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Madagascar and you

The Republic of Madagascar, also known as the “Great Red Island”, is situated on the Indian Ocean some 400 kilometers off Africa’s oriental coast. With a surface of 587, 040km2, Madagascar is the world’s fourth largest island following Greenland, Papua New Guinea and Borneo. The Malagasy distinguish themselves with a true friendliness and hospitality as their culture is synonymous with modesty, kindness and respect. The country has two official languages, Malagasy being the current one while French is the official language in literature, administration and commerce. The third common language is of course English. The French government established the first national park in the 1920s in order to preserve the island’s unique fauna. Madagascar is a true paradise for all ornithologists, even amateurs, with more than 250 species of birds inhabiting the island. It also features a rich variety of plant species. Madagascar being one of the biodiversity hotspots, is home to baobab trees characteristic to dry deciduous forests of the west as well as the forests located in the island’s southern part. The coast is humid and features amazing tropical forests with a rich wildlife. The country is home to more than 10 000 species of plants. Come discover this sumptuous scenery aboard your luxury charter mega yacht, luxury charter catamaran, luxury charter sailing yacht or power boat.

Nosy Be

This “big island” is located in the northwestern part of the country. Nosy Be is home to the most spectacular beaches on Madagascar bordered with plush coconut palm trees and bathed in turquoise waters seen from aboard your luxury charter boat. All enthusiasts of deep-sea diving will be enchanted by all the varieties of coral reef and multicolored fish to be found in the deepest coves of the island. You will find all necessary equipment aboard your luxury charter mega yacht. From chameleon to lemur and baobab to coconut palm trees, you will have the pleasure in discovering the flora and fauna of this unique biodiversity hotspot. Widely known for its plantations of ylang-ylang flowers, coffee, pepper as well as sugarcane, Madagascar is dubbed “Nosy Manitra”, or “the scented island”.

Mitsios and Radames Islands

Located to the north of Nosy Be, Mitsios is an archipelago of an incomparable beauty with turquoise, transparent waters ready to glide your luxury mega yacht chartered with Sunreef Yachts Charter. You will be more than pleased to anchor your boat in utter seclusion and stroll through pristine villages. This archipelago is a true paradise for all fishing enthusiasts. It is also widely celebrated for its rocky peaks (known as “Sugar Loaves”). The “Four Brothers” are definitely worth your time. The Radames archipelago is mainly composed of completely immaculate coral islets, a true joy to explore on your luxury charter vacation. A vision of the Garden of Eden awaits you: the land and seascapes of this terrestrial paradise will instantly fascinate you. Only a few kilometers away from Nosy Be you will find the island of Nosy Iranja often called “Turtle Island” featuring dazzling pristine beaches and the island of Nosy Komba inhabited by lemurs.

Madagascar, an exceptional charter destination, seems to be a detached continent on its own. The island offers a fantastic diversity of forms and climate as well as protected flora and fauna. Madagascar is a relatively immaculate island with few tourists. It is visited only by experienced sailors so the land as well a seascapes rest intact. Fragrance, tradition, beauty and emotion are what make this fantastic island one of the most beautiful in the world. The rich wildlife features lemurs, chameleons, coconut palm trees and baobabs comprising the landscape’s magnificent innocence. This archipelago, boasting some amazing steep, rocky slopes and picturesque coral islets, is a true paradise for all tropical fish enthusiasts. A true Garden of Eden, the island’s irreproachable scenery will stun you!

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