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South Coast

South Coast

The soft clamor of waves battling against rocky bluffs create a palette of colors that will unveil to you as you unwind aboard your luxury charter yacht. After more than 9 years of reconstruction, the Martello Towers built by the British reopened to tourists. Dating back to 1840, the towers meant to protect this haven from potential enemies. There are so many other gems awaiting your discovery in this part of the island. What better way to relax than to sit back on one of the pristine sandy beaches or to cruise the clear azure waters aboard your luxury mega yacht chartered with Sunreef Yachts Charter


Only 10 kilometers south of Tamarin, between Petite and Grande-Rivière-Noire, is a picturesque however boggy part of the island overlooked by Mauritius’ highest peak, Piton de la Petite-Rivière- Noire. Deer, monkeys and pigs live here in the wild. Grande Rivière Noire is a departure point for many deep-sea fishing boats. Follow the locals’ footsteps and take full advantage of water toys available aboard your luxury charter mega yacht or luxury charter catamaran and live the adventure of a lifetime with Sunreef Yachts Charter.

Martello Tower and Chamarel

Martello is a military tower constructed in 1840 in order to protect the island from potential disembarking with an ancient cannon pointed at sea. Its architecture was inspired by Genovesi towers on the Corsican coastline. The interior of this Martello Tower is not yet reconstructed but it is possible to climb the top to view the splendid surrounding panorama. From atop you might even be able to notice your luxury charter yacht moored in crystal-clear turquoise waters.

8 kilometers away from Rivière-Noire is a twisting road leading, through vast fields of sugarcane, from a quaint village of Case to Chamarel. Soon, a museum commemorating Paul and Virginia, two miserable heroes of Bernardin de Saint-Pierre’s novel, will be open in Terres des Couleurs.

Terres des Couleurs and Plaine Champagne

While the island’s highest peak eroded, a dense forest disappeared clearing the way to volcanic ashes now covering the vast field. An array of colors is displayed at different moments of the day; you will please the eye with ochre, red or deep purple reflections. Although this breathtaking stretch of land is located further away from the entry to the park, you will not regret a pleasant stroll this colored earth and will bring back wonderful memories aboard your luxury charter yacht.

Visiting the Macchabée forest will leave you in awe of immense ancient trees and rare tropical bird species. Flocks of greedy macaques are always on the lookout for tourists demanding fruits or biscuits from them. A panoramic viewpoint in Black River surprises visitors with breathtaking views on the gorges of Rivière-Noire while the one located three kilometers away opens up to Alexandra falls.


Heading south of the majestic lake of Mare aux Vacaos you will reach another picturesque spring, Grand-Bassin, whose waters are equally sacred for Mauritian Hindus as those of the Ganges. A true pilgrimage destination, many important religious ceremonies take place here. Each February or March impressive crowds participate in the Maha Shivaratri pilgrimage in honor of Hindu god Shiva. This crater lake located about 550 meters above sea level is home to an imposing white temple, dedicated to Shiva and other gods, ornamented with great statues.

A winter charter in Mauritius with Sunreef Yachts Charter will be more exciting that even!


Luxury crystal-clear waters surrounding the island are full of fish all year round. All fishing enthusiasts will be pleased to find premium fishing equipment aboard your luxury charter mega yacht. Blue marlins, sharks, tuna as well as striped swordfish are abundant in these turquoise waters. Equipped with plenty of baits, get ready to catch premium fish and hand it over to your charter crew to prepare a delicious evening meal. Take advantage of sea and sun and admire impeccable seascapes while relaxing aboard your luxury charter yacht. You may also join fishing champions from all over the world in December when they all reunite in Mauritius. So, why not spend your winter holiday in the Indian Ocean?

Souillac, La Vanille Crocodile Park, Le Souffleur and Morne-Brabant

The island’s southern coast rests untamed. Giant tropical banana trees of the municipal botanic garden of Teflair overlook infinite waters. A quaint fishing village is located on steep bluffs of Gri-Gri battled with violent waves. La Roche qui Pleure, or the Weeping Rock, owes its name to continuous streams of water surging with fury into the rocks’ cracks.

Vanille Crocodile Park is a crocodile farm boasting an array of cascading colors. Saurians, giant tortoises and boars are only some of the species inhabiting this park.

Past Savannah you will find a quaint village of l’Escalier from where a road guides towards the coast, located only 5 kilometers away, where you will reach the unforgettable and simply breathtaking Souffleur, or Blowhole. It is with high tides that waves stream into bluffs only to spurt back like a fierce geyser.

Morne-Brabant is a sugar-loaf mountain standing high at 245 meters above sea level, a site that you will find in the southeastern part of Mauritius. Escaping slaves, protected by steep mountainsides, found refuge here. You will be pleased to find harbor beneath Morne-Brabant to moor your luxury charter yacht chartered with Sunreef Yachts Charter.

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