive centre including nitrox refilling station and a decompression chamber
    a gorgeous 14' Center Console RIB
    A Large Hammock
    A Mavic Pro Drone - rated the best drone of 2017 (operated by the Captain to take some wonderful pictures of your charter experience on board Nenne).
    A variety of modern board games
    AB Marine 16 Tender
    AB Marine 9.5 Tender
    Adult and child waterskis
    Adult and children Skis
    Adult and junior wakeboards
    Aft deck
    Air Conditioned saloon
    Air Stream Inflatable Towable (2 Person)
    airbeach marine inflatable plateform
    Aircon Cabins
    Aircondition Webasto hot/cold system
    Airstream towable
    All USCG required safety equipment
    Aluminum Tanks
    Amateur fishing gear
    and trainer water skiis
    Anti jellyfish pool
    anti jellyfish swimming pool
    Apple Tv
    Apple TV (main saloon)
    Apple TV available in main saloon - movies available upon request
    Apple TV in Master Cabin
    Apple TV multimedia box
    Apple TVS 4K
    AppleTV for big screen photo sharing
    Aqua Lung BCDs (1x small and 3xmedium and 1xlarge)
    Aqua Marina Magma
    Aqua Marina Vapor
    Aquaglide 20' inflatable runway
    AquaGlide Banana (for 5 pax)
    Aquaglide Big Carpet
    Aquaglide Blast inflatable launch pad
    Aquaglide Rebound 16' inflatable trampoline
    Aquaglide Trampoline
    Arm floaties for kids
    Assorted board and card games
    Assorted Board Games
    Assorted water toys
    Assortment Snorkeling Equipment (12 guests)
    Audio system on each cabin
    AXOPAR 28 for guest service
    Axopar 37ST fully equipped chase/tow boat
    B&W speakers
    Baby life jacket
    Baby life jackets
    badminton set
    Banana (3pax)
    Banana & donuts
    Banana Boat
    Banana boat for 4 pax
    Baron SLALOM Water Ski
    basic fishing & snorkelling equipment
    Basic Weights
    Basketball hoop
    Bathing platform
    Battery life: 50-100 minutes
    BBQ on deck
    Beach ball and Frisbee
    Beach club
    Beach Equipment
    Beach game
    Beach games
    Beach hammocks
    Beach Tennis set
    Beach tent and chairs setup
    Beach toys
    beach volleyball
    bean bag chairs and loungers
    beanbag chairs for front deck use
    beds and a small sofa)
    BIC Sport Tobago
    Bicycle Cross Trainer
    Big Floating mat
    Blow up pull along sofa
    Blue Ray PIONEER in saloon
    Board and card games
    Board Games
    Board games and cards
    Bocce Ball
    Bocce balls
    Bombard Explorer 500
    Book library
    Bose audio system in salon and exterior
    Bose lifestyle V25 home cinema
    Bose Stereo System with 5 CD Changer and iPod Dock/Compatible
    Bote floating pad
    Brand New Jacuzzi installed October 2020
    Brand New Water Slide
    Brick w/ an ob YAMAHA 50 hp
    Brig 420 with a 50hp
    BRIG Falcon F420HT 60 HP
    BRIG Falcon F420HT tender
    Brig tender 50 hp
    Broadband WiFi extender (for email checking
    BRP Jet ski Sea-Doo GTX LTD 2018 300hp
    BRP Jet ski Sea-Doo SPARK HO 3-UP IBR TRIXX 2018 90hp
    Buoy Jobe 2 pax
    Business Corner with printer (air print)
    Camera Station
    can be tied to make 2m x 4m or 8m x 1m as part of an obstacle course)
    Can Jam
    Canoe (for 1 person)
    Canoe (for 2 persons)
    Canon camera
    capacity for 12 guests and 2 crew
    Carbon tender
    Card & Board Games
    Caribe 4
    Castoldi Jet 16SB Jet Tender
    Castoli Jet Tender 16 with Yanmar 110hp engine
    CD players in aftdeck
    Central Media Digital System with movie server
    Certified Scuba Diving Instruction Available
    Chairs and beach cooler
    chairs and umbrella for the beach
    Charging time: 4-6 hours
    Child & adult waterskis
    Child water skis
    Children water ski
    children's water scooter (rather slow)
    Clear bottom kayak
    client must have complete course work and all confined water dives
    Cliff and boom jumping
    clubs & fish food golf balls
    cockpit and bridge linked speakers.
