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Windward Coast

Windward Coast

Get ready to discover all the gems that this part of the island has in store for you. Saint-André, Bras-Panon and Saint-Benoît are only some of the treasures longing to be explored by you. Fragrant gardens gently sprinkled with ocean waters will instantly unveil their beauty to you. Stroll through the sugarcane fields of Saint-Anne and visit the unique and utterly picturesque cathedral. The opportunities are endless for you to spend your luxury charter vacation in the Indian Ocean. Once you charter a luxury catamaran or luxury mega yacht, you will long for nothing more than to live the adventure of a lifetime in the tropical region of the Indian Ocean. After a magnificent excursion to the Takamaka Waterfalls, sit back in the Jacuzzi and relax with a cocktail in your hand as the crew board your luxury charter yacht prepares a delicious gourmet meal for you.


As you drive tranquilly through fabulous landscapes, no more than 15 kilometers north of Sainte-Rose you will cross a suspension bridge, overhanging the river, embellished with grand rocky arches. The breathtaking views are absolutely worth such an excursion inland during your splendid luxury charter vacation. Take a detour through Saint-Pierre on your way to the quaint town of Sainte-Anne, nestled in the midst of sugarcane fields. And when you head off to Saint-Benoit, be sure to visit the Sainte-Anne church as seen in the François Truffaut film, Mississippi Mermaid. This historical monument is enhanced with colorful frescos and sculptures.

Saint-Benoît and Bras-Panon

8 kilometers outside of Sainte-Anne the island’s fertile lands are home to luscious fruit orchards of mango, litchi, pineapple, orange, mandarin, banana as well as coconut trees. The town of Saint-Benoit is situated on the delta of the Marsouins River having its source in the Takamaka Valley.

Not far away from Saint-Benoit is the kingdom of vanilla known as such for centures centuries after a young slave, Edmond Albuis, was successful at pollinating vanilla orchids. The delta of the Roches River is where a basin is nestled in the shoreline offering perfect conditions for kayaking and windsurfing. Hop off your luxury charter mega yacht to find yourself swathed in fragrant vanilla. Opt for a guided tour or wander around the site by yourself and soak up the unbelievably enchanting ambiance.

Takamaka Falls

Yet further inland, around 15 kilometers south-west of Saint-Benoit is another stunning natural wonder. A picturesque path along the Marsouins River will guide you to Takamaka. The platform is located 522 meters above the river and the underground power plant with water sweeping from all sides creating streams flowing into the Takamaka dam. The site’s five cascades are awaiting you with easy access by foot to the streams, the cascades and the valley’s wild lakes. This natural phenomenon is utterly unparalleled and is one of the reasons why you should charter a luxury mega yacht in Reunion.


Located only 18 kilometers from Saint-Benoit is the quaint town of Saint-André accessible through a spectacular bridge on the Mât River. A strong vanilla scent fills the air of the entire region. From July through to November the saturated vanilla scent blends in the air with a strong scent of warm sugar extracting from nearby sugar mills. Magnificent white houses were once witnesses of the wealthy colonizers growing rich thanks to sugarcane plantations. In the midst of this “ocean” are colorful patches of Tamil temples built by workers who came on the island after the abolition of slavery. These vivid temples are seen from the road. All vanilla lovers will feel in heaven in the house of vanilla, open Tuesday-Sunday from 09.00-12.00 and 14.00-18.00, where all the stages of this fragrant orchid’s cultivation are explained during a fascinating tour of a plantation and a workshop. Your luxury charter vacation will be nothing less than a bliss.

The Dan’ Ton Lontan is a former Creole hut that was transformed into a museum that will take you back in time with many gathered artifacts such as utensils and clocks. The museum is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 9am until 5pm.

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