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Located only 40 kilometers away from the island of Mahé, Praslin is Seychelles’ second largest island, accessible through air shuttles or, even more comfortably, aboard your luxury charter mega yacht charted with Sunreef Yachts Charter. This terrestrial paradise is home to the famous cocos de mer (sea coconuts) growing in all shapes and sizes. “Island of palm trees”, Praslin was first discovered by Lazare Picault in 1744 and was merchants’ port of call and pirates’ preferable hideaway. It will become yours as well once you discover this exuberant paradise on Earth.

Surrounded with majestic bluffs resembling modern sculptures and covered with immaculate verdant forests, the island is not a dream but a reality, one that you can live during your luxury charter vacation. Marked by gentle peaks, the island’s area does not surpass 40 km2 and lacks in tarmac roads making it that much more unbelievable. The best way to discover the island, therefore, is on foot or on bicycle. The island’s small population is centered around two main villages. Grand’ Anse is a fishing village and is best visited on Sundays as all the town’s entire population gathers for Mass. Baie Sainte-Anne is a natural harbor docking all boats coming from Mahé and is the location of the island’s only hospital. The coast and its many boulevards will invite you to step off board of your precious luxury charter boat
and explore the great unknown. During a two-hour hike departing from Baie Sainte-Anne the possibilities are endless. Once you reach a bifurcation, you can take Pasquiere Track on your left leading up north to Anse Possession. If you choose to turn right and take Salazie Track guiding to the coastal road in Anse Volbert.


All beaches on Praslin island are none less than idyllic. The young coral reef is vibrant with life thanks to more than 900 species of fish and seashells sparkling like true jewels that you can discover while diving or snorkeling. Powdery white beaches, plush verdant coconut palm trees as well as well as spectacular granite bluffs make Anse Lazio one of the most incredible beaches in Seychelles. Gold Coast located in the north encourages you to take full advantage of water toys available aboard your luxury charter mega yachtor luxury charter catamaran. Although Anse Volbert is quite a popular beach due to its proximity to luxury summer resorts, neighboring Anse Possession, Anse Takamaka and Anse Boudin offer seclusion and tranquility.

Grand’ Anse situated on the island’s western coast rests relatively immaculate however close to luxury resorts. On your afternoon off, take advantage of diving and snorkeling equipments available aboard your luxury charter yacht and discover rich marine life. Turquoise water becomes breathtakingly emerald in Anse Kerlan and Petite Anse. Breaking waves and soft murmur of the ocean complete this heavenly image. All of the west coast offers magnificent views on two quaint islets, Cousin and Cousine and even Mahé when visibility is good. Anse Georgette is a sweet retreat with coconut palm trees, rocky bluffs and a turquoise lagoon that will leave you with picture-perfect, lifelong memories.

Vallée de Mai

Step off board of your luxury charter mega yacht or luxury charter catamaran for an afternoon on the island. Saint-Anne bay is the departure point of a 2.5 kilometer-long hike to a picturesque valley, Vallée de Mai. Open every day from 8h00 until 17h30, this valley offers fantastic trails that will keep you marching up and down the hills for 3-4 hours. A UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1984, the valley was absolutely immaculate until 1930 and became a natural park thirty-six years later. Its palm grove is a reconstruction of a prehistoric forest that once covered Seychelles when the islands, along with Madagascar, Africa and India, were attached to Gondwana, a supercontinent existing millions of years ago. Some majestic trees in this natural park have a height of more than 30 meters! The valley most importantly home to Coco de Mer, or Sea Coconut with some trees being more than a thousand years old. Stroll through the park to discover plush, fragrant vanilla orchids and jackfruits as well as tropical bird species.

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