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7-Day Luxury Retreat in Phuket and Langkawi

7-Day Luxury Retreat in Phuket and Langkawi

With year-round sailing conditions around Langkawi in Malaysia and Phuket in Thailand, your luxury charter retreat in the lush region will be one adventure to remember forever. Whether you wish to visit secluded anchorages, go scuba diving, swim in sparkling waters, enjoy elephant rides on the beach or in the forest or go rock-climbing, both Malaysia and Thailand will be excellent.

Pack your bags and prepare to explore this Southeast Asian slice of paradise aboard an elegant charter yacht.

Day 1: Langkawi / Butang Islands

Commence your luxury cruise in Telaga Harbour Marina in Langkawi, Malaysia. Board the yacht, unpack and make yourself comfortable before heading north to the first destination, the picturesque Thai Butang Islands whose unparalleled beauty will have you under their spell. Arrive to a pristine haven rimmed with fabulous powdery beaches and swaying coconut palm trees and let the plush entourage be your playground this afternoon. Take a refreshing dip in crystal turquoise waters, snorkel with vibrant fishes or explore the lush inland, boasting verdant flora and tropical fauna.

Day 2: Butang Islands / Koh Tarutao / Koh Lipe

Wake up in paradise and enjoy a splendid morning swim before having breakfast on the aft deck of your yacht and setting sail to today’s destination, the island of Ko Tarutao, the largest one among those comprising the Tarutao National Marine Park. It is considered by some to be the best diving region on the Andaman Sea and features secluded beaches and coves that guests will be able to discover by kayak.

Also on the agenda today is Koh Lipe, a small quaint island with marvelous azure waters, immaculate beaches and a humble Sea Gypsy settlement. The yacht anchors here for the night, choose to dine onboard or opt for a romantic picnic in a secluded cove.

Day 3: Koh Lipe / Koh Rok

After a leisurely morning onboard, set sail to the Koh Rok islands featuring scintillating waters great for swimming, snorkeling and many more aquatic activities while a several miles to the southwest is a 70-meter deep pinnacle rising out of the water. This divine diving spot will have all enthusiasts plunging in water. This marvelous charter destination is equally apt for an aquatic adventure as it is for a venture inland to discover an area abounding in fragrant exotic flowers and luxuriant verdant forests. Your yacht will anchor off Koh Rok for the night.

Day 4: Koh Rok / Krabi

Gear up for another fun-packed day during your luxury charter, this time cruising the pristine Krabi province. The spectacular region is blessed not only with dominant limestone cliffs but also with unbelievable beaches. If you wish, the crew can make prior arrangements for elephant rides through the beautiful Krabi national park for an unparalleled experience. Anchorage in Krabi for the night.

Day 5: Krabi / Koh Hong

A blissful day ahead intertwined with plenty of aquatic adventures and lounging around in the sun aboard your luxury charter yacht. Only a short sail to the north of Krabi is a small, angelic island known as Koh Hong. This wing-shaped stretch of land is an utter verdant gem dotted with tranquil turquoise waters, a crystal white beach (the island’s only Pelay Beach) and towering limestone bluffs. The surrounding waters are densely populated with vivid corals and a variety of tropical fish for exceptional swimming, snorkeling and diving. With close to no tourists roaming the islet, Koh Hong gives the ultimate Robinson Crusoe experience without abandoning the commodities of your luxury charter yacht.

Fish for Spanish mackerel, jackfish, rainbow runner or barracuda that the Chef will readily prepare for lunch or dinner. Meals can be taken aboard the vessel while admiring Koh Hong’s natural splendor or on the beach for plenty of soaking up the soothing ambiance and marveling at the tropical entourage.

Anchor off Koh Hong for the night.

Day 6: Koh Hong / Koh Racha

Begin your day on Koh Hong with a refreshing morning swim off the platform of your yacht before taking a deliciously light breakfast onboard. Set sail south of Phuket to Koh Racha, a heavenly tropical retreat with picture-perfect scenery that will be a stunning backdrop for your yacht for the day. The beaches on both the North and South islands are perfectly white and powdery while the seas are of a rich aquamarine hue, thus making this site the best swimming and diving ground around Phang Nga Bay. The clear waters beguile sailing and diving amateurs from all four corners of the world while unveiling their undeniable natural beauty.

Venture ashore not only to lounge around the luxurious beaches but also to explore inland. Go kayaking, hiking or biking around the islands and in the afternoon visit a luxury resort for a rejuvenating massage and a delicious meal.

Day 7: Koh Racha / Phuket

Your week of luxury and “dolce far niente” has come to an end but we hope that you have enjoyed your time sailing along the plush coasts of Malaysia and Thailand. Disembark in Phuket where you will encounter a variety of attractions, celestial beaches, marvelous local restaurants, stretching verdant golf courses, high-end boutiques, souvenir shops and a bustling nightlife.

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