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West Coast

West Coast

As far as the eyes can see, sugarcane fields open up to profound and perfectly blue lagoons of this part of the island. The central plateau is the most irrigated and populated region on the island. Many picturesque villages were founded on the royal route linking Port-Louis and Grand Port. Along with the expansion of sugarcane factories, the villages merged into a vast agglomeration boasting premium shopping, including duty-free boutiques.

Flic-en-Flac and Casela Bird Park

Flic-en Flac is a picturesque fishing village awaiting you and your luxury charter mega yacht to unveil the true beauty through sugarcane fields. A summer resort for tourists, it offers plenty of water fun for you, your friends and family. Weekends are unofficially reserved for Mauritians who relax on the beach while feasting on barbecued local delicacies and swaying to Mauritian rhythms.

Casela Bird Park is inhabited by more than 2000 species of tropical birds nestled in a heavenly environment. Pink flamingos and ducks are only some of the amazing specimen found in this natural park.


Curepipe is a very special site to visit. This bustling town is the chilliest and most humid on the island and is known for heavier rainfall. The streets are paved with administration buildings and busy shopping centers ideal for premium shopping. Tempted to visit this inland town during your luxury charter cruise with Sunreef Yachts Charter? You will be pleased to find artisans from Curepipe specializing in models of fishing boats and sailing yachts. Coming in all shapes and sizes, everyone is sure to find the model of their dreams. You will also find such workshops while strolling down main streets in Mahébourg and Port-Louis. Origins of the town’s name are not known however its first inhabitants came in the 19th century from Port-Louis in the face of a malaria outbreak. From that period date the numerous wooden colonial mansions with ornamented rooftops nestled in the midst of verdant grasses.

Beau Bassin – Rose Hill and Tamarin

Beau Basin and Rose Hill are two residential towns unified to form one agglomeration. Rose Hill takes it’s unique name from the vibrant hues of the hill overlooking the town during sunrise and sunset. This bustling commercial hub is also a vibrant student town and a greatly appreciated cultural center with many art galleries and a theater.

At the mouth of two rivers, des Remparts and Tamarin, are located many summer resorts premium for all water sports enthusiasts who willingly come here to surf or windsurf. Violent backwash makes the sea dangerous at times. Spectacular beaches are populated with small crabs crawling through the immaculate white sands.

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