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Basse-Terre to Deshaies

Basse-Terre to Deshaies

Basse-Terre is the island’s southern region where you will be have the chance to conquer picturesque villages drowned in tropical flowers: Vieux-Habitants, Bouillante, Deshaies… As you move away from volcano slopes the sands become more crystal. If you are running out of time, simply because your morning was devoted to exploring the island’s highest peak , it is possible to shorten your tour around Basse-Terre. A winding road cuts the island’s western wing into two parts and leads the way to Guadeloupe’s protected area. The road is therefore known as the “Crossing”, a true retreat to the heart of tropical nature! Warning: this is an invitation to endless lazing around the island. Rather an encouragement than a warning, this is an invitation to spend your luxury charter vacation with Sunreef Yachts Charter.


Past Baillif, one of the colonizers’ first settlements dating back to the 17th century, is located the village of Vieux-Habitants, French for Old Inhabitants, Guadeloupe’s oldest district founded in 1636. The town owes its name to former colonizers of the Company of the American Islands who settled on these heavenly lands after being released from their contracts. It is well-known for its church whose construction began in the 17th century. The temple’s frequent destruction was caused by wars as well as cyclones, the reason why it was reconstructed ten times before obtaining its present appearance boasting a quintessential picture-perfect architecture. All coffee addicts will be able to visit one of the last active coffee plantations of the region, all during a blissful luxury charter vacation. Spread over 90 hectares of land, this plantation is a true feast of the senses with the omnipresence of the precious black gold. The adjacent coffee museum explains different techniques of the bean’s roasting and its commercialization. It also recounts the history of coffee plantation in the region, the reason for Vieux-Habitants’ prominence. Come discover all of the secrets during your luxury charter vacation with Sunreef Yachts Charter.


The road leading to Bouillante is paved with local flavors. One of the stops on the way is Marigot, a minuscule fishing village illustrating Guadeloupian simplicity. Anse à la Barque is only one of the region’s pristine sandy beaches ideal for harboring your luxury charter yacht. And once you reach Bouillante, owing its name to hot springs gushing out in the region, you will be amazed by famous coral barriers lodging the prestigious Réserve Cousteau. Two coastal islets of Goyave and Pigeon boast shores being home to vast populations of submarine tropical fauna. Many agencies offer sea trips and excursions perfect for both deep-sea divers as well as snorkeling enthusiasts. After an exciting day of water fun, unwind on the beach or on the deck of your luxury charter catamaran as you sample local delicacies prepared especially for you by your charter crew.

Malendure and Sainte-Rose

Malendure is one of the commune’s pristine beaches greatly appreciated by tourists as well as locals. With a charming luxury resort and unquestionable diving conditions, this beach is also abundant in such tropical species as marlin, tuna, barracuda or swordfish.

Sainte-Rose is a quaint fishing village, an utter rustic retreat with an authentic Creole garden and a rum museum. The Reimonenq distillery is not only a rum museum unveiling the secret of this beverage’s production but also holds an original collection of models of sailing ships, from ancient models such as that of Christopher Columbus’ vessel, to the most contemporary ones.


Although the village may not seem an attractive site at first, it is nonetheless a nook worth visiting during your luxury charter vacation with Sunreef Yachts Charter. La Maison du bois, or the house of wood, illustrates work with one of the four essential elements. Royal palm trees, mahogany as well as white mahogany are used in the local West Indian timberwork. Traditional know-how of local carpenters is reflected in fishing boats and furniture, to name a few. Pointe-Noire is also home to the Maison du Cacao, the cocoa museum. Cultivation and harvest of two of the world’s most precious beans, cocoa and coffee, are illustrated in the ever-fragrant and aromatic museum offering unexpected and delicious sampling. All this and plenty more will make your charter vacation a serene journey.


This village boasts a superb tranquil bay inviting all visitors to unwind delightfully. Deshaies, with a population of a little over 4000 inhabitants, is dotted with a wonderful pristine beach of Grande Anse bordering breathtaking seascapes. Black beaches of the island’s southern regions are greatly contrasted with this region’s golden sands surrounded with splendid turquoise and sapphire waters, an utter retreat for the five senses! Many more natural delights await you in Deshaies one of them being a local botanical garden exposing verdant bluffs, impressive coconut palm trees, fragrant bouquets of wild orchids as well as plush vermilion flame trees. Laid out on the premises of an ancient estate once haven of a famous French comedian, Coluche, this magnificent territory overlooking the crystal-clear bay is presently home to plush tropical tree species inhabited by a multitude of birds. Nestled in is the actor’s villa, a true refuge for everyone who wishes to repose in the midst of a serene scenery.

Visiting Guadeloupe with Sunreef Yachts Charter will leave you with lifelong memories.

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