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Neighboring islands


Félicité is a small granite island comprised of a chain of steep bluffs reaching up to 230 meters above sea level and covered in such tropical flora as coconut palm trees, takamakas, leadwood trees as well as cashews. The island is inhabited by some fishermen and is annexed to a luxurious hotel of La Digue renting dazzling summer villas nestled in lusciously green palms. The sultan of Perak was exiled to his island between 1875 and 1879.


A minuscule lusciously green stone surrounded by a large coral reef barrier preventing big vessels from sailing in is the island of Silhouette. Visitors must disembark and are transferred to the beach in barks. This way of reaching the island, however picturesque, is not as popular as transfer in helicopter. With a luxury mega yacht chartered with Sunreef Yachts Charter you will not hesitate even for a moment. Silhouette was named after Etienne de Silhouette who was responsible for finances of Ile de France (Mauritius) under Louis XV. With the highest peak of Dauban, there are absolutely no cars and no commerce on the island, only a small village with a school, some farming activity, and a small resort with waterfront wooden bungalows. This rustic island opens its arms to all visitors. Along the many niches and cricks glides the ghost of Hodoul, a famous 18th century corsair while Anse Lascars is where mysterious Arab tombs were found. Briefly, this is an ideal place to live a Robinson Crusoe-style adventure if you enjoy peace and quiet as silent falls of coconuts crashing on the rich soil and soft bird peeps are the only melodies in the midst of perfect stillness, an oasis just like aboard your luxury charter mega yacht.


Farmers of bamboo, citrus and avocado trees harvest this tiny patch of granite land of only 3 km2 barely remembering that it was once a famous pirate’s den. It is currently inhabited by giant tortoises, endemic beetles, stunning frogs as well as more than 50 species of rare tropical birds. Surrounded by breathtaking scenery, you will be stupefied to find giant tortoises laying their eggs right on the beach. A sweet escape awaits aboard your luxury charter catamaran chartered with Sunreef Yachts Charter.

Bird Island

This coral island is the closest to Mahé and is surrounded with a stupendous azure lagoon impeccable for mooring your luxury charter mega yacht. The island was once a popular habitat of dugongs, great marine mammals, and is presently inhabited and features a hotel but still rests a favorite nesting location among terns. The island is also heavily populated with white gulls and turtledoves so the unique chance to see them should not be missed! And thanks to fishing and diving equipments available aboard your luxury charter mega yacht, your adventure will be one of a kind.

L’île Denis

Noteworthy, this small island of only 1,5 km2 is abundant with plush coconut palm trees, a true tropical castaway. Sea turtles come ashore once a year to lay their eggs on the beaches that they share, during this time, with giant tortoises. On the island is a small village of no more than 15 homes as well as a farm. The island’s previous owner, a French manufacturer, constructed on the island an airstrip as well as a hotel comprised of 25 bungalows dispersed in the wildlife. It is a true bliss for all fishing enthusiasts with waters abundant with swordfish, skipjacks, tunas, marlins, sea breams and barracudas.

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