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Amirantes Archipelago

Beautiful and wild, this island is situated further into the ocean than the principal islands and boasts a surface of only 3,6 km2. Many families grow coconut palm trees on this land where six quaint beachfront cottages are rented to tourists. It is also adjusted to tourists visiting the island in jets or helicopters with an airstrip crossing the length of the island. You will have the comfort of visiting it aboard your luxury charter catamaran or luxury charter mega yacht chartered with Sunreef Yachts Charter.

An atoll of three islets surrounded by a coral reef barrier, Poivre welcomes tourists with arms wide open. In the 19th century it was inhabited, for more than 20 years, by a famous visitor, Pierre Louis Poiret, allegedly the son of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette.


A coconut plantation in the midst of an azure lagoon will be the perfect harbor for your luxury charter mega yacht.
A true Robinson Crusoe hideaway, this island boasts a complex of 25 waterfront bungalows nestled in a plush tropical flora. Discover the ruins of an ancient plantation, a colonial mansion, a hospital and a prison, and observe from atop majestic stones sharks swimming by.


The world’s biggest atoll, 35 kilometers long and 13 kilometers wide, constitutes a nature reserve being also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The island is administered by the Seychelles Islands Foundation based on Mahé. Once accessible only to scientist, access is still restricted. The population reaches only 15 people. Guanos fertilized this rich coral soil abundant with coconut palm trees and plush verdant ferns. 13 islands of the atoll comprise 1/3 of Seychelles total surface. The islands, shaped like a mushroom, enjoy ebbs and flows of salty ocean waters. At times, with strong currents, shark may appear on the horizon. Aldabra is the world’s biggest concentration of terrestrial tortoises and a refuge for White-throated Rails, birds from the dodo family. Beaches with plush and vibrant mangroves refuge kestrels, frigates and pink flamingos.

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