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An idyllic tropical retreat situated along the Andaman Sea, the picturesque archipelago of Langkawi is a yachting oasis of beguiling enchantment. Blessed with dramatic mountain backdrops, lush rainforests, tranquil lagoons, emerald lakes and pristine beaches, the jewels of Langkawi shine bright. Part of the Malaysian state of Kedah bordering Thailand, the 99 magical islets are breathtaking in their beauty and are crowned by an air of mystery and legend. Whether onboard a luxury catamaran, mega yacht, sailing yacht, or power boat, a yacht charter in Langkawi offers exceptional experiences that will forever captivate you. Here are a few you will not want to miss out on:

Dataran Lang

As your charter yacht rolls ashore to Langkawi, greeting you is the iconic giant eagle that regally stands tall in front of Dataran Lang or Eagle Square. The symbolic monument is an ode to the island nation’s heritage. In fact, the very name Langkawi comes from the Malay word helang, which means eagle and the Sanskrit word kawi, for the reddish brown color of this majestic bird.

SkyCab Langkawi

With astounding vistas and amazing 360-degree views of Langkawi and its surrounding islands, the 1 ½ mile ride and 2300 foot ascent to the top of Mount Mat Cincang on the Langkawi cable cars is an exhilarating excursion that cannot be topped.

Mangrove Safari Tour

The lush lands of Langkawi are teeming with wildlife and a tour of the mangrove forests affords extraordinary opportunities to observe monitor lizards, monkeys, otters, snakes, and walking fish, in their natural habitats.

Telaga Tujuh (Seven Wells) Waterfall

Set within the 1 million year old rainforest of Langkawi is the legendary Telaga Tujuh (Seven Wells) Waterfall, which tall tales tell of being watched over by magical mountain fairies. The setting is sublime filled with beautiful flora and fauna and a majestic waterfall that descends down into a series of seven pools.

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