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Indian Ocean

All four islands located on the Spice Route, Reunion, Mauritius, Madagascar and Seychelles are very distinct from one another; however, they continually attract yachting enthusiasts from around the world. An integral part of each of the islands are without a doubt their sun-drenched fruits, flowers and exotic beaches. To fully soak up the beauty, lose yourself in the exuberant nature, climb all the peaks, and take fragrant stroll through the numerous paths … Sand, sun and water- the brightness and gentleness of each of these islands will unleash the tiger in you.


Surely you have memories of your carefree childhood? Of treasure hunts in the garden? Have you ever played pirates and merchants? Certainly most of us had dreams of living unheard of adventures like the ones of Robinson Crusoe… So ladies and gentlemen, why not live your childhood dream? Why not sail your luxury yacht and go on an adventure? Perhaps you will not find treasure hidden in coffins but you will surely discover many gems that the island has waiting for you during your luxury charter vacation. Turquoise waters and warm sandy beaches were known to 9th century sailors visiting Seychelles. Phoenician merchants, Polynesian adventurers and Chinese pirates, all of whom buried great legends on the island… Enjoy a fabulous experience on board of your luxury yacht chartered by Sunreef Yachts Charter and soak up the diverse world that opens its doors to offer splendid seascapes and safe harbors for your yacht to anchor.

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This island, separated from mainland Africa, offers an exceptional diversity of topography, climate, and protected flora and fauna. Madagascar is currently unspoiled and is a particularly attractive charter destination. Not for nothing Madagascar is called one of the most beautiful islands in the world, it is an island worth visiting and enjoying its beauty, learning traditions and experiencing unforgettable emotions. Chameleons, lemurs and coconut palms are just a small example of the rich wildlife, flora and magnificent landscapes of Madagascar, which is also famous for its picturesque rocky peaks and coral islands. This archipelago is a Klondike for tropical fish lovers and without exaggeration a true Eden.


Featuring breathtaking landscapes, Reunion is as blue as the sea, as green as its hills and misty meadows, as black as the lava from its cliffs and as red as the fire of the sleepless volcano. Violent through its lofty peaks, waterfalls and strong tropical cyclones but soft through fresh scents of vanilla and cinnamon. Visiting Reunion during your vacation, make sure to drop by the town of Saint-Denis, the island’s biggest town with its charming Creole houses, colonial buildings, green gardens (such as the State garden), or the colonial museum of Leon Dierx. Why not discover the Leeward Coast aboard your luxury charter yacht ? The coast is where the island’s first inhabitants arrived and where now you will find the most luxurious resorts on the island.

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A fragrant garden surrounded by a turquoise lagoon and beautiful beaches bordered with sublime luxury yachts: this is Mauritius, impeccable sweetness and pleasure. Come visit Port-Louis, a small yet bustling colonial town, protected from the winds by surrounding mountains. A modern harbor and busy streets boast amazing modern architecture coupled with old wooden houses. The west coast opens up to deep, quiet lagoons. The central plateau is a well-watered but nonetheless the most populated region of the island.

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Just hearing the word “paradise” evokes picturesque pristine sandy beaches, warm turquoise waters, fabulous fishing spots, a mild climate and magnificent views captivating your heart and soul- a perfect description of the Maldives. This atoll of idyllic islands is only partly inhabited, out of almost 2000 islands, a little over 200 are populated. Located 640 kilometers south of India on the Indian Ocean, these islands are an impeccable charter destination with many secluded harbors for you luxury charter sailing yacht. Choose the most convenient luxury yacht for you with Sunreef Yachts Charter and explore the Maldives aboard one of SYC’s luxury charter catamarans, luxury charter mega yachts, luxury charter sailing yachts or luxury charter powerboats. Spend the ultimate charter vacation of your dreams among friends or family and let your charter crew pamper you every step of the way. Lounge in the sun on the deck of your luxury charter vessel or admire magnificent sunsets of the Indian Ocean.

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$63 250
Blackpearl I is a luxurious and elegant 46m motoryacht, launched in 2019 and designed especially for novice and experienced dive enthusiasts to enjoy Palau's local underwater life in the best possible conditions. She can accommodate 20 guests in 10 spacious twin cabins with bathrooms and air conditioning, offering absolute comfort. One of the outstanding features of the yacht is her impressive interior dining room. With a buffet, a majestic bar, and numerous tables, it is a true private restaurant that can host all guests in any occasion. In addition to…
€120 000
What a fantastic experience to cruise on a yacht built in 1906, that has been completely refitted with a beautiful all-new interior and exterior deck spaces. The oldest motor yacht in the world in operation, she has a history spanning more than 110 years. Kalizma has continued to enjoy the company of many famous guests and cruised around the world in style. She is equally at home in the Med or in the Indian Ocean. Famously owned by Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, the interior of the yacht contains many…
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