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7-Day Luxury Charter in the Turquoise Riviera

7-Day Luxury Charter in the Turquoise Riviera

Turkey is a land blessed with a uniquely rich cultural diversity that little places on Earth can boast of. Both the country’s history and architecture have long been influenced by a variety of empires including the Byzantine, Ottoman, Roman and Persian and the southwestern part of Turkey known as the Turquoise Coast takes its name from the color of the bordering Mediterranean and Aegean seas. Each venue is simply magical with a charming authentic ambiance whether it is through stretching beaches, ancient ruins or quaint cafes and restaurants serving up fantastic local fare. Your summer vacation with Sunreef Yachts Charter will be nothing short of dreamy.

Day 1: Bodrum

One of the most enchanting coastal cities in Turkey, Bodrum offers not only much cosmopolitan flare but also an authentic experience. Do not be surprised at the sight of camel caravans along the scenic waterfront as you gaze over the turquoise waters of the Gulf of Gokova dominated by the Bodrum Castle built by the crusaders in the 15th century. The sheltered harbor of Bodrum will be the perfect backdrop for your luxury charter yacht.

Day 2: Knidos

An ancient Dorian city visited by none other than Cleopatra, Knidos is now a picturesque fishing village with an amphitheater rising from the double harbor separated by a sandy isthmus. Above the city on the heights you will encounter numerous ruins including a temple of Aphrodite and buildings belonging to the Byzantine style. After sightseeing around town, opt for a dinner aboard the yacht prepared by the Chef or visit a waterfront restaurant for a glass of delicious local wine.

Day 3: Datça

Cruise along the robust peninsula where secluded coves beguile for relaxation on the beach or thrilling water sports and swimming in crystalline waters. This inspiringly beautiful town is paved with jewelry shops in the city center while the entire region boasts of lush Mediterranean flora and fauna. When you feel the need to relax after a long day of visiting, opt for a Turkish hamam to soothe your senses.

Day 4: Keci Buku

A genuine retreat for the five senses, Keci Buku is a true gem of the bay with an ancient fortress guiding the enclave. The area offers a lot of excitement for all history buffs as it is lined with ruins of an acropolis and temples that you will take pleasure in visiting. Stop by a charming waterfront café to indulge in the views and a cup of freshly brewed, thick Turkish coffee.

Day 5: Bozburun

Today on the agenda is Bozburun, a small seaside town especially appreciated by guests longing for a tranquil sailing holiday in the sun. The harbor is lined with traditional wooden gulets that are manufactured the traditional way in this village. The locale reverberates with lively music at night and belly dancing is also widely practiced in the region. If you feel like staying in tonight, be sure to taste some specialties prepared by the Chef or visit the Fish Restaurant serving up delicious fresh seafood.

Day 6: Serce

Serce is a tiny harbor at the entrance of which archeologists came upon Byzantine shipwreck dating back to the 11th century filled with tons of glassware. On a quaint mountaintop near the harbor is an ancient fortress built by the crusaders and another attraction ashore is a fertility temple that women would visit to pray for pregnancy.

Day 7: Marmaris

Finish your luxury charter adventure in Marmaris, one of Turkey’s principal port towns and tourist resorts. A few decades ago just a small fishing village, it is now an imperative port of call for visitors to the Turquoise Riviera. This sailing and diving hub possesses two major and several smaller marinas to end your journey. The beguiling city center features a waterfront walkway dominated by ancient fortifications while numerous bazaars scattered around Marmaris will have you shopping for souvenirs from this unforgettable trip.

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