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Port Louis

Port Louis

With steady temperature ranging from 24°C in February to 31°C in July, your luxury charter vacation in Mauritius will be nothing but harmonious and pleasurable. Make sure to pack your suitcases with light summer clothing, swimsuits, sandals but also hiking shoes and prepare to discover a small, mysterious yet unique island- Mauritius. The local currency being the Mauritian rupee, there are plenty of money exchange offices scattered around the island. The island’s flora is unique on its own with, for example, ebony trees. Many characteristic species of coconut palm trees found on the island will leave you under a spell of their greatness and charm. Hibiscus, anthurium, rich blue lagoons as well as unexplored creeks are only some of the surprises awaiting you on this sugar cane island. Discover Mauritius aboard your luxury charter catamaran or luxury charter mega yacht and be dazzled by it. Two mountain peaks overlook the city- Pieter Both with an altitude of 823m as well as Le Pouce,“The Thumb”, with an altitude of 900m. Step off your luxury charter vessel to discover the city’s hidden gems with a guide ready to unveil the rich history to you.

At the end of the Place d’Armes stands the statue of Mahé le Bourdonnais guarding the entry to the port. This long avenue protected from the sun with luscious coconut palm trees leads right to the Hôtel du Gouvernement, a perfectly preserved colonial building with a statue of Queen Victoria towering the main courtyard. The Port Louis cathedral featuring two square towers is where lie the tombs Mrs. Mahé de la Bourdonnais and her son. A short walk away are the fortifications of the city’s citadel, the ancient Fort Adelaide from where one can enjoy spectacular views. The Jummah Mosque featuring wonderful green and white details is located in the heart of the city’s bustling business center and is open to visitors every day, except for Fridays. Built in the old docks, Le Caudan Waterfront is the city’s commercial center featuring chic boutiques, a center perfectly contrasting the neighboring picturesque Mauritian Chinatown. The latter is home to many colorful shops and restaurants as well as three grand pagodas whose eternally lit candles light up the temple.

Treat yourself to delicious dholl puri and samosas, local delicacies to be found in the Port Louis Market. The Bazar is a unique local market where merchants sell fresh vegetables, herbs and fruits comprising an incredible mélange of fragrances.

Port Louis

Mauritius Institute

An ancient grand banyan tree guards the entrance to this museum of natural history featuring unique specimen of local fauna, including a reconstruction of the dodo bird, an endemic species now extinct. Open during the week from 9:00 until 16:00 and until 12:00 on Saturdays, make sure to visit this exceptional museum while on your luxury charter vacation.

Le Champs-de-Mars

Once a battlefield, nowadays Champ the Mars is Maritius’ premium racetrack. Highly popular during the equestrian season of May through November, a bewildering ambiance is more than guaranteed. Champ de Mars is highly ranked among Mauritians who are big gamblers. Each year, the racetrack attracts thousands of Mauritians assisting in frantic races combining equestrian passion and love of the game. The racing tradition of Champ de Mars is the oldest in the southern hemisphere but also one of the oldest in the world. Every Saturday the racetrack is crowded with enthusiasts spending time with family or friends. Mauritians are known for loving speed and risk, witness of which are thoroughbred horse races. The first visit to Champ de Mars leaves one with unforgettable memories. In the face of such strong passion and emotions all possible differences opposing Mauritians disappear. Gamblers prepare themselves from the moment the jockeys are announced, riders line up on the starting line and “bang”, off they go!

Museum of Photography

The museum is located on the street of Vieux-Conseil and is open to visitors daily in the morning and in the afternoon, 10:00-12:00 and 13:00-15:00. An interesting collection of the daguerreotypes and cameras date back to the 19th century. The museum boasts the most prestigious and rare lenses produced by Charles Chevalier custom made for Jacques Daguerre in 1839. The greatest assembly of photographic literature, over 400 works, is held in the museum’s library. Mauritius having been one of the first countries where photography was practiced, the museum strived to find unique exhibits throughout the world. This collection is of great importance to our artistic heritage. The Museum of Photography could be described as forgotten heritage or as left in the hands of looters of heritage. Perhaps forgotten, however one must remember that forgetting is often the weakness of a generation forgetting the youth of past heroes. This is why the museum was important- to cultivate the memory of our civilization’s art heritage.

In the vicinity…

Visit the tomb of Père Laval

In the church of Sainte-Croix located 3km north-west of Port Louis is where lies the body of Père Laval. The “Apostle of Maritius” was a French missionary canonized in 1979 and is till this day worshipped by the locals. A few steps away from the chapel is a building holding an exposition on Laval’s life. Each September, a multitude of pilgrims visit the site in the missionary’s memory.

Visit a colonial estate, the Pailles Estate

A mere 5 kilometers away from the island’s capital, a reconstruction of a real colonial estate opens its doors to visitors. Discover all the site has in store for you- a mill, a riding stable, a spice garden as well as restaurants. Take a walk in the park or ride a horse-drawn carriage (like the authentic traditional “Deauvilles” pulled by cobs). Drift tranquilly through the multiple passages intersecting sugarcane plantations. In the sweet rhythm of horse gaits take a tour to the spice gardens before discovering the traditional architecture distinct to the ancient “Isle de France”. Take a wild adventure in a 4×4 in order to reach the neighboring nature reserve featuring wild deer. The Pailles Estate is nestled in the heart of the “Moka Range”. Let Sunreef Yachts Charter take you on an incredible adventure during which you will discover the island’s history, cultural diversity as well as art.

Eureka House or State House?

An ancient residence of the Clezio family, the Eureka House features no less than 109 crank windows and a French-style magnificent garden. The Château de Réduit (The State House), on the other hand, is a spectacular castle surrounded by an impeccable French garden. In the 18th century it was the governors’ residence, now it is the official residence of the Mauritian President. Where you will be headed next is solely up to you!

Top Three Hotels in Port Louis

Le Meridien Ile Maurice: This luxury hotel is open to guests with its 265 rooms featuring safes and mini bars. With balconies overlooking the beach and the ocean, you will surely fall in love with this resort. Each room is beautifully appointed and boasts a separate living space, high-definition television and ensuite bathrooms with showers and baths. An exclusive spa on premises being only one of the many facilities available, get ready to fully unwind during divine treatments. A tennis court, an exterior swimming pool, a gym and a sauna are also at your disposal during your stay. And when you feel hungry, opt for one of the four restaurants open to guests. Relax with a cup of coffee in the hotel café or spend a nice evening with family or friends in the sumptuous bar and lounge.

Labourdonnais Waterfront Hotel: An impressive marina to moor your luxury charter yacht along with an outdoor swimming pool, a gym and a splendid Turkish bath will make you feel at home at the Labourdonnais Waterfront Hotel. Unwind in the bar and lounge or stay in your beautifully appointed suite if you wish to relax. Ensuite bathrooms feature separate showers and bathtubs, bathrobes as well as telephones.

Four Points by Sheraton Cybercity: Located in the heart of an ebony forest, The Link Ebene City Hotel is more than practical for business guests as it is situated near the University of Mauritius but also near Le Pouce. The hotel boasts an amazing spa, a gym, a sauna and an outdoor swimming pool. If you wish to connect with your family or friends, Internet access is provided throughout the hotel. All business guests will be pleased to benefit from conference rooms, meeting areas as well as technical aid.

A bustling nightlife includes Caudan’s Casino open year-round seven days a week providing plenty of amusement during your stay in town.

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