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Let the adventure begin!

Just hearing the word “paradise” evokes picturesque pristine sandy beaches, warm turquoise waters, fabulous fishing spots, a mild climate and magnificent views captivating your heart and soul- a perfect description of the Maldives. This atoll of idyllic islands is only partly inhabited, out of almost 2000 islands, a little over 200 are populated. Located 640 kilometers south of India on the Indian Ocean, these islands are an impeccable charter destination with many secluded harbors for you luxury charter sailing yacht. Choose the most convenient luxury yacht for you with Sunreef Yachts Charter and explore the Maldives aboard one of SYC’s luxury charter catamarans, luxury charter mega yachts, luxury charter sailing yachts or luxury charter powerboats. Spend the ultimate charter vacation of your dreams among friends or family and let your charter crew pamper you every step of the way. Lounge in the sun on the deck of your luxury charter vessel or admire magnificent sunsets of the Indian Ocean.

Maldives, your charter destination

The Maldives offer an array of options during your luxury charter vacation aboard a luxury mega yacht or luxury catamaran chartered with Sunreef Yachts Charter. Explore coral reefs and take full advantage of water toys available aboard such as wakeboards, seabobs as well as snorkeling, diving and fishing equipment. Lounge in the sun or take a refreshing bath in crystal-clear turquoise waters.

The Maldives is the world’s lowest country, its maximum natural ground level is of only 2,3 meters above sea level. During the last century, water levels rose by 20 centimeters and if this continues, the islands could become greatly endangered. The coral reef is composed of coral debris and living corals constituting a natural barrier against the sea and creating calm lagoons where locals build their homes on stilts. Coral reefs protect the islands against storms and high tides of the Indian Ocean. The ocean has a great influence on the country, acting as a heat buffer absorbing, stocking and gently releasing tropical warmth. Moreover, the heat is softened by fresh breeze.

Climate and Weather

The temperature ranges between 22°C and 33°C throughout the year, considering its proximity to the Equator. You will enjoy your luxury charter vacation in the Maldives the most in the months of November through April as you will relish the sun and avoid chillier months. Like all destinations in the Indian Ocean, the Maldives are submitted to monsoons. Two seasons dominate the islands weather. The southwest monsoon, typical in the months of June and July, marks the rainy season while the northeastern monsoon occurring from November until April indicates the hot, dry season. Breezes tend to soften the otherwise hot temperatures.


The Maldives are a true haven even for the most discerning palates. Proposing and infinite array of tastes, the local cuisine awakens the senses with fresh products. It is of no surprise that various fish and fruits de mer constitute a unique menu. Local restaurants specialize in barracuda, trevally and tuna serving them with different types of curry. Tasting these fish would not be same without sipping on one of the sublime local wines. Maldivians favor oriental cuisine as well as spicy curry. The archipelago’s cuisine is a divine combination of soft and spicy. Fresh products are available in local restaurants and markets, why not ask your charter crew to prepare a dinner consisting of local delicacies that you will be able to savor aboard your luxury charter yacht?

A day out fishing

Fishing is the second most important economic activity after tourism and that is the reason why each December 10th Maldivians celebrate their fishermen. The islands are abundant in tuna, mackerel, barracuda or groupers to name a few. Your luxury charter vacation will be more than thrilling thanks to premium fishing equipment available aboard your luxury charter mega yacht. With a little patience and luck you will catch your own delicious fish that your charter crew will later prepare for dinner. Soak up the sun and take full advantage of all water toys available aboard your luxury charter yacht and your holiday will be nothing but a bliss!

Rasgetheemu and Raa Atoll

Relatively pristine and spared by tourism, Rasgetheemu, located in the North Province, unveils its history through a popular legend according to which this town was first discovered by a Sinhalese prince and his bride after they escaped Sri Lanka. The reason for this escape is unknown but one thing is sure, the couple could simply not resist the beauty, landscapes and glorious beaches which is why they decided to shelter here. It is also noteworthy that Rasgetheemu was the first capital of the republic.

Haa Alifu Atoll (Ari Atoll)

This atoll is one of the largest in the Maldives; it is about 80 kilometers long and 30 kilometers wide. It is dividedinto two administrative zones: north and south Alifu. Northern Ali Atoll is further sectioned into two smaller atolls, Rasdhoo and Thoddoo, the latter being well-known across the country for its watermelon as well as archeological discoveries dating back to 1958 unveiling one of the islands’ most important Buddhist centers before conversion to Islam. The atoll comprises of 70 islets of which 18 are inhabited and 25 are dedicated to tourism. Most of the islets of the atoll are marked with abundant vegetation and are located on the atoll’s exterior.

The most important economic activities on these islands include coconut plantation and fishing, fish being the basis of Maldivian diet. You can freely moor your luxury charter yacht in the atoll’s interior and profit from plush submarine life and remarkable seascapes. Breathtaking coral reefs will leave you stunned with their beauty and will keep you long in awe. Moreover, many rocks of the southern and northern part of the atoll may be visible from aboard your luxury charter yacht, do not miss this unique chance to visit them during your yacht vacations with Sunreef Yacht Charters.

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