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Offshore islands


This minuscule coastal island with an area of no more than 1 km2 constitutes an impeccable view from aboard your luxury charter mega yacht or luxury charter catamaran. Christopher Cadbury, the English chocolate heir, is the owner of the island which he integrated into his ensemble of nature reserves. The island’s name, Arid, is perhaps not at all proper to this island of plush flora including tropical citrus trees and vibrant Wrigth gardenia flowers. Red terns, turtledoves, weaver birds, red-tailed phaetons as well as lesser noddies inhabit this verdant region along with more than 2000 frigates. Trips to Aride are only organized from October until April to allow birds a peaceful nesting. And while you’re there, dive into the azure warm water surrounding your luxury charter mega yacht and experience a truly blissful charter vacation.


Reaching the island visitors are instantly warned not to disturb birds, the island’s honorary inhabitants. With a surface of 27 hectares, Cousin is only to be visited by appointment in small groups. Six young Seychellois supervise giant tortoises, lizards and birds, such as woodpeckers, turtledoves, tropicbirds, shearwaters and warblers. Book an appointment to visit this nature reserve and hop off board of your luxury charter catamaran to take beautiful photos of tropical species.


What separates Praslin from this small kilometer-wide island is only a narrow trench. This island is inhabited by a few families with fishing tradition and grand tortoises. Locals in Seychelles being openhearted and friendly, join them in their daily activities thanks to fishing equipment available aboard your luxury charter yacht. Havened by immense tropical trees, the island was, since 1833, a camp for lepers transported from Mauritius. Since the hospital’s closing it has been a reproduction centre for tortoises and is part of a national park.

Grande Sœur et Petite Sœur

This island is a private property of the Château de Feuilles luxury resort and is limited only to hotel guests. Two magnificent beaches border the island on either side and its interior is covered with plush majestic coconut palm trees. With diving equipment available aboard your luxury charter mega yacht or luxury charter catamaran, take full advantage of surrounding dazzling seascapes.

La Digue

Time seems to have ceased on this wild and mountainous island featuring plush verdant bluffs, rocky bays, and immense red granite blocks tumbled down in the ocean. Locals are mostly involved with vanilla and patchouli plantations, fishing and coconut farming. Cars being quite rare, locals travel in wagons pulled by cattle, on bike or simply on foot. Such tropical flora as lusciously green coconut palm trees embellish beaches abundant with impressive shells. Bathe in crystal-blue waters and explore coral reefs in Anse d’Argent where giant rocks distinguish this beach as one of the most photographed in the world, or in la Passe, after having moored your luxury charter yacht. Further to the north is Anse Patates, only a short sail away from the northernmost tip of the island. And when you reach la Pointe Cap Barbi the view will open up to Praslin island. The southeastern coast, however more picturesque and bordered with a remarkable coral reef, is far more dangerous. The eastern coast unveils its beauty through the island’s largest beach, Grand’Anse, an unsafeguarded haven.

It is up to you to choose the beach ideal for you to lounge in the sun or shield under majestic coconut palm trees to live a bliss during the holiday of a lifetime with Sunreef Yachts Charter.

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