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Naples / Sicily


Naples is a thriving metropolis, renowned for its rich history, art, architecture, culture and -perhaps most famous- its gastronomy. The surrounding country is just as interesting, set between two volcanic areas. After exploring the vibrant city, set off for a luxurious sea adventure aboard a charter yacht.

The magic Aeolian Islands
There are seven amazing islands in this region. Stromboli is the first one, with its towering active volcano. The magic little islands of Panarea are further East. The main attractions of the black-sand beached Vulcano are boiling waters and sulfurous muds. Extensive Lipari, the most famous among the islands, offers great views of the Castle surrounded by walls, the Norman Cathedral and the famous Archeologic Museum. Salina with her thick Mediterranean vegetation is very famous for capperi fish and Malvasia wine. Filicudi is full of deep caves while Alicudi is wild and isolated.


The biggest island in the Mediterranean Sea, Sicily can be recognized by her triangular shape- hence its other name, “Trinacria”, from the ancient Greek language meaning “three tips”. Although mainly mountainous, it has a few small plains. The biggest one is near Catania (Piana di Catania) and the second-biggest near Palermo (Conca d’oro); both are famous for the cultivation of citrus. The main feature in Sicilian landscape is Mount Etna, an active volcano located on the eastern side of the island. In the south of the island, the beautiful archeological site of Selinunte is well worth a visit; Agrigento also is a city full of history. In the northeast, the metropolis Messina’s harbor is sure to have a spot for your luxury yacht– leave it there and go taste some of the excitements the city has to offer.

In addition to the main island, Sicily is surrounded by many small islands which are popular holiday destinations for locals and outsiders alike. Visiting these islands is evidently simplest and quickest by rental boat. For first-time sailors, there is on need to fret- the experienced sailors on your crewed charter will take care of all your navigating needs. Some of the islands where they might take you: the archipelagos of the Aeolian Islands, off the north eastern coast of Sicily; the Egadi Islands, off the west tip of the main island, as well as the three islands Favignana, Marettimo and Levanzo of the Aegadian Islands; the Pelagie Islands, off the south coast, very close to Africa; and the small island of Ustica, off the north western coast in front of Palermo, located in the middle of a national marine park.

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