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West Coast

West Coast

This island’s western coast features premium beaches some of which are more tranquil than others but all of them beyond spectacular. All you have to do is to anchor your luxury charter mega yacht on one of them and stroll down the pristine sands, your feet caressed by crystal blue waters. Omnipresent coconut palm trees offer just the right amount of shade that you can enjoy before plunging into the ocean for a refreshing swim with small tropical fish by your side. An array of water toys available aboard your luxury charter yacht will leave you occupied. Choose between diving or fishing equipment as well as water sports fun and take full advantage of the island’s best during your luxury charter vacation.


Stretching over a few kilometers west of Victoria is the Beau Vallon bay. Ideal for bathing, this splendid azure bay offers plenty of water fun for all aquatic sports enthusiasts. Domino players spend hours in their coastal hideout playing their beloved game endlessly. A small island located at the tip of the bay is the Seychelles archipelago’s most famous diving hotspot. With rifts and picturesque bluffs, its waters are home to flawless gorgonians and diverse coral reefs. And to the south, Roches Belaines contain white gorgonians and fields of sea anemones. So if you wish to stay the night, all is possible thanks to your luxury yacht charter with Sunreef Yachts Charter.

More dazzling beaches…

With a powdery white beach and transparent water, Port Launay rests immaculate. The narrow road leading to Baie Ternay boasts mind-blowing landscapes created by an exuberant flora and a rocky coast gently battered with waves. Bel Ombre is a quaint village being the departure point to finding La Buse’s (an 18th century pirate) long sought-after lost treasures.

The cove of Anse Soleil is a picturesque niche, a quiet and deserted district ideal for exploring the Indian Ocean’s sea life. Tamaka, on the other hand, is a cove on the western coast where strong currents make swimming impossible; they are perfect, however, for risk-taking surfers.

“Intendance” is one the island’s most beautiful beaches with dolphins playing in magnificent waves that can be rather terrifying during the summer months of May through to October. The neighboring beach, Police Bay, however glorious, is far from safe when swimming is concerned due to strong currents.

Further down south a quaint cove of Grande-Anse is impeccable for lazy strolls and surfing, thanks to violent breakers. A tranquil retreat will be found in Anse Boileau, a niche with gentle waters. Enormous granite rocks, with Pig Rock being the biggest, separate this bay from Anse à la Mouche, yet more peaceful than the neighboring cove, not only visited by people but also by small sharks.

There is no better way to discover these natural gems than during your luxury charter vacation with Sunreef Yachts Charter.

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