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Are you tempted by a cruise to the largest and the most well-known island of the Seychelles? A coastline of more than 70 kilometers is awaiting to be discovered by you during your careless luxury charter vacation in Mahé. The bays embellishing this magnificent coastline are Beau Vallon, Port Launay and Baie Ternay, make sure to sail them all.

Mahé Island is the Seychelle’s largest island and home to the country’s capital of Victoria where 90% of the population resides. Discover celestial beaches and the robust southern region. This 44 kilometer-long Garden of Eden was once a pirates hideout. The Vallé de Mai is home to species of turtles and the one and only Coco de Mer (Sea Coconut), a coconut palm tree growing in water. These natural wonders make Praslini an absolute must-visit.

A luxury charter vacation is a perfect way for you to discover the island’s hidden treasures. This island, only 27 kilometers long and 8 kilometers wide, is best to be explored in a Mini Moke, a light vehicle greatly appreciated by tourists thanks to its functionality and facility to adapt in different situations. Picturesque narrow roads are defined with slopes and bends. The island can therefore also be explored on foot with the many hiking trails, some more difficult than others.


Le Morne

This excursion takes from 6 to 8 hours both ways and is possible solely with a guide. The hike ends on the summit (905 meters) of a mountain overlooking Victoria. Binoculars are a must as the splendid view on the island’s nature, and perhaps even your luxury charter yacht on the horizon, will leave you enchanted.

Val Riche Copolia

This hike of about 2 hours both ways is quite a difficult one but does not require the presence of a guide. With departure from Chemin Sanssouci, during this hike you will discover the island’s eastern coast as seen from atop Glacis, a gigantic granite block surmounting the ocean.

Anse Major

This 1.5 hour hike departing from Danzilles gives a chance to explore Mahé’s northwestern coast.

Les trios frères (the three brothers)

4 kilometers both ways in about 3 hours time to show what you are really capable of. Departing from Sans Soucis, this trail continues on to the Black Forest and further to the north


Founded around it’s harbor, Victoria was at first baptized “Establishment” by its first colonizers who accompanied the contingent of Charles de Romainville in 1778. The town was later re-baptized by the British who, in 1814, named it after their queen. Victoria is one of the smallest capital cities in the world. This miniature town is the only one in Seychelles, also the only port of the island, and is the country’s economical and administrative hub as well as permanent residence of the republic’s president. It is nonetheless a bustling and pleasurable place as the locals take it one day at a time.

The absolutely splendid and picturesque downtown is embellished with an anachronistic clock tower marking the historic center where on the rue de l’Indépendance are located banks as well as quaint boutiques. The local market draws attention with multicolored and fragrant fresh fruits and vegetables. However clothing and small souvenirs are also to be found there. A few steps away from the market is a handcraft gallery with local products, such as fabric and shells.

Victoria National Museum of History

The Victoria National Museum of History is open every day, apart from Wednesdays, from 8h30 until 16h30 and until noon on Saturdays. The museum is both a library and a museum of natural history. With vast expositions of shells and coral reefs, the museum also holds a collection of official documents of the archipelago, including the act of possession by the French signed in Victoria in 1756.

State House

This ancient residence of British governors is nowadays the presidential palace visited only when granted a rare permission. It is only possible to admire its breathtaking verdant gardens.

SPUP Museum of History

Posters and photos take visitors back in time teaching about the struggle for independence of this tiny republic and the come to power of president René.

Victoria Natural History Museum

A rather outdated zone thanks to which you will discover the rich local flora and fauna, such as sea coconuts, crustaceans, insects, butterflies and many more.


A quaint village known for its arts and crafts, Val-des-près unveils its local cultural heritage to all its visitors. Giant tortoise shells as well as coconuts are the most well-known local products of this village holding 10 boutiques, a restaurant as well as a few Creole buildings.

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