    Color LCD TV LG 37
    Complete snorkel gear
    Concept 2 Rower
    connecting with iPhone or iPad
    console dinghy legally rated for 8 passengers
    controlled from Crestron in the Sundeck
    convertible to kayaks
    Couples Hammock
    Crane – capacity 650 kg
    CRESTRON HiFi System
    CRESTRON with 6 iPAD Controllers (cabins
    Crew tender: 10' Avon/3hp Yamaha
    Cristofle Silverware
    Crusader (6 person SUP)
    Custom Porcelain Tableware
    Deck Jacuzzi
    Deck Shower
    Deep sea fishing gear
    Deep sea fishing gear and tackle
    designed for lounging with mesh trampoline spanning the center
    Digital camera suitable also for underwater use
    Dimming lights in saloon and cockpit with remote
    Dinghy 3
    Dinghy 3.30 m with an 20 hp outboard
    Dinghy 5.50 m 150 hp
    Dinghy 80HP
    Dinghy platform doubles as swim platform that can be lowered into the water
    Dinghy with 60 HP Outboard
    Dive compressor
    Dive Compressor | 4x Alloy Tanks
    Dive System Combo Airbuddy
    Dive tanks (6x aluminum 12L
    diving and snorkelling gear
    Diving board
    Diving compressor on board
    Diving compressor with hookah
    Diving equipment for min. 3 persons
    Diving equipment with compressor (for certified divers only)
    Diving gear
    Diving offered onboard
    Donut 2 pax
    Donuts 3 seats
    Double canoe
    Double donut
    double Kayak
    Double Water Ski
    Doughnut with 3 seats
    Drone DJI
    Drone on board
    Drone on board (Captain will take photo/video during charter for guests)
    DVD in saloon & Master cabin
    DVD player
    DVD/Radio/MP3 system and surround sound system.Premium audio upgrade to harmon Kardon 5.1
    DVDs/Movies library
    DVRs in Salon and all staterooms
    E-foil (1 is included + 1 optional for €1400 per week)
    E-foil Flite Carbon
    e-surf upon confirmation
    Echelon connected Fitness Bike with thousands of fitness classes
    Efoil Board
    efoil Waydoo Flyer One
    Eight Regulators
    Electric Bicycle
    Electric bike EOVOLT Confort
    Electric foil
    Electric foil Fliteboard
    Electric LIghted Logo
    Electric sliding roof over salon with skylight blinds.
    Electric surp
    Electrical grill in cockpit
    Electrical scooter
    Electronic Games
    Emergency DAN O2 oxygen kits
    Entertainment center with 48" LED TV with Blue Ray system and electric raise/lower mechanism.
    Equipment (masks
    Equipment for snorkeling
    etc. for towing with tender boat
    Exercise bench
    Exercise bike
    Exercise equipment (weights
    Exercise matts
    Exercise Sticks
    Expanded DVD collection over 100+ movies
    Extended Bimini for great coverage on flybridge
    Extensive fishing equipment
    Extensive library of movies and music through Qnap
    Extra Large 4 person floating island
    Extra large jacuzzi on sun deck
    Extra Towables
    F5S Seabob (Brand new 2019)
    Fast and comfortable)
    Fins & Snorkels for all guests
    fins in different sizes)
    fins: various sizes
    Fishing & Snorkel Gear
    Fishing & Snorkeling equipment
    fishing and deep sea fishing
    Fishing and Snorkeling equipment
    Fishing and snorkelling equipment
    Fishing enthusiasts will enjoy the 3 fishing rods: Two for trolling under way and 1 lighter casting rods.
    Fishing equipment
    Fishing equipment (only in USVI waters)
    Fishing Gear
    Fishing gear (1 fishing rod and lures)
    Fishing gear (1 fishing rode - 1 fishing line)
    Fishing Gear (light tackle)
    Fishing Gear- Polls
    Fishing gears
    Fishing lines
    FISHING NOTE: catch and release ONLY
    Fishing rods
    Fishing rods (Trawling
    Fishing Rods & Gear
    Fishing Rods and Lures (Trolling and Jigging) x 3
    Fishing Tackle/ gear
    Fitness equipment
    fitness therapists are included in the charter rate no additional cost.
    flamingo floats
    Flat SAMSUNG TV 23'' in Master cabin
    Flat Screen Television with DVD library
    Flat screen TVs in all cabins and in the main saloon
    Flat Smart HD Televisions with Plex media
    ​flippers and floating rings
    Flite Fliteboard PRO high performance Efoil
    Fliteboard efoil
    Floating and lounging chairs
    Floating Bar
    floating bean bag chairs
    floating carpet Skiflott 5 mtr x 3 mtr
    floating dock
    floating dock with inflatable chairs
    Floating dock: round doughnut shape- 10' diameter
    Floating flamingo
    Floating Island
    Floating mat
    Floating mats
    Floating mats and foam floating tubes
    Floating Mats and noodles
    Floating Mattresses
    Floating pad
    floating party island
    Floating Party Mat for sunning & play
    Floating sun mats
    Floating Sun Mattresses
    Floating Sun-beds
    Floating Tube for play & towing behind dinghy
    Floats / Noodles
    Fly board (available upon request)
    fly bridge
    Fly Rods
    flyboard and racing hoverboard
    Flybridge HiFi + 4 speakers
