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East Coast

East Coast

Apart from a military base located on the southernmost tip of Mahé, this part of the island rests relatively immaculate with its crystal-clear lagoon. Anse Royale, an azure bay, is perfect for observing multicolored fish and lush coral reefs during the winter season of October until end of April from aboard your luxury charter mega yacht. With flippers on your feet, the Souris island is only a short swim away. A brief walk away are also two villages of Anse-Royale and la Plaine-Saint-André where you can visit authentic pottery workshops and ship model artisans. Past a quaint fishing village of Anse-aux-Pins, the roads guides to Enstiti Kreol, a research institute leading interesting studies on the Creole language.

From Anse Etoile a narrow road, la Gogue, leads to the northernmost tip of the island through vast fields of sweet, fragrant tropical flowers and mango trees until it reaches the cemetery of Glacis. Forêt Noir and Sans Soucis are ideal trails for hikers wishing to reach Morne-Blanc through tea plantations and a dense plush forest. Anticipate a great adventure on land and on water during your luxury charter vacation with Sunreef Yachts Charter.

Le Jardin du Roi and Marina

Royal Garden
This vast territory of more than 50 hectares is filled with tropical wonders, including spice plantations, a museum, a restaurant, a tropical aviary and a grand tortoise pen. Fragrant vanilla, delectable nutmeg and sweet cinnamon are sold in the garden’s store.

Artisans in this workshop recreate meticulously models of historic vessels. Located only 3,5 km north of Anse Royale on the vast plain of Saint-André, this workshop is open to visitors every day except Sunday, from 7h30-17h00 and from 8h00 until 15h30 on Saturdays.

Plaine Saint-André Eco-Museum and Anse l’Islette

Located in a spectacular colonial mansion, this museum reconstitutes the everyday life of an 18th century Creole Seychellois family. Situated on Plaine Saint-André, it is open to visitors Tuesday through Sunday. Cross the doorstep of this magical museum and travel to the glorious past of planters.

This minuscule offshore islet is located no more than a few meters away from the coast of Mahé. It is an utterly chic and elegant halt with hotels and restaurants where you will be able to taste some local delicacies. This gem is also a popular place to get married. What better way to visit this jewel of the Indian Ocean than aboard your luxury charter yacht!

Along the coast…

Only a 20 minute sail away from the coast, calm azure waters will glide your luxury charter catamaran towards these precious islands. Located across from Victoria, this offshore archipelago comprises of the islands of Sainte Anne, Ronde, Moyenne, Longue, Cerfs and Cachée. If you wish to visit the islands, short trips are organized from Victoria. Sainte Anne and Longue, however, are not open to tourists and Moyenne is a private property where guests can stay in the island’s hotel. Ronde was anciently a place where leper women were sent.

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