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Australia is a place like no other, full of charm and originality creating the perfect scene for your luxury charter vacation aboard SYC’s amazing charter fleet. What distinguishes this dazzling continent is Australia’s scenic landscapes, spectacular panorama, astounding beaches as well as casual lifestyle. Discover it aboard your luxury charter boat guiding you to all of Australia’s magical destinations. The country’s expansive coastline traces such locations as the Great Barrier Reef or Whitsunday Islands off the coast of Queensland. Wherever you decide to spend your luxury charter vacation, you will be welcomed by pristine sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, fabulous tropical temperatures and sunny days.

The Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef is one of the great gifts of Mother Nature. The reef, one of the biggest in the world, is inhabited by different species of plants, birds and sea life. This submarine diversity is what makes Australia the ultimate diving and snorkeling location. Prepare to spend your luxury charter vacation swimming with multicolor fish and starfish, only one of the many ideal activities. The magnificent barrier reef is accessible from aboard your luxury charter catamaran but you can also explore it while deep-sea diving or snorkeling.

Whitsunday Islands

In the heart of the Great Barrier Reef you will find Whitsunday Islands, more than 74 astounding islands located off the tropical coast of Queensland. Visiting these continental islands will be a true feast for the senses. Natural beauty all around, Whitsunday Islands are bordered with secluded beaches and inviting towns to be explored by you aboard your luxury charter catamaran, your luxury charter sailing yachtor super yacht. Imagine waking up in the morning and absorbing the stupendous Australian views, all the splendor is at your fingertips!
Each of the islands is truly unique and although all are worth visiting, some may be more appropriate than others depending on the adventures you are planning to take on during your luxury charter vacation. Here is a brief guideline to help you with your decision.

Daydream Island, Hamilton Island, Whitsunday Island

Daydream Island

Daydream is a small continental island offering a secluded and intimate ambiance. Ideal for a romantic getaway, luxury charter vacation on Daydream Island will be a dream come true.

Whitsunday Island

Whitsunday Island is home to the most spectacular beach on the islands: Whitehaven Beach.Whitehaven Beach is known as the world’s most pristine beach, with a shore or over 7 km, the beach welcomes its visitors with powdery white sand. Located on the northern part of the island, Hill Inlet features astounding, picture-perfect ebbs and flows with white sand perfectly blending in with calm, turquoise water.

Hamilton Island

Hamilton Island is the biggest and most developed of Whitsunday Islands and is the islands commercial center. With a population of more than a thousand inhabitants, the island now offers all the essential daily services. Banks, a post office, a shopping center, a school and a hospital are all to be found on the island during your luxury charter vacation. Natural beauty rests intact so take your time to explore it during long, lazy walks. Benefit from all the amazing water toys available on board of your luxury charter yacht to discover the amazing marine life. Do not miss out on the Hamilton Island Race Week taking place annually at the end of August uniting more than 150 yachts in a week-long competition through the islands.

Hooks Island, South Molle Island, Fraser Island

Hooks Island

Hooks is the northern-most of Whitsunday Islands bordered with exquisite beaches, magnificent views and featuring top diving and snorkeling locations. Numerous national parks under protection are the perfect backdrop for your luxury charter vacation. This almost uninhabited island accommodates luxury yachts at the fjord-like bay of Nara Inlet, only a few steps away from ancient aboriginal art sites. Butterfly Bay is another bay perfect for anchoring your luxury charter catamaran.

South Molle Island

South Molle Island rests an undeniable compromise for all civilization lovers and nature enthusiasts. Access to the resort is possible on a raft and the omnipresent coconut palm trees camouflage its luxury bungalows. Unwind on the beach under palm trees with a cocktail in your hands or hike up Mount Jeffreys and Spion Kop to discover breathtaking views.

Fraser Island

Australia being home to the world’s most amazing beaches, you simply cannot miss the intimate Fraser Island situated off the coast of Queensland. This tiny island of only 1 840km² is undeniably a paradise on earth with one of the longest beach bars.

To complete your ultimate luxury vacation visit one of the many thriving cities of the region. Gold Coast City and Sydney being only one example of completely modern cities, make sure to visit them as they offer a contrast to the continent’s natural beauty. Australia has it all, come visit this exuberant land during your luxury charter vacation!

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