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Grande Terre : Between Gosier and Saint-François


Located at the exit from Point-à- Pitre, the local marina is the spot of all sailing enthusiasts. It is the finish line of the famous rum race departing from Saint Malo, a sailing race taking place every four years. The marina owes its dazzling expansion to the French government, it is exempted from tax. It is well adjusted to easily accommodate hundreds of yachts, including your luxury charter yacht chartered with Sunreef Yachts Charter. Adapted to the needs of even the most discerning vacationers, the marina is paved with chic boutiques, premium restaurants, markets as well as majestic nightclubs. With the marina being the perfect harbor for your luxury yacht, be sure to spend the holiday you have always dreamt of!

Le Gosier

A splendid oceanfront road leads through a terrestrial paradise spreading between Le Gosier and Saint-Francois on the region’s southern coast. Vast sugarcane fields strike with fine, white sandy beaches and rocky bluffs slowly corroded with ocean waters. This majestic shoreline is home to many remarkable luxury hotels and summer resorts receiving a large number of tourists yearly. Le Gosier enchants its visitors with an impeccable beach and Caribbean liveliness. The region bustles with swimming pools, luxury resorts, pristine beaches, waterfront terraces and nightclubs. This region is well adapted to needs of tourists who prefer to spend their holiday actively, although it doesn’t unveil all of Guadeloupe’s local colors. The region owes its name to Grand Gosier, a name given by locals to an extinct species of pelican. The region may not be rich in historic monuments but is beating to the rhythm of Caribbean entertainment. Shimmering boutiques, swimming pools, impeccable beaches and lush nightclubs make Le Gosier no less glamorous than Saint-Tropez. Get carried away by Caribbean impulse during your luxury charter vacation with Sunreef Yachts Charter.

Le Gosier islet

As you navigate away from Le Gosier, your captain will bring you closer to the islet of Le Gosier located a few hundred meters away from the coast. This picture-perfect tropical paradise is, of course, best to be admired from aboard your luxury charter yacht. Take your time to stroll through this exquisite islet and contemplate its rhythm of life. Sit back and relax on the beach while lunching on local delicacies prepared for you by your charter crew. A visit on the islet should only take about an hour; however, you will be astounded by surrounding views as seen from atop the local lighthouse, including the view on verdant bluffs and sandy bays of the shore.

Plage de la Caravelle

This breathtaking beach is not to be missed during your visit of Grande-Terre as it is one of the most spectacular beaches on the island. It is of no surprise that the celebrated all-inclusive Club Med summer resort attracts tourists to this part of the island as the beach is one of the most tempting in the Antilles. This immense haven protected by a vast coral reef and a luscious turquoise lagoon is a true retreat for swimmers, scuba divers and snorkeling enthusiasts. You captain will gladly navigate your luxury charter mega yacht or luxury charter catamaran to this beach for a lazy afternoon ashore.

Sainte-Anne and Saint-François

Saint-Anne is a village named after Anna of Austria, mother of Louis XIV, the Sun King. Scattered around the village are many quaint restaurants and cafés offering small guilty pleasure making your luxury charter vacation with Sunreef Yachts Charter a true bliss.

Saint-François is a picturesque coastal village bordered by the Atlantic Ocean and many inland bluffs ornamented with ruins of ancient sugar mills, once the region’s pride and glory. This refined community is paved with chic hotels, posh restaurants and luxury boutiques. It became a celebrated resort in the 1980’s when France invited world rulers to Hamak, a charming luxury hotel, to discuss international affairs. Traditionally a fishing village, Saint-François is endowed with a marina accommodating the most luxurious vessels including luxury charter mega yachts and luxury charter catamarans. It is also reputed among golfers thanks to the picturesque world-known golf course located just a few kilometers east of the village.

Pointe des Chateaux and Pointe des Colibris

A narrow road leads to the tip of Guadeloupe where the island gently meets the Atlantic Ocean. Pointe des Châteaux is a narrow sandy peninsula. As you stand at the tip, stunning beaches stretch to your left, including Anse de la Gourde, Anse Tarare or Grande Saline all of them attracting those searching for tranquility and bliss. Some spots being dangerous for swimmers, it is best to content yourself with a sun bath while listening to battling waves against pristine sands. Nothing better than to step off your luxury charter yacht and stroll on the beach with crystal-clear water gently caressing your feet. Pointe des Colibris offers stupendous views on the Atlantic Ocean. Early birds rest in awe of sunrises seen here, the first rays of sun reaching the ever-warm white sands. Rustic is probably the best word to describe this region so discover verdant bluffs, battering waves, pristine sands and caressing breezes during your luxury charter vacation with Sunreef Yachts Charter.

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