    Foam floating mat
    Foam floating tubes
    Foil board
    Foil Board/Wakesurf board (Tow Behind)
    Foil boards
    Folding bikes
    Footballs (1)
    foredeck and dinghy
    Four Floating Sun Bathing Pads
    Free weights
    Free weights selection
    Fridge on flydeck
    Front staircase between trampolines into water
    Full A/C
    Full air conditioning
    Full equipped Bar
    Full navigation station
    Full SCUBA diving and snorkeling equipment
    Full snorkeling as well as underwater fishing equipment for min. 3 persons
    Fully Air Conditioned
    Fun Tube Inflatable Towable (3 Person)
    FunAir inflatable slide
    Fusion Audio System
    Gala Viking V650 (6.5m) tender with Yamaha 175HP (seats 12)
    Gangway Washing machine/dryer machine
    Giant floating iFloat pads
    giant inflatable floating mat (7'x10')
    Glow in the dark bocce ball
    Go pro camera
    Go-Pro & Digital guest photos as keepsake
    Golf gear for swim platform (balls are biodegradable fish food which need to be ordered at charterer's expense if requested)
    Golf mat
    Golf Platform
    GoPro for underwater photos and video
    GRAND Golden Line G500 with 100 HP Yamaha
    Guitar (upon request)
    Gymnastic accessories
    Gyro tube
    Hairdryers in each cabin
    Hammam steam unit in the Master ensuite
    Handheld Underwater Camera
    Handmade Swiss Crystal Glassware
    hard paddle boards (new 2018)
    Hard top bimini for great coverage on flybridge
    Harman Kardom BDS 680 5.1 surround
    HDV Video Camera/ Nikon D 200
    Highfield 390 sport tender
    Highfield 4
    Highfield 460 Sport 90hp
    Highfield CL 390 Deluxe (Overall Length 3
    Highfield CL 390 Deluxe (Overall Length 3.90m) / 40HP
    Highfield SP 520 with engine Yamaha F100 LB
    Highfield tender 3
    HO Sports Kids Offroad towable car for 2 children
    HO Sports tow ring
    Hobie kayak (2 person)
    Hobie kayak (2 seater)
    Hobie Mirage 2 person Kayak with pedals
    Hobie Wave sailing dinghy
    Home cinema in saloon & Master cabin
    Home theater PIONEER with MONACOR amplifier in saloon
    Home Theatre
    Home theatre system in the Main saloon
    Hookah Diving System
    Hot Dog
    Hot Dog towable for 5 people
    Hunting and Fishing Equipment
    Hydraulic bathing platform
    Hydraulic platform
    Hydraulic swimming platform
    Hydroslide and Skurfer
    Ice maker
    If there is a need for extra water toys please inquire!
    Imnasa Tender 380 with Yamaha 30hp
    including Children's sizes
    Individual floating chairs
    Indoor / outdoor audio system
    Infinity pool ( jelly fish net )
    Inflatable ‘air-chairs’
    Inflatable 2 pax kayak
    Inflatable Aquaglide Malibu Lounge / 2018
    Inflatable Banana
    Inflatable Banana 3 seats
    Inflatable biscuit
    Inflatable boy
    Inflatable Canoe f/ 2 Persons
    Inflatable catamaran 420 sail boat
    Inflatable couch
    Inflatable couch 3 pax
    Inflatable couch for 3 pax
    Inflatable docking pontoon
    Inflatable Donut
    Inflatable donut 2 pax
    Inflatable Donut 2 seats
    Inflatable donut x 2
    Inflatable Donuts
    Inflatable doughnuts
    Inflatable extendable deck
    Inflatable Flamingo
    Inflatable Flamingo & Parrot
    Inflatable Floating Dock
    Inflatable Island Lounge
    Inflatable Kayak
    Inflatable kayak with 2 seats
    Inflatable lounge
    Inflatable platform
    Inflatable platforms (both 4m x 1m
    Inflatable pool with jellyfish protection
    Inflatable slide
    Inflatable slide (from sundeck)
    inflatable SUP
    Inflatable swimming pool
    Inflatable towable couch
    Inflatable towable toys (donuts etc)
    Inflatable towables
    Inflatable toys
    Inflatable toys and towables
    Inflatable Trampoline
    Inflatable Tubes
    Inflatable unicorn
    Inflatable water slide
    inflatable Water SLIDE from the flybridge
    Inflatable water toys
    Inflatable water toys (donuts
    Inflatable water toys: Banana
    Inflatable Whale shark
    Inflatables (Donut)
    Inflatables upon request
    Internet TV/ Radio in saloon and all cabins
    Internet via USB sticks
    Ipad & Macbook for guests use
    iPod Bluetooth system
    iPod docking station in the salon
    Iridium satellite phone
    Island Float
    Itiwit inflatable paddle boards (1x10' and 1x11')
    Jacuzzi / Hot Tub
    Jacuzzi for adult and kids on sky deck
    Jacuzzi/pool on deck / lift - atrium
    JBL Waterproof speakers x 2
    Jelly fish pool
    Jet board - Wave Jam
    Jet ski
    Jet ski (Yamaha VX Cruiser HO (high output) 180HP
    Jet Ski 2 seater YAMAHA 270hp with jet pack & fly board
    Jet Ski 3 seats Sea Doo GTX 300 limited (2020)
    Jet ski 90hp
    Jet ski for 2022 season
    Jet ski Kawasaki 2-seater 2016
    Jet ski Sea Doo
    Jet Ski Sea Doo 3seater
    Jet Ski Sea Doo Spark 2 Seats
    Jet Ski Sea Doo spark 2019
    Jet ski Sea-Doo RXX 255
    jet ski Seadoo
