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7-Night Luxury Charter from Calvi to Portofino

Day 1: Calvi

Start your charter in the quaint traditional town of Calvi on the French island of Corsica. A beautiful mystery, Calvi is a true pearl to watch from aboard your luxury charter yacht with a towering fortress rising high above a red-roofed landscape backdropped against rugged peaks. Calvi is the perfect venue for a gourmet lunch onboard accompanied by a freshly prepared cocktail or a glass of fine Corsican wine. The marina is lined with a picturesque waterfront promenade while Calvi’s old town surrounding the citadel is a charming labyrinth of cobblestone alleys. Although the battle of Calvi during the war with France was victorious for Horatio Nelson, the admiral unfortunately lost his eye during the siege. While in Calvi, visit the Bonaparte Home where Napoleon was born and stop by one of the authentic bakeries for some home-made specialties.

Day 2: Saint-Florent

The second day of the cruise will be perfect for getting away from it all north of Calvi and basking in the warm Corsican sun. Quaintly nestled between steep rocky hills and the sparkling Mediterranean Sea sits the beautiful town of Saint-Florent. Dominated by a majestic citadel remembering the times of the Genoese, Saint-Florent is one of the most charming locales of the West Med lined with traditional homes, restaurants and wine bars serving muscat, and petite boutiques offering such products as cheeses, wines or excellent French pastries. Join friendly locals on the town square where they passionately play petanque or sail over to Plage du Lotu where crystal-clear waters and silvery sands beguile for sheer relaxation in the sun.

Day 3: Macinaggio and Bastia

Sitting on Cap Corse, the enchanting venue of Macinaggio is the largest port in the region that has been very active since Antiquity when the Romans used it for military purposes. The port itself is well protected from prevailing winds, a reason why it is a favorite spot for berthing in this part of the island. The bay of Macinaggio offers secluded anchorages, lustrous waters for tons of aquatic action, beautiful beaches and a serene and laidback ambiance of an authentic resort town.

Cruise over to Bastia, the second largest city of Corsica that is especially famous for its excellent wines. Stop by the Museum of Corsica, the Museum of Corsican Ethnography located in the ancient palace of the Genoese governors or the fortress with a 16th century bell tower providing stupendous views over the port and environs. Lined with numerous historic churches, Bastia also features excellent restaurants and cafes serving local specialties including brocciu, a type of goat cheese, and fresh seafood.

Day 4: Portoferraio, Elba

The beautiful 16th century Florentine harbor of Portoferraio on Elba lies only a few miles off the coasts of Tuscany and within the site of Corsica. Made famous as the site of which Napoleon was forced into exile, Elba is known for its robust beauty and abundance of minerals. Backdropped against steep rocky hills and bordering crystalline waters of the West Med, Portoferraio is a lovely town lined with vibrant facades of red-roofed houses. Visit Forte Stella, the Museum of Archeology and Villa dei Mulini, Napoleon’s home during his exile. Portoferraio exudes an authentic vibe of a unique culture with original traditions and customs.

Day 5: Porto Azzurro, Elba

Porto Azzurro is yet another blissful locale on the island of Elba that was once known as Porto Longone which was an infamous prison for impenitent criminals. Nowadays, the Tuscan harbor is celebrated for its stretching sandy beaches and marvelous cruising grounds for luxury yachts. Visit the ancient castle built by Philip III of Spain and stroll around narrow cobblestone streets before visiting an excellent restaurant for fresh seafood and a glass of delicious wine.

Day 6: Porto Venere

A UNESCO World Heritage site since 1997, the narrow medieval streets of Porto Venere are lined with vividly colored facades. All history aficionados will be thrilled to discover the Doria castle encompassing the historic city center and Gothic and Romanesque architecture of the town’s two ancient churches. Porto Venere is the gateway to the Regional Natural Park opening up to unrivalled panoramas of high coasts, grottos and unique verdant flora. English poet and diplomat Lord Byron is known to have drawn inspiration from this enchanting venue for his works of literature.

Day 7: Cinque Terre

The five historic villages comprising Cinque Terre sit atop the rugged cliffs of Liguria and overlook the crystal waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Dotting 18 kilometers of robust rocky coastline, the villages are constructed into the rocks between the beach and the hills, holding a UNESCO World Heritage Status like the neighboring Porto Venere. Linking all five villages are utterly picturesque hiking trails where there is also a beautiful vineyard walk. Water sports fun is also a must for all adventurous souls who seek nothing more than sheer aquatic pleasures and leisurely swims in the sea.

Day 8: Portofino

You will debark in Portofino in the region of Genoa which over the years was ruled by the French, English, Spanish, Austrians and even 16th century pirates. Today, the charm and beauty of Portofino draws visitors from all over the world. Portofino is lined with quaint restaurants, cafes, shops and galleries for a unique Italian experience while the submarine sculpture of Christ of the Abyss in San Fruttuoso Bay makes way to unrivalled vistas. Placed at 17 meters under the water mark, the statue was supposed to protect fishermen and scuba divers from all over.

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