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Mexico is bordered with water from both the East and the West, the two most important water basins being The Gulf of Mexico and the Pacific Ocean. In the northwestern part of the country the Baja California peninsula borders the Gulf of California. The magic of Mexico takes its source in the rich history, tradition, art and joyous customs making it one splendid charter destination . Being a North American country, Mexico shares its borders with the United States in the north and Belize in the south. With two important mountain ranges, the Sierra Madre Occidental stretching over 1250 km in the west and the Sierra Madre Oriental extending over 1350 km in the east, Mexico is sure to surprise you with the many wonderful and diverse landscapes. As for the country’s climate, the Tropic of Cancer demarcates the tropical and more moderate climates.

There are three main charter regions in Mexico- Baja California, the Mexican Riviera and Cancun. Aboard your luxury charter yacht you will be free to explore the islands of Isla Espiritu Santo, Isla Partida and Isla Danzante, all situated in the Gulf of California. Another island worth visiting is Isla San Jose located near the city of La Paz.

Baja California

Baja California is a region located in the northwestern part of the country bordering the United States in the north and the Pacific Ocean in the west and east. With the city of Mexicali as its capital, the state is comprised of 5 municipalities: Mexicali, Tijuana, Ensenada, Rosarito and Tecate. Land of abrupt mountains ranges and coastal valleys stretching from the north all the way to the south, the picturesque state is a top destination for outdoor adventures. Exciting excursions during which you will be able to admire the region’s remarkable flora and fauna await you. Rich flora and fauna make Mexico a natural paradise. Do not be surprised if you come across wolfs, gray whales or possibly even seals inhabiting the Sea of Cortez. The Mexican desert featuring mostly cacti is also home to coyotes, eagles, falcons, snakes and pumas.

The sun-bathed Baja California awaits you with its friendly and ever-smiling inhabitants and breathtaking views. It is a region full of natural gems and magical spots whose astounding beauty offers endless possibilities to spend your time during the ultimate charter vacation. Both business tourists and vacationers are under the spell of Baja California enchanting its visitors every step of the way.

The region owes its rich cultural history to the many ethnic groups having influence on the state’s development. A favorable mild climate and an astounding biodiversity make Baja California’s culinary art both an identity and a pleasure. Influenced by the country’s southern and central regions, this gastronomes’ haven is where you will savor such delicacies as chorizos (specialty sausages), smoked clam or fish tacos.
Enjoy your freshly prepared dish in one of the many local restaurants or sample it aboard your luxury charter yacht.

Simply exceptional and out of the ordinary, this daring and modern cuisine is in constant evolution. It is continually being enriched with new flavors of fresh vegetables, mussel, lobster or tuna creating rich compositions even for the most discerning palates.


White sandy beaches, indigo waters, romantic evenings, five-star hotels and restaurants along with nightlife hotspots are what make Cancun a premium luxury charter yacht destination.

Renowned for its fishing industry, excellent diving locations and archeological sites for all history enthusiasts, Cancun will welcome you with a mild tropical climate ideal to spend a luxury charter vacation with Sunreef Yachts Charter. Choose a vacation corresponding best to your lifestyle and your needs. Lounge on one of the sumptuous powdery beaches ensuring the perfect relaxation. Escape from it all with a soft breeze and waves gently breaking in against the white sand before your eyes.

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Sail your luxury charter yacht south of Ensenada and you will reach Cabo San Lucas, appreciated by tourists for its pristine beaches. Another stop on the way should be Mazatlan, a maritime village bordered with incomparable lagoons. The picturesque village of Puerto Vallarta is also worth a visit. Sail further to the south to find anchorage in Manzanillo, Mexico’s most bustling port. The southernmost city on the Mexican Riviera is the sleepless Acapulco. It is Mexico’s premium luxury charter destination boasting restaurants, boutiques and a thriving nightlife. The best way to experience the crystal clear waters and vast, gloriously sandy beaches is aboard your luxury charter yacht.

Ensenada is located only a few kilometers from San Diego and the best way to reach it is with your luxury charter catamaran available for charter with SYC. Discovered in 1542 by Portuguese sailors, Ensenada was at first a small but utterly picturesque fishing village. With time and thanks to its remarkable panorama the city raised to glory through tourism. It is a true gastronomes’ paradise where you will indulge in the many local restaurants offering nothing but the region’s best.

Puerto Vallarta is a gorgeous town situated in the Bahia de Banderas in the Pacific Ocean. The bay’s principal economic activities are tourism, fishing and agriculture. Puerto Vallarta is also well-known for its port, ideal for mooring your luxury charter yacht enabling you the discovery of such treasures as the main cathedral or El Eden where Predator was filmed in 1987.

Acapulco is the world’s most thrilling city! It is well-known for its bustling nightlife, picture-perfect beaches, plenty of water fun available from aboard your luxury charter yacht but also for the glorious Acapulco Bay. Thanks to its warm crystal clear water and pristine white sandy beaches, this bay has been a popular destination appreciated even by the Aztecs!

Mazatlan is located only 16 kilometers from the Pacific Coast and is right on the Tropic of Cancer, resulting in very mild winter temperatures and delightfully hot summers. With one of the biggest ports on the west coast, this city is also known as “the pearl of the Pacific”. Nothing will stop you from visiting this Mexican region during your luxury charter vacation. What makes this city even more enchanting are the region’s most spectacular immaculate beaches.

Mexico is an utterly mesmerizing luxury charter destination, a top choice for all yacht enthusiasts. Thanks to SYC’s remarkable charter fleet, from sailing yachts to luxury mega yachts, you are sure to live the good life during your luxury charter vacation ! Open for tourists all year round, Mexico is waiting to surprise you during the adventure of a lifetime.

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