    Jet ski Seadoo 800
    Jet ski seadoo GTX230
    Jet ski SeaDoo RXX 255
    Jet Ski Tube
    Jet ski Yamaha 3-seater 2017
    Jet ski Yamaha 900
    Jet Ski Yamaha VX Deluxe (3 seats) Waterski
    Jet Skis
    Jet Sky 3
    Jet Tender and Novurania 550 - 150hp
    Jet tender Avon
    Jet tender Castoldi 110hp
    Jet tender Williams 505DJ With Yanmar 4JH4 110 hp
    Jet Tender Zar 4.9SL (solid/big/115hp)
    Jet Tender Zar 4.9SL 115hp
    Jet-ski Seadoo Spark 90 hp
    Jetski 3 seats Sea Doo GTX 300 limited (brand new 2020)
    Jetski for 2 (optional
    Jetski Sea Doo RXT 300 Triple Black
    Jetski SEADOO RXT-X RS 300
    JetSki Seadoo Spark 2 seats
    jetski Spark 2 seats
    jetsurf + jetsurf tube for beginners
    Jobe 68 Water Ski's
    Jobe Adult lifejackets
    Jobe Airstram (3p)
    Jobe banana
    Jobe banana rider for four persons
    Jobe binar
    Jobe breeze
    Jobe Chaser (banana)
    Jobe Giant (3p)
    Jobe hydra inflatable tube for towing (solo rider)
    Jobe Infant Lifejackets
    Jobe infinity island
    Jobe Infinity Sea Scooter
    Jobe Kick Flip
    Jobe kickflip Inflatable tube for towing (2 seater)
    Jobe kneeboard
    JOBE lunar 3 p
    Jobe Lunar 3-person Inflatable Sofa
    Jobe set of waterskis
    Jobe wakeboard
    JR Celebrity
    Karl Lagerfeld Towels / Nef Nef Beach Towels / Egyptian Cotton Sheets
    kayak (1 person)
    Kayak 2 pax
    Kayak double
    Kayak for 2
    Kayak for 2 pax
    Kayak for 2 people
    Kayaks & kayak kites
    Kayaks On-Board
    Kiddies skim board
    Kids life jackets
    Kite (junior set and adult set) - for certifiied kitesurfers only*
    Kitesurfing equipement for advanced and certified kitesurfers
    Knee board
    Knee board-Wake board
    Ladder golf
    Large and bright red genaker for fast and effortless downwind sailing
    large deck area
    Large ergonomic pool noodles
    Large Fly Bridge Bimini with surrounding tents offering full enclosure
    Large inflatable toucan bird
    Large Screen TV in Salon
    Large selection of inflatable towable toys (including tubes and rings)
    Large Swim Platform with two ladders for easy access
    Large towable Tube
    Large towable tube (3 person)
    Large variety of sea toys for all ages
    Laser Sailboat
    Laser star show
    Laundry facilities daily
    Laundry Service
    Lazy bag
    LCD color TV in each cabin
    LED TVs in the saloon with DVD players
    LG SMART 55" LED TV (2018)
    license required)
    Life Fitness 9500 HR ellipitical bike cross trainer
    LifeFitness Treadmill 9500 HR
    Lift EFoil board 5"
    Lift eFoli
    Lift foil (New 2020)
    light usage
    Lilly pad
    Lily pad
    Line Fishing equipment x 20
    Liquid Force Wake board
    Lobster Gear
    Lomac Jet Rib 4.0m inflatable with Yamaha 40hp outboard
    Lounge beanbags
    Mable 4 people
    Masks and snorkel sets
    Massage therapist and wellness coach onboard
    Master & VIP cabin
    Master SAMSUNG TV on the wall
    Max diving depth: 20m (65.6 ft)
    Maximum power: 800W
    Maximum speed: 9 km/h (5.6 mph)
    Medicine ball
    Mega sup (for up to 8 people)
    mini Ipad
    Mini iPads in each cabin for music and TV control
    Minicat 420 - Catamaran Inflatable Sailing Dinghy
    MiniKat 420 sailing catamaran
    minimum age 10
    mono and solo water-skies
    Mono Ski
    Monoski (chilldren & adults)
    Monoski (sizes 39 - 45)
    Monoski adults
    Monoski kids
    Multiple inflatable floats
    Naish Wing Surfer
    Nespresso Machine
    Netflix & Amazon
    New (2019) Drone DJI Mavic 2
    New AV through boat
    new in 2018
    New Plumbing
    New Refrigerator
    New State of the art electric heads 2010
    New tender with 30hp
    New wall and ceiling upholstery
    New waterproof cushions/fabrics cockpit
    Noodles & Snorkel Vests
    Noodles and floats
    NorthStar 5.60 m RIB with 150 hp Yamaha outboard
    NorthStar 6.20 m RIB with 200 hp Yamaha outboard
    not for streaming)
    NOVA CINEMA in saloon and different in each cabin (6 cards)
    Novurania 550 - 150hp
    Novurania Chase 19 (8m) with 220 hp (New 2015)
    Now BLUE Exterior
    O’Brien Ace
    O’Brien combo skis Celebrity
    O’Brien Jumpseat 2
    O’Brien Le Tube Deluxe
    O’Brien Surge kneeboard
    Ocean Kayak
    Oceanic BCD (M)
    Offshore fishing gear
    On board Wi-Fi Internet Access
    On request: 2 seabobs
    On request: 2 seabobs at an extra charge of 350€ / day per seabob
    On-demand movie and music servers
    Onboard trolling rods x 2
    Onboard Wi-Fi internet access
    Onboard WIFI internet access
    One 2-seater Waverunner SeeDoo SPARK 2015
    One 60HP speedboat
    One floating carpet Skiflott 5 mtr x 3 mtr
    One tender 3
    One tender 5
    One tender with 40hp outboard. Fishing and snorkelling equipment.
    One tender wtih 70hp outboard
    One towing sea biscuit Airhead G force for 3 kids maybe 4 or 2 Adults.
