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Anchorage is a simply unique destination situated in the most spectacular part of Alaska. Defined by six incredible mountain ranges and warmed up by maritime climate, Anchorage is open all year round to adventurous visitors with a sense for discovery! Besides being the ultimate natural reservoir, Anchorage is also a fantastic modern city boasting great panoramic views.

The summer days seem endless which requires some adaptation. The dazzling flora of the region embellishes local houses and storefronts. As for the fauna, the kings of rivers, “silver salmons”, can be seen right downtown! In the wintertime Anchorage is a marvelous city to explore. Thousands of lights sparkle up the city center and permanent visitors, elks, often stroll down the city’s streets! What you experience in Anchorage will embrace more than nature alone. Your luxury charter vacation will be the perfect opportunity to observe the fauna of this wonderful city abundant with history and adventure. You days will be filled with lifelong wild memories.

Are you ready to see gigantic grizzly bears? Or to take a snapshot of stunning whales while walking down Seward St.? Get ready to fall upon some amazing beaver dams when on a walk past one of the numerous picturesque streams crossing the city. Ready, set, go!

History at a glance

This glorious region of the United States did not always belong to the confederation. The 19th century was marked by Russian settlements populating southern Alaska, including the city of Anchorage. The state was purchased from Russia in 1867 for 7.2 million dollars but it was not until 1884 that Alaska became administered as a district. Since the very beginning of colonization, the land was exploited. Seal hunting, as well as hunting for other defenseless animals, who suffered due to lack of adequate bylaws, was a popular practice. Alaska became an incorporated territory in 1912. During the First World War, Alaskan population and industry suffered great damage. However, with the completion of the Alaskan Railroad in 1923, the economy of the “roaring twenties” was centered around the railroad in Anchorage. During the Second World War, airplanes became a more popular means of transportation which is the reason why after the war the Anchorage International Airport began operating flights to Europe as well as Asia. In 1964 the city was hit by the magnitude 9.2 earthquake. Within only minutes, it destroyed homes, buildings and monuments, which is why the city was rebuild throughout the rest of the 1960’s.

Alaska Peninsula and Kenai Peninsula

The Alaska Peninsula, is part of a vast volcanic chain in constant activity. Further to the south it is possible to see rugged mountainous platforms, a result of numerous tectonic movements and volcanic eruptions. The peninsula’s southern coast is deep and clear, an ideal luxury charter destination. Your captain will willingly sail your charter yacht to the Aleutian Islands, an archipelago off the coast of the United States comprised of more than 300 volcanic islands. These islands are located where the calm Pacific Ocean meets the arctic Bering Sea and boast a number of important natural resources such as, of course, fish transported via the Dutch Harbor, on the Amaknak Island. “Dutch” is a true industrial zone with some office buildings and homes connected with the neighboring Unalaska by a bridge.

Kenai Fjords National Park, on the Kenai Peninsula, is one of the country’s most important National Park sporting 40 glaciers, 23 marine mammal species and more than 20 bird species. Your luxury charter vacation will be more than spectacular once you visit this park unveiling sumptuous landscapes to all visitors. Deep glacial bays inhabited by penguins, puffins, seals as well as gray and humpback whales are only some of the animals that you will admire during your trip to Kenai Fjords National Park.

Anchorage International Airport

Your dream vacation in Alaska is only a flight away with Anchorage International Airport being the fourth largest cargo airport in the world. Serving both domestic and international flights, the airport is also a seasonal destination for flights from Europe making Alaska easily accessible for all those desiring to spend their luxury charter summer holiday in “The Last Frontier”.

Local cuisine

Anchorage is a city like no other, a true delight for all seafood lovers. Dine aboard your luxury charter yacht among friends or family on local delicacies prepared for you by your magnificent charter crew. And if you wish to spend the evening on land, choose one of the many restaurants specializing in salmon or lobster, one of which is “The Anchorage Restaurant”. Owned by Margaret and Terry O’Hare, it is one of the most superb seafood restaurants in Anchorage. Their passion inspired them to create a magical place where guests do not only savor seafood but also discover Anchorage’s maritime history.

The land of adventures

Anchorage is Alaska’s biggest city with a population of more than 260 000. This jewel is rimmed with six mountain ranges, the Chugach National Forest as well as hundreds of hiking trails, all the more reasons to visit the city during your luxury charter cruise. Both visitors and locals appreciate the abundance of flora and fauna in this natural environment boasting a rich indigenous culture and historic monuments. One attraction is a helicopter ride allowing a bird’s-eye view on the immense mountain ranges and glaciers. The views will be just as magnificent when seen from aboard your luxury charter yacht as your charter crew guides you through Prince William Sound or Kenai Fjords.

Alaskan wildlife

You may not miss seeing bears in their natural habitat, a truly unforgettable experience with lifelong memories. Katmai National Park and Preserve and Lake Clark Park pride on the biggest population of brown bears in the Alaskan wilderness. Salmon in Katmai attract both bears and people. Bears enjoy gathering at the Brooks Falls viewing points when these fish are spawning. It is here that some of the most spectacular photographs of brow bears were taken.

Helicopter flight seeing tours above the Chugach Mountains unveil Alaska’s unparalleled natural splendors. Visiting Alaska during a summer charter vacation is a true delight for the five senses. Plush verdant mountains tops are a splendid contrast to sparkling waves of the Prince William Sound. Alaskan land and seascapes will turn your dream vacation into an utter bliss.

Dog sledding

Dog sledding is a very important part of Alaskan tradition as locals are devoted to adventure and excitement, the Iditarod Great Sled Race being the ultimate proof. Each March mushers spend 10 to 17 days to cross up to 1850 kilometers, which takes a lot of courage and devotion, but the advantages are infinite. Participants spend two weeks in the Alaskan wilderness being at one with nature. A glimpse into the adventure is given in the WildRide Sled Dog Show in Anchorage, a one-hour action show telling the history of dog sledding. After the show sled dogs will strive for your attention and your caresses.

Alaskan heritage

The Alaska Native Heritage Center is an educational and cultural institution for Alaskans as well as visitors. This center offers plenty of activities and demonstrations depicting the rich Alaskan heritage. Experience indigenous traditions and customs and witness both contemporary and traditional ways of life. So, what better way to discover Alaska and its diverse indigenous cultures at once?

Anchorage Museum of History and Art

Your luxury charter cruise will not be complete without a visit to this museum giving wonderful insight to Alaskan art, history and culture. Located in the heart of Anchorage, the museum is easily accessible to all visitors. Apart from two exhibition floors, the museum sports a café and a unique souvenir shop. During the grand opening in 1968, more than 2500 ethnographic and historic artifacts as well as 60 paintings were to de admired. The vast collection of the Cook Inlet Historical Society was transferred to the museum, thus greatly enriching its list of exhibits.

A remarkable summer charter vacation with Sunreef Yachts Charter awaits you in Alaska!

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