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One of Southeast Asia’s most alluring charter destinations, bountiful Malaysia is well-worth exploring during a luxury charter vacation among family or friends. Part of this genuine mingle of cultures is located on a peninsula in mainland Asia, with the other part on the island of Borneo. The country is blessed with a generous number of islands, islets and sheltered coves that are a splendid charter ground for a high-performance catamaran, elegant mega yacht, swift power boat or classic sailing yacht.

Malaysia is a culturally wealthy nation offering treasures galore for charter guests to explore during their lavish cruise. Gear up for a relaxing holiday in this exotic slice of paradise whose unsurpassed beauty will enchant you on every step of the way. Malaysia is great to visit year-round, although to make the most out of your holiday, it is best to sail around Langkawi from October to March and the island of Borneo from April to October.

A Monarchy Steeped in History

Malaysia will be a joy to discover for all history buffs. Before the Age of Discovery and the rise of European colonial powers, the Malaysian peninsula and archipelago were home to a number of powerful empires and sultanates. At one point settled even by Indians, the Malay population continues to transmit glorious Hindu legends from this flourishing period of history.

The first Europeans to have established a colony on these lands were the British who came to power at the end of the 18th century and later shared the region with the Dutch. Malaysia lived a turbulent past, the most recent being World War II leaving the British States weakened by their Japanese opponent and resulting in the monarchy’s independence in the 1950s.


The northernmost mainland state of Malaysia is Kedah situated on the country’s West Coast. Also encompassing the Langkawi archipelago, Kedah boasts fabulous beaches and landmarks to explore during a luxury charter holiday. The village of Kuala Kedah is not located far from Alor Setar, the state’s capital, but it is a pristine alternative to the city’s hustle and bustle. The historical fishing port with a dominant red brick fortress is located at the mouth of the Kedah River and is home to some of the best seafood restaurants in the state.


Sitting on the Andaman Sea northwest of the land border between Malaysia and Thailand is the divine archipelago of Langkawi. Comprised of a hundred islands and islets to discover during your luxury charter vacation, Langkawi is a wonderful gateway to both neighboring Thailand and Malaysia’s West Coast. Sporting impeccably turquoise waters and a lush tropical vegetation, Langkawi is dotted not only with immaculate beaches but also those rimmed with animated waterfront bars and restaurants. There are also a number of luxury resorts serving up the finest local specialties and offering rejuvenating body treatments and massages.

Thanks to yet undiscovered coves, your luxury charter yacht will anchor off many secluded bays and you will explore perfectly azure and crystalline waters where aquatic sports will be a sheer pleasure to indulge in. Arrive in Pentai Cenang, a coastal town home to a few top-notch resorts and a stretching powdery beach rimmed with bustling bars, or choose Tanjung Rhu located on Langkawi island’s northern coast, considered by some as the archipelago’s most awe-inspiring shoreline. With translucent waters, fine white sands, swaying protecting palm trees and an undisturbed land and seascape stretching as far as the eye can see, a stop at Tanjung Rhu beach is quite inevitable.

Guests longing for a bit of urban taste will be pleased to stop by Kuah, Langkawi’s port of entry carpeted with beaches, waterfront promenades, restaurants, cafes, bars, luxury resorts and a number of duty-free boutiques.


Dubbed Malaysia’s historic state, Malacca is the third smallest region of the country. Although of minor importance considering its size, Malacca is of a great cultural and historic significance. Malacca may not sport as many exquisite beaches as the neighboring Kedah, but charter guests will not be disappointed with their time spent in this utopian slice of heaven.

Just a few miles off the coasts of Malacca City sits a quaint island of Pulau Besar, an imperative port of call for a luxury charter catamaran. The island is quite mysterious with many fables and legends lying behind its origin. According to many local storytellers, the island was formed after a heart-broken pregnant widowed princess jumped into the water and floated until her body took the shape of the island. Visit a storied cave believed to have been used as a training spot by ancient warriors, or the giant Split Rock. There are a couple of high-end resorts, a yacht club and plenty of options for water sports fun while activities include beachcombing, picnicking, swimming, snorkeling and hiking, to name but a few.


Do not be discouraged by the fact that Johor is one of the most developed regions of Malaysia because this state boasts more pristine areas than one could believe. Johor is the direct border state with Singapore so guests are welcome to choose either a more animated charter vacation close to the city or an immaculate holiday sailing around the state’s untouched islets and coves. Johor’s East Coast is lined with a plethora of sandy stretches of land, including Desaru, a 26 kilometer-long beach and resort strip where kayaking, canoeing, water skiing, swimming, snorkeling or diving will be a true delight.

Sailing up North along the mainland’s East Coast, guest will reach Tioman Island, a quaint and rather small retreat lined with eight humble villages, a dense verdant rainforest and vibrant coral reefs, making it a perfect snorkeling and diving spot. The island serves as a government-protected bird sanctuary and nature reserve with species such as frigatebird, macaque, black giant squirrel or slow loris. From hiking through the dense forest, to discovering the island’s breathtaking, immaculate waterfalls, to lounging around on the beach or treating yourself to a rejuvenating massage in an elegant resort, Tioman Island will simply mesmerize you.


Offshore Malaysia has just as many beautiful surprises as does the mainland. One of the two offshore states on the mind-blowing island of Borneo that comprise East Malaysia is Sabah. Borneo is divided between three countries and Sabah is Malaysia’s easternmost state. It is home to a few delightful towns exuding an authentic ambiance mixed with much cosmopolitan flare, as well as remote islets, beaches and coves for a romantic getaway aboard a luxury charter catamaran or mega yacht. Anchor along Mantanani islands off Sabah’s West Coast, an archipelago populated with dugongs, also known as “sea cows”, or Pulau Tiga, the original Survivor island whose geothermal activity created therapeutic and relaxing bubbling mud baths that could easily compete with a rejuvenating spa treatment. Natural hiking trails inland are home to Pulau Tiga’s residents, including macaques, giant monitor lizards, wild boar and hornbill. And if this is not enough, the turquoise waters around Mengalum Island further north abound in dogtooth and yellow fin tuna.

Borneo’s northern tip is idyllic, remote and features untouched beaches and the luxury Kudat Marina for your charter catamaran, mega yacht or power yacht. The town of Kudat is somewhat hypnotic and therefore the more suitable for a perfect charter getaway. Kudat lies on the territory of the Rungus people who carry on their ancient traditions and live in isolation from the modern world. Sail along the northern tip and head southward to the state’s eastern coast to reach a genuine wildlife sanctuary lined with marine and land national parks a plethora of untouched beaches.

Malaysian Cuisine

With Malaysia’s population made up of three main ethnic groups being the Malays, Chinese and Indians, the nation’s culinary style is well diverse and composed of many different flavors. This rich cuisine is largely based on rice, noodles, poultry, beef, pork, seafood as well as fresh vegetables and fruit, including durian, rambutan, lychee, mango or guava. Coconut milk is a staple ingredient not only for main dishes but also desserts, along with gula melaka (coconut palm sugar) and tropical fruit.

Ready to explore Malaysia with Sunreef Yachts Charter? This thriving Southeast Asian nation will have you under its spell the moment you set foot ashore while enchanting warm waters will be an ideal playground for your luxury charter catamaran, chic mega yacht, high-performance power boat or classic sailing yacht.

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