    One very small tender for maximum 3 guests + 1 crew
    or Android with Android home
    OTE TV Satellite Receiver
    Other sea toys upon request at additional cost
    Outdoor Cinema
    Outdoor cinema on Sundeck
    Outdoor Jacuzzi
    Outside cinema on the sun deck
    Outside Showers
    oversized 4 person SUP
    Oversized beach towels
    Owner is amenable to toys requests.
    paddle ball
    Paddle board (NOTE - 2nd SUP is on its way pending delivery)
    Paddle Board (SUP)
    Paddle boards
    Paddle surf
    Paddle/Surf Boards
    Paddleboard (SUP)
    Paddleboards x 2
    pair of water skis
    Personalized guided shore excursions
    Philips 48" 3D smart TV + DVD
    PHILIPS TV 19'' in VIP cabin
    Photography Gear
    Pilates balls
    Pirelli T45 Jet Tender
    Pizza Slice giant blow up mat
    Play Station 2
    Playstation 3
    Playstation 4
    Plenty of sunbathing areas
    Plex movie server with over 400 movies onboard
    plush cotton and quick-dry available
    Pole Spears
    Pole spears for spear fishing
    Power Plate
    prior wakeboarding or surfing experience recommended)
    Professional fishing equipment
    PS3 game console
    Pull up bar
    Punch bag
    QNAP media server (2018)
    Quality mask & snorkel sets for 10 guests plus 4 child's
    Racket ball set
    Radio Hi-Fi 6 loud speaker
    Registered BVI fishing vessel
    Regulator sets (4x Aqualung
    RELILAC Golf Hitting Mat
    Rendezvous Diving
    Rendezvous diving only
    RENT OF THE SEABOB is possible with surcharge
    Rescue boat
    RIB 13ft/4m with an outboard 40hp engine
    Rib 3
    Rib 4
    Rib 4.3 with outboard engine 50 hp
    RIB tender "Black Mamba" 850 (new 2018)
    Rib with 40 hp outboard
    Ribco 28 8.5m 350HP
    Roller for pushups
    Safety floating noodle line attached to the stern
    Saloon and Master cabin
    Samsung Led Smart TV 48”
    Sat Tv
    SAT TV in all cabins (LG 32' in Master cabin)
    SAT TV in Saloon (LG smart 43')
    SAT TV in saloon and each cabin
    Satelite TV
    Satellite TV
    Satellite TV system
    Sauna on upper deck
    Scuba diving equipement
    Scuba Diving Gear x 3. Additional dive gear available for rent
    Scuba Equipment for 4
    Scurf board
    Sea biscuit
    Sea bob
    Sea bob (2)
    Sea Bob (2019)
    Sea Bob F7
    Sea Bobs
    Sea Doo waverunners
    Sea Pool - Jellyfish net
    Sea Scooter
    Sea scooters
    Sea Wing
    Sea-Doo GTX Limited edition 260 Jet Skis
    Sea-Doo RXP 300
    Sea-doo RXP255/ 2-seater Jet ski
    Sea-Doo Spark
    Sea-Doo Spark (2 seater)
    Sea-Doo Spark Trixx
    Sea-Doo Spark Trixx 90 Jet-ski (new as of 2017) - Not available in Dubai
    Seabob F5
    Seabob F5 + quick charger
    SeaBob F5 S
    Seabob F5 SR
    Seabob F5S
    Seabob F5S (New 2019)
    Seabob F5S 2019 special edition with underwater camera and turbo charger
    Seabob F7
    seabob x 2
    Seabobs x2
    Seadoo GTI 120 CV
    Seadoo GTX Limited Jetski
    SeaDoo model 65ND Spark 2UP 90 iBR Trixx
    Seadoo RXP-X 300 sit down jetski (2 person)
    Seadoo RXT-X 300 sit down jetski (3 person) with module for waterskiing
    Seadoo Spark 2 seats (license required)
    Seadoo Spark jetski
    Seadoo XPR 255hp jet ski (two seats)
    Seadoos seascooter x 2
    Seaquest BCD (XS)
    Seascooter Yamaha
    SEATEL TV Satellite receiver
    SeaWing II Yamaha
    Selection of free weights
    Selection of ski vests / jackets
    Selection of table games
    SELVA PRO 700 - 150 CV (2016)
    Separate Rinse for u/w Camera
    Separate satellite smart TVs in each cabin
    Set Adult water skis Wakerboard
    Set of 2 Boflex free weights
    Set of quality water skis
    Sets of Cressie fins (4x S-M. 4x M-L. 4x L-XL)
    Several towable inflatables
    Shnorkeling equipment
    Shorty wetsuits (1x XS
    Sim Platform
    Single & Double water skis
    Single canoe
    Single Donut
    Single ski
    Skeet shooting
    Ski Board
    Ski sets
    Ski Tube
    Ski vests
    ski’s for children & for acrobatics)
    skinsuits available in multiple sizes
    Skis (adult and kids)
    Skis (adults + kids)
    skurf board
    Sky Lounge
    SKY TV (main saloon)
    slalom ski
    slide and playground
    Sliding rigger rowing paddle board
    Slingshot Dwarfcraft 4'6" Foil Board with mast package and Hover Glide NF2
    small inflatable dinghy
    Smaller water skis suitable for Ladies (smaller feet)
    Smart technology TV with Sky box
    Smart TV in saloon
    Smashball game
    snorkel and fins
    Snorkel equipment
    Snorkel equipment for adults and children
    Snorkel gear
    Snorkel gear (new)
    Snorkel Gear & Scuba Equipment for 8 Guests
    Snorkel gear + fins in a variety of sizes
    snorkel socks for fin comfort
    Snorkeling & basic fishing equipment
    snorkeling & fishing
    Snorkeling | Spearfishing Gear
    Snorkeling and Fishing equipment
    snorkeling equipment for 10 guests
    Snorkeling equipment for adults and children
    Snorkeling Floats
    snorkeling gear
    Snorkeling gear (adults and children)
    Snorkeling gear (children's sizes also available)
    Snorkeling gear (sizes 36 to 46)
    Snorkeling gear for adults and children
    Snorkeling Gear x 20
    snorkeling gear: mask & flippers
    Snorkeling Gears
    Snorkeling Towables
    Snorkeling wear
    Snorkelling and fishing gear
    Snorkelling Equipment
    Snorkelling equipment and large selection of fishing equipment.
