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Surely you have memories of your carefree childhood? Of treasure hunts in the garden? Have you ever played pirates and merchants? Certainly most of us had dreams of living unheard of adventures like the ones of Robinson Crusoe… So ladies and gentlemen, why not live your childhood dream? Why not sail your luxury yacht and go on an adventure? Perhaps you will not find treasure hidden in coffins but you will surely discover many gems that the island has waiting for you during your luxury charter vacation. Turquoise waters and warm sandy beaches were known to 9th century sailors visiting the Seychelles. Phoenician merchants, Polynesian adventurers and Chinese pirates, all of whom buried great legends on the island… Enjoy a fabulous experience on board of your luxury yacht chartered by Sunreef Yachts Charter and soak up the diverse world that opens its doors to offer splendid seascapes and safe harbors for your yacht to anchor.

Mahé Island

Are you tempted by a cruise to the largest and the most well-known island of the Seychelles? A coastline of more than 70 kilometers is awaiting to be discovered by you during your careless luxury charter vacation in Mahé. The bays embellishing this magnificent coastline are Beau Vallon, Port Launay and Baie Ternay, make sure to sail them all.

Mahé Island is the Seychelle’s largest island and home to the country’s capital of Victoria where 90% of the population resides. Discover celestial beaches and the robust southern region. This 44 kilometer-long Garden of Eden was once a pirates hideout. The Vallé de Mai is home to species of turtles and the one and only Coco de Mer, a coconut palm tree growing in water. These natural wonders make Praslini an absolute must-visit.

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Every sailor’s dream…

Do not fear the least bit, although splendid, Mahé Island will not be the only stop on your cruise. The smaller islands of Cerf, Moyenne, Round and Saint-Anne just off the east coast of Mahé constitute an astounding marine park offering such delightful pastime as swimming with multicolored fish or old turtles. Situated only a few hours of sailing away from the northeastern coast of Mahé are two small islets where a calm and peaceful rhythm of life will make you forget all your worries and unwind aboard your luxury charter yacht.

And after you will have visited these small gems it will be time to sail your luxury yacht to La Digue, located 4 miles away from the Bay of Saint-Anne. With a selection of boutiques, restaurants and markets, you will be able to stock up on fresh products for the rest of your cruise but be sure to also find some wonderful local clothing. La Digue is world-famous for its giant granite formations but the island also attracts visitors with a tranquil ambiance regulated by serene comes and goes of ox-lead carts. Let yourself be caught in a magical moment while strolling down one of the world’s most spectacular beaches, l’Anse de la Source d’Argent!

So you already visited all of the islands and are convinced that there is nothing more for you to see? You couldn’t be more mistaken as the Seychelles take pride in the many natural wonders and scenic views ready to be discovered by you. Why not sail your luxury charter boat to the Outer Islands? Explore the islands of Coralline Seychelles and transform into a great sailor set out to discover new lands. This is where the true adventure begins, in the heart of a turquoise blue lagoon and azure ocean.

Discover the astounding Amirante Islands, a group of coral islands situated 209 kilometers off the southeastern coast of Mahé. Thanks to its rich coral flora, the islands are a supreme location for all amateurs of submarine or tuba diving. The archipelago is rimmed with spectacular blue lagoons boasting a superbly colored fauna and sumptuous coral reefs on Alphonse, Saint-François, Farquhar and Bijoutier islands. You will not have the slightest chance to be bored during your cruise, you will always find yourself occupied aboard your luxury charter yacht.
Being the world’s largest coral archipelago, Aldabra is composed of three atolls, Aldabra, Cosmoledo and Astove as well as Assumption Island- islands that are solely accessible through the sea. The Aldabra Group, located 1031 kilometers off the coast of Mahé, was named UNESCO World Heritage Site and is dubbed “the land that time forgot”.

Get ready for the adventure of your lifetime!

The Seychelles are also some heavenly islands situated to the south of the Equator being home to dense and lush vegetation. Indulge yourself in the stupefying panorama and escape from it all during your luxury charter vacation. Immaculate sandy beaches bordered with plush coconut palm trees is a to-die-for entourage. There is nothing more left for you to do than to pick your luxury charter yacht from SYC’s vast selection, pack your suitcases, hop on a plane and some 10 hours later you will find yourself in this terrestrial paradise known as the Seychelles!

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