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Cinderella among the Mascarene Islands, Rodrigues is the rustic sister. The island’s population still beats to African rhythm as it emerged from mainland three centuries ago. Situated 560 kilometers from Mauritius, the small island of only 110 km2 is a true Robinson’s island settled in the midst of an emerald green lagoon twice its size. The population of this rustic and mountainous island is mostly Creole and very religious with their main economic activities including fishing, agriculture as well as pork and goat farming. You will encounter locals traveling on foot, often carrying items in their heads. With poor soil and lack of water, life on the island is harsh. This is, however, hard to notice as locals sing their way through life. Most of the population are descendants of African and Malagasy slaves leading a simple life in the mountains. Descendants of first French settlers are mostly fishermen living on the coast.

Port Mathurin and Anse-aux-Anglais

Among discreet gardens hide of this town shy away geometrical passages leading to the main harbor. Along rue Jenner are gathered all of the town’s quaint boutiques. Each Saturday morning is a held a vibrant multicolored market where merchants sell local products such as fresh fruits and vegetables but also crafts, especially handmade baskets and straw hats. Sundays are when Creole women boast their magnificent hats during service.

Anse-aux-Anglais is the island’s wealthiest region where government officials reside in their mansions. Rodrigues is fueled with legends of hidden treasures. It is here that the grandfather of le Clézio, a famous French novelist, spent twenty-five years of his life searching in vain the lost treasure of La Buse, an 18th century French corsair.

Some villages

Citronnelle is a farming village where farmers associate in the House of Breeders and the House of Honey.

Above Mont-Lubin is located the island’s highest peak, Mont Limon, standing 398 meters above sea level.

Beautiful architecture is to be found in Saint-Gabriel where a stupendous church boasts a magnificent coral façade.

In Port Sud-Est visitors are astounded with female fishers who, protected from the sun with giant straw hats, catch octopi with long gigs.


Pointe d’Argent

Taste local flavors and take the bus from here to reach Pointe Coton where only a stroll away is the wonderful coast. Remarkable views of rocky bluffs and white corals open up before you as you stroll down a crystal-white sandy beach leading to Trou d’Argent where you will admire kaleidoscopic parrotfish.

Caverne Patate

Caverne Patate is a cave meandering more than 600 meters underground. Located only 10 kilometers away from Port Mathurin accessible through Crêtes, Quatres Vents and La Fourche Corail. Why not step off board of your luxury charter yacht and visit this overwhelming cave.

Ile aux Cocos

This islet is a highly recommended day trip surprising visitors with birds, rich octopi and plush turquoise waters ideal for bathing. This terrestrial paradise is easily accessible for you and your guests thanks to your luxury charter yacht.

Ile aux Crabes

This minuscule islet is a true oasis for all fishing and bathing enthusiasts. Spend your blissful luxury charter vacation in harmony and serenity. Choose Sunreef Yachts Charter.

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