    Snorkelling gear
    Snorklling equipment
    Snuba Hose
    Sofa (3 person)
    Sofa ride (3 person)
    Sofar Trident Underwater Drone
    Solar Panels
    SONOS / BOSE visual and audio systems overall
    Sonos Play-5 Speaker (2018)
    Sonos Sound system
    Sonos Subwoofer (2018)
    Sony Playstation 4
    Spacious aft deck with retractable awning
    spaghetti ect.)
    Spear fishing
    Spear fishing Equipment
    specially equipped wih bimini and sprayhood
    spike ball
    Spinera towable
    Spinning Cyclette
    Spinning fishing rods (with Shimano and Penn single spool reels)
    Splash pad
    Sports stuff sumo tube
    Sports stuff x-treme chariot
    Sports tender "Olympic Cruiser" 720 (new 2018)
    stairs and in front of saloon
    Stand Up Paddle
    Stand Up Paddle Board
    Stand Up Paddle Surfboards (x2)
    Stand Up Paddleboard
    Stand Up Paddleboard x 3
    Stand up Paddles
    Stand-Up Jet-Ski (Adult & Child)
    Standup Paddle Board (2)
    Standup Paddle boards (x2)
    Standup paddle boards has windsurfer attachment
    Standup paddle boards have underwater lights
    Standup Paddleboard
    Static load trainer
    Step Board
    Stereo system in saloon
    Stern hydraulic elevator to facilitate access to the boat
    Stimmel multi-board
    Straight bar
    Streak Knee Board
    SU Paddle boards
    Sublue seascooter white (2021)
    Sun beds
    Sun Deck
    sun lotion
    Sunchill float
    sundeck and Master cabin
    Sunlounger pads for the trampoline
    Sunshade for foredeck
    Sup wakeboard
    SUP x 2
    Surf foil board (for intermediate to advanced riders
    Surfboard to be towed behind the dinghy
    Swim Ladders on each Transom w/ hot water showers
    Swim platform
    Swim platform and underway lights
    Swimming equipment (inflatable banana
    Swimming island
    Swimming ladder
    Swimming platform
    Swimming pool inflatable with jelly fish net protection
    T/T Highfield 390 sport with 60 hp Hydraulic bathing platform
    T/T Highfield 4
    Table games
    Teak Hydraulic lift lounge
    Teak racks in all showers and plexiglass cabins
    Techno Gym Excite-Exercise Bike
    Techno Gym Excite-Exercise Machine
    Techno Gym Running Machine
    Technohull Explorer 40 tow tender (12.1m / 40ft) with 2 x Yamaha 425 hp engines
    Teck decks in cockpit
    Ten 80 cu. ft
    Ten Complete sets of Snorkeling Equipment
    Tender - Lomac 460 with 60 hp Yamaha engine
    Tender - Ocean Master Deluxe 460 with Honda engine 60 HP
    Tender - Williams 445 Turbojet 5 120HP
    Tender - Williams Sport Jet 395 (89HP)
    Tender : 5m AVON 80hp YAMAHA engine that can fit 8 guests
    Tender : Ranieri 3
    Tender : Williams Sportjet 395 92hp
    Tender : Williams Sportjet 460
    Tender “Grand 500” 100hp
    Tender „Lina“: 7.10 m Scanner with 300 HP inboard engine
    Tender „Mieke“: 4.70 m ZAR with 100 HP Yamaha of 2016
    Tender 150 HP Williams 10 seat
    Tender 2
    Tender 25kw
    Tender 3
    Tender 3.80m with Suzuki 40HP
    Tender 3.90m Highfield aluminium with 60HP outboard
    Tender 3.90m Highfield aluminium with 60HP outboard Yamaha
    Tender 4
    Tender 4.1 mt with 40 HP Outboard
    Tender 4.10 m with 50hp Honda outboard
    Tender 4.10 m with 50hp Yamaha outboard
    Tender 4.2m Novurania with 50hp Yamaha outboard
    Tender 4.30 mt Novurania + Outboard engine 60 HP Yamaha
    Tender 4.5 meters + 50 hp outboard engine
    Tender 5
    Tender 5 meter 60HP
    Tender 5.05 m. Williams
    Tender 7
    Tender 7.1m BSC towed behind with 200hp Yamaha outboard (2018)
    Tender Arimar Jet
    Tender Baracuda 5.5m with Honda Outboard engine 100HP
    Tender boat 6m 150 JP
    Tender boat 6m 70 HP Rismarine
    Tender Brig 3.80 40hp Yamaha
    tender Brig 360 with 40hp Yamaha outboard
    Tender BRIG 5.70m Mercury 150 HP
    Tender Brig Falcon 4
    Tender Brig Falcon 4.2m with 60HP outboard engine (2020)
    Tender Cayman One 3.65 for 6 pax
    Tender G-Tender 11m. length
    Tender Gala 420 + Suzuki 60CV
    Tender GRAND Golden Line G500LF
    Tender Highfield 14' with Honda 50HP
    Tender HIGHFIELD 390
    Tender Highfield 4
    Tender Highfield CL380 / Mercury 40hp upgraded to offer adult Waterskiing & Wakeboard
    Tender Ocean Master Deluxe 460 w/ Honda Engine 60hp
    Tender RIB Smuggler Marine 5m with 90HP outboard
    Tender sport 4.95m with a 70Hp OB
