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St. Kitts and Nevis


Anguilla, an island situated directly north of Saint Martin takes great pride in its pristine sandy beaches ideal for lounging in the warm sun. This territory owes its name to its unique shape, that of an eel. Boasting some of the most sumptuous beaches in the world, the island rests an ever fashionable holiday hotspot for high-end society, although the island remains relatively untouched by tourism with the number of inhabitants surpassing the number of tourists. Luxury summer resorts offer guests some of the most amazing secluded beaches. Chic restaurants specializing in fine local delicacies are highly reputed by visitors. Anguilla is a culturally diverse Caribbean haven with at least fifteen different churches on the island, an overseas British territory where locals lead a tranquil and serene lifestyle. Spend your luxury charter vacation with Sunreef Yachts Charter sailing the crystal-clear waters of the Caribbean and enjoy utter seclusion aboard your luxury charter yacht.

Saint-Kitts and Nevis

These two islands can be compared to two gardens sharing the same fate. One of them could not be more proud of its sugarcane fields. The other is the utter vacation resort. Saint-Kitts was the first British territory in the Caribbean colonized in 1632. Since this time the island never ceased to cultivate British tradition. The central square of the island’s capital, Basseterre, is known as “the Circus” and tea is wildly celebrated by the island’s 30 000 inhabitants, just like in England. This is the ultimate sugarcane plantation, it’s principal resource. Visit all of the island’s treasures during your visit to the island. Explore the impregnable Brimstone fortress, a citadel conquered by the French in the blink of an eye and immediately reconquered by the English. Nevis, the smaller of the two islands, boasts different landscapes. Peaceful and pleasant atmosphere reigning in Charleston, the island’s main town, can be felt on Main Street through ancient-style boutiques. The island’s coast is carpeted with white sandy beaches, a charming oasis inviting visitors to stay a while in one of the luxury resorts. Admiral Nelson stopped here in the 18th century to stock up on water and met Frances Nisbet, daughter of a plantator, whom he married in 1787.

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