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Discover Utopia in Tahiti

A serene Eldorado in the midst of the great South Pacific waters, Tahiti and the surrounding islands will be a dream destination for you to explore during a tranquil charter retreat with Sunreef Yachts Charter. Featuring fantastic weather conditions, favorable winds for sailing, magnificent vistas to admire, endemic sea creatures, vibrant coral reefs and plush verdant flora that you will immortalize in pictures, this mysterious land will enchant you the moment you spot it from afar.

How Polynesians discovered the region

It all started a couple of thousand years ago when the first Polynesian settlers from South East Asia were guided by celestial navigation and explored these plush shores in their large canoes. They chose this exotic gem to be their new home and now it is your turn to discover why they decided to inhabit these islands.

Due to the islands’ remoteness, the first settlers remained stranded from the rest of the world for about 1,500 years before the European Age of Discovery. That way, Polynesians were able to explore the islands and live in peace and harmony with nature. Polynesia is a region comprised of 118 islands that to this day remain largely immaculate because of their isolation with regards to continental areas.

Where nature meets progress

When you sail through the Polynesian islands, you will feel all of the emotion and excitement that James Cook experienced when in 1768 he first encountered what is now known as Tahiti. The Captain was thrilled at how easy it was to get from one island to the next and through various glistening turquoise lagoons while admiring the coral-gemmed reef.

Right now Tahiti and her neighboring islands offer serenity coupled with peaceful landscapes and a wealth of submarine life to explore with the water toys available aboard Sunreef Yachts Charter’s mega yachts, catamarans, powerboats or sailing yachts.

These volcanic islands are a true sailing paradise for luxury yachts and with five archipelagos to choose from, visitors will have the chance to explore more rugged and mountainous areas home to high-end luxury resorts as well as secluded atolls where you will be able to claim a deserted islet for the day just like Robinson Crusoe!

Charter in Tahiti, where else!

Tahiti is a charter destination growing in popularity that is just as remarkable for a winter charter as it is for a summer retreat. Many first-time visitors choose to sail over to the Society Islands and the Tuamotu atolls. Two key factors will depend on your destination choice, the length of your vacation and your preferred activities. Visitors sparing solely a week for their luxury holiday in the South Pacific should focus on one archipelago while those with more time for their charter vacation will have an opportunity to sail over to more than one and discover incomparable diversity from one locale to another.

Tahitian Culture

Because the Tahitians were isolated for ages, they take pride in their culture and share their lifestyle with guests while they narrate the legends of how their ancestors reached these distant islands. With omnipresent year-round sunshine, the Tahitians are glowing with a smile glued to their face and are always to willing to take visitors to a marae, an ancient archeological site where in the past were celebrated religious and social events.

Music has always been a part of the Tahitian culture and it is through music and dance that locals have been communicating. As ukulele and toere drums reverberate and Tahitians sway their bodies to the rhythm, the world stops for a minute to listen in to their story told through gestures, songs and peerless authentic costumes.

As their traditional means of transportation, canoeing remains to this day the most popular sport in Tahiti and the neighboring islands and the locals are often found practicing at sunset for the celebrated annual Hawaiki Nui canoe race which takes place each November and opposes hundreds of richly colored modern outrigger canoes from the islands of Huahine and Bora Bora competing during the three-day contest.

Pearls, more than just jewelry

No visit to Tahiti will be complete without a purchase of this authentic gem gathered in the sparkling azure lagoon surrounding the island. Pearls are worn by all Tahitians as a symbol of their attachment to the great blue depths. The delicate Tahitian pearl boasts many shapes and sizes as well as a wide color spectrum and its uniqueness is the reason why this rare and special gem is so appreciated not only on the islands but in the entire world.

A land of rich marine biodiversity

Tahiti and her neighboring islands is home to a wonderful abundant underwater wildlife and because of this wealth, your luxury charter vacation in Tahiti will be magnificent opportunity to explore it all. Tahiti is visited annually from July through to November by humpback whales who choose this part of the globe to search for mates or give birth. They settle along the island’s shores after their 3,700 mile journey from the Antarctic and offer spectacular shows for you to marvel at.

Since 2002, Tahiti has been a marine mammal sanctuary and both dolphins and whales plunging in her waters are under protection. The region is also home to fifteen species of sharks as well as the world’s first shark sanctuary founded in 2006 and the Tuamotu island of the Fakarava atoll together with five neighboring atolls has been a UNESCO biosphere reserve since 2009.

Aquatic adventures

The entire South Pacific region is remarkable for all adventure seekers and especially all enthusiasts of aquatic sports, be it swimming, snorkeling, diving, fishing, kite boarding, water skiing or more. All scuba divers, amateurs or pros, will thrill at crystal visibility of the underwater world that will unveil some of the planet’s most beautiful and exceptional diving and snorkeling spots whose additional asset is their easy accessibility and shallowness.

Schools of vibrant tropical reef fishes will welcome you underwater and show why a luxury charter vacation in this part of the globe is like no other. Rejoice in swimming or snorkeling with handsome rays, lemon and gray reef sharks, friendly sea turtles or floating pelagic fish in some of the world’s most beautiful coral gardens.

Charter a luxury mega yacht, a luxury sailing catamaran, a charter power catamaran, a powerboat or a sailing yacht with Sunreef Yachts Charter in Tahiti for an utter luxury retreat that you will go back to in your mind long after you step shore.

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