    Tender Suzuki 89HP
    Tender Suzuki Eagle 8m with engine 300hp
    Tender Williams 4.5m TurboJet 120hp
    Tender Williams 400 Turbojet
    Tender Williams 520 jet
    Tender Williams jet 325 90HP
    Tender Williams Sport Jet 3.95 mt
    Tender Williams Tender 385 - turbojet 100hp
    Tender williams turbojet 285 with 100 HP
    Tender Williams Turbojet 5 mt
    Tender with 60HP (430 length) outboard engine
    Tender with 75 HP outboard engine
    Tender with an 40hp
    Tender with Zar ZF 3 70 hp outboard
    Tender ZAR 490 90HP
    Tender ZAR Z5 with 100hp
    Tender Zar ZF3 Suzuky outboard 60HP
    Tender Zodiac 3
    Tender Zodiac 3.80m with new outboard Yamaha 40 HP
    Tender Zodiac 4.10 - 50 HP engine
    Tender Zoom 570 5.50m with Yamaha Engine 130hp (New 2021)
    Tender: 1 x Willams Sportjet tender-90HP (LOA 4.25m) p (Rotax jet engine)
    Tender: 4.5m with 50hp
    Tender: 5.1m RIB with 70hp outboard
    Tender: 5.26m custom built tender with a 60HP Yamaha outboard engine
    Tender: Bombard Explorer 500 5m Suzuki 115hp
    Tender: Caribe 4 meters with a Honda 50 hp
    Tender: Maestra 490 with Yamaha 60HP outboard
    Tender: Williams 385 Turbo jet Seabob F5S
    Tender: Williams 395 Sport Jet: BRP Rotax ACE 903 – 90 HP
    Tender: Williams RIB 505
    Tender: Williams Superjet 445 of 100 HP (5 guests and 1 crew member)
    Tender: Williams Turbojet 445 S
    Tender: Zar 49SL 100 HP Mercury
    Tender: ZAR ZF5 100 HP
    Tenders + toys: 21' Zeplin semi-rigid w/ 150hp + Cholamark RIB 40 HP
    Tenders: Bombard Explorer 6.50m - 140 hp outboard
    Tenders: Nautica 4.20m - 120 hp inboard
    Terrestrial Digital TV capability
    The hydraulic platform and the “teak beach” aft
    The tube and sausage are towed behind the jetski/tender
    The vessel has the following gym equipment:
    Tow Banana (hot dog/sausage)
    Tow Banana f/ 2 Persons
    Tow donut with soft deck
    Tow Floater
    Towable & Inflatable Toys (Banana
    Towable 3 persons sofa
    Towable Donut
    towable Donut and Tube
    Towable doughnut
    Towable flamingo
    Towable inflate matress
    Towable Jobe Sonar (4 person)
    Towable ring
    Towable scooter 2
    Towable seated 2
    Towable shark tube
    Towable Sofa (3 seaters)
    Towable toy
    Towable tube
    Towable underwater subwing
    Towable water toys
    Towables (wakeboard
    Towed Tube
    Towing donuts
    Towing Ring
    Towing ring for 2 persons
    towing sea biscuit Airhead G force for 3 kids maybe 4 or 2 Adults
    Towing tubes
    Trampoline beanbags
    Transparent Kayak
    Trolling Fishing Rods
    Trolling fishing rods (with Okuna multiplier reel)
    Trx exercise hookup
    Tube (1 pax)
    Tube and donut
    Tube for kids
    Tube for towing kids/adults 2 kinds
    Tube Screamer
    Tubes – Towable inflatable
    tubing and stand up Paddle Board
    TUSA 10 sets of snorkeling equipment
    TUSA special snorkeling vests
    TV and DVD player in Saloon / HIFI system
    TV in saloon
    TV in saloon and all cabins
    TV in saloon and master bedroom with Netflix
    TV LG 43’’ UHD 43UM7390 in saloon
    TV on Demand - Satellite TV
    TV screen in saloon
    TV screen in saloon area
    TV set in Salon/Master cabin
    TV/DVD in saloon
    TV/DVD in saloon & cabins
    TV/DVD saloon
    Two 63 U. ft
    Two cockpit rainfall showers
    Two heated deck showers at transom
    Two marina folding bicycles
    Two Ocean Kayaks
    two stand-up paddles
    Two Tubes
    Two-person towable tube
    Type of Dinghy: Inflatable w/hard hull
    Underwater camera
    Underwater camera & video
    Underwater Dive Scooter SUE 71079 XJ VR
    Underwater Dive Scooters
    Underwater Drone
    Underwater Fluorescent Fish Light
    Underwater lighting
    Underwater lights
    Underwater lights in the tender
    Underwater Scooter
    Underwater Snuba offered from Dinghy up to 35 feet
    Underwater Stern Lights
    Up to 3 dives per day
    Variety of fun themed inflatables
    Various beach games
    Various blow up pull tubes in the water
    various floating mats and seats
    Various Floats
    Various floats & noodles
    Various free weights + bench
    Various Inflatable Toys
    Various sizes of mask
    Various sizes of masks and fins
    Various Ski & Wakeboards
    Various snorkelling equipment
    Vibra Shaper
    Video and music library
    Volley ball pit
    Volleyballs (1) and badminton (2)
    Voltage: DC 23-29.4V
    w/ 4 cupholders
    Waboba water bouncing balls
    Wake and Knee boards
    Wake Board
    Wake Board (Orben Vahalla)
    Wake board gear (new
    Wake boards
    Wake Skate
    Wake surf board
    Wakeboard (adult and kids)
    Wakeboard (adults)
    Wakeboard (boots sizes from 32 to 46)
    Wakeboard (for adults)
    Wakeboard (sizes 30 - 45)
    Wakeboard Inflatable towable toys
    Wakeboard O'Brien junior
    Wakeboard System 124
    wakeboards and paddleboards
    Walker Bay supertender 15' centre console
    Water Carpet
    Water maker
    Water monoski
    water noodles
    water saddles
    Water ski (adult and children)
    Water ski (adults and children)
    Water ski (adults and children) and Monoski
    Water ski (children and adult)
    Water ski (children and adult) Kneeboard
    Water Ski (Kids)
    Water ski (mono & bi)
    Water ski adult
    Water ski adults
    Water ski adults & children
    water ski and water toy equipment like banana
    Water Ski equipment
    Water Ski equipment (also Mono Ski)
    Water ski equipment for adults and kids
    water Ski for adults
    Water ski for adults & Water ski for children
    Water Ski for Children
    water Ski for kids
    Water ski kids (size 46)
    Water ski with open boots for different sizes
    Water ski's O'Brien performer adult
    Water ski's O'Brien vortex junior
    Water skies
    Water skiing
    Water skiing(adults and kids)
    Water Skiis
    Water skis
    Water Skis (adult & kids)
    Water skis (Adult and child)
    Water skis (adult and junior)
    Water skis (adult)
    Water skis (adults and slalom)
    Water skis (chilldren & adults)
    Water skis (for adults and for kids)
    Water skis for adults
    Water skis for adults and children
    Water skis kids
    Water tubes
    Water-Skis (adult & children)
    Water-skis (adults
    Water-skis (Adults & kids)
    Watercrafts 3 seater SeaDoo Spark 900
    WATERSKI (children & adult)
    Waterski & Wakeboard
    Waterski adult
    Waterski adults
    Waterski adults (sizes 39 - 45)
    Waterski and tube for children
    Waterski kids
    Waterskis (selection for adults and children)
    Waterskis & Tube
    Waterskis & wakeboard
    Wave Runners
    Waverunner (3 seats)
    Weight: 14 kg (30.8 lbs)
    Weights & yoga mat
    weights 5kg x 2
    Weights and Belts
    Weights bench
    WET LED Speakers
    wetsuits for grownups & kids
    Wi-Fi onboard
    WiFi available throughout the yacht
    Wii Games Console
    Wii Gaming System
    WII Video game
    Williams 325 Skipper Operated Tender Ring
    Williams 360 Tender
    Williams 380 Jet Tender
    Williams 445 turbojet tender
    Williams Diesel Jet 505 (5.05m)
    Williams Dieseljet 505 110HP Tender for 8 people
    Williams Dieseljet Tender 4.45m 14' 6" 110HP
    Williams Jet 385 3.85 m 90hp
    Williams Jet Tender 3
    Williams Jet tender 325 sport 100hp
    Williams Sportjet 520
    Williams Sportjet 520 Tender
    Williams tender with 200 HP
    WilliamsJet Tender 110HP for 9 people
    Wind Sup
    Wind surf
    Wind surfer
    Window protective tents all around the saloon
    Windsurf Board with small and large rig
    Windsurf equipment
    Windsurfer on request only
    Windsurfing board + sails
    Wing (for foiling)
    Wing foil sail for use with paddle board or surf foil (5m Duotone)
    Wing foil suitable for use with the SUP
    with 200hp Yamaha outboard (2018)
    with a Yamaha 70HP outboard engine
    with cup holders and cooler
    with non-skid foam decking.
    with pressure and depth gauges
    x 1 Radinn Electric Jetboard
    x 3 person Airhead griffin big mable
    x 4 Sublue Sea Scooter
    x 4 SUPs
    x2 1-person Kayaks
    x2 2-person Kayaks
    x2 2-person Waverunners
    x2 Seabobs
    Yacht Toboggan Aquaglide with 6.5 meters slide
    Yamaha 100 hp outboard engine with
    Yamaha jetski
    Yamaha Jetski Superjet
    Yamaha Jetski Superjet 70hp (this a stand up model)
    Yoga mats
    Yoga mats and blocks
    yoga mats x 2
    Zapata racing jet pack
    Zodiac 4.10 - 50 HP engine
    Zodiac 5.5m 80hp
    Zodiac Pro Jet 350
    Zodiac tender with 15hp Yamaha engine
    Zookeeper and Pull Spears for Lionfish
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