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7-Day Charter in Indonesia on the Banda Sea

7-Day Charter in Indonesia on the Banda Sea

The Banda Islands are a group of ten volcanic islands located on the Banda Sea that are also known as Spice Islands- up to the 19th century they were the world’s only source of the nutmeg and mace produced from the nutmeg tree. Back in the day, European powers fought over the islands’ treasures that were much sought-after products. Today, these bountiful islands are popular among scuba divers and snorkelers and best discovered aboard a luxury charter catamaran or luxury charter mega yacht.

Day 1: Ambon / Nusa Laut

Meet your yacht and her expert and amicable crew in Ambon harbor, a long and fairly deep stretch of water surrounded on either side by picturesque rugged volcanic slopes. This plush scenery is simply awe-inspiring and will provoke you to spin tales of ancient explorers and anticipate upcoming adventures on the agenda this week. Scuba divers will thrill at the thought of muck diving and encountering vivid sea creatures while a nearby wreck diving site offers relatively shallow waters and plenty of underwater surprises.

After dinner onboard, the yacht sails eastward overnight to reach Nusa Laut.

Day 2: Nusa Laut / Banda Neira

Start the day by arriving to Nusa Laut, the smallest inhabited island of the group. A spectacular location for scuba diving and snorkeling alike, the island features some of the best reefs that the Banda Sea has in store for yachting enthusiasts. Whether you choose to stay active in water while enjoying the toy chest aboard the yacht or prefer a more pristine afternoon of lazing around in the sun, either on a secluded beach or aboard the vessel, be sure that Nusa Laut will be the perfect getaway from all the hustle and bustle!

Overnight southward sail to Banda Neira.

Day 3: Banda Neira

Banda Neira is without a doubt the most significant of the Banda Islands, being home to half of the archipelago’s population. The volcanic island was once the center for nutmeg and mace trade and the modern town of Banda Neira was established by members of the Dutch East India Company as the capital of the islands’ governorate.

Banda Neira’s rich history is reflected in the island’s architecture and culture giving all the more exciting reasons to visit it. Truly unforgettable, it is a perfect backdrop for your luxury yacht that will anchor here for the night.

Day 4: Around Banda Neira

Prepare to spend yet another blissful day during your luxury charter vacation, this time diving and snorkeling around Banda Neira. There are many surprises awaiting here in Indonesia’s most abundant waters, such as luscious reefs off the island’s East and North shores. Avid anglers will be thrilled at the thought of catching tropical fish for lunch or dinner while beach enthusiasts will not have enough time to explore every jut of land, each one boasting pristine powdery sands and lined with beautiful oscillating coconut palm trees.

Anchor here overnight.

Day 5: Banda Neira / Gunung Api

Not far away from Banda Neira is Gunung Api, one of Indonesia’s active volcanoes dominating the seascape at 800 ft. The site is a must-visit for all scuba divers and snorkelers who will simply not be able to get out of the water. In-between these vivid sea adventures, enjoy royal meals onboard.

Anchor off for the night.

Day 6: Gunung Api / Lucipara

Leave Gunung Api in the morning and head north to a quaint atoll known as Lucipara. Consisting of three larger islands and a few tiny reefs, these isles are settled in a 3,000 foot-deep seabed, thus promising spectacular grounds for water sports’ amateurs. The reefs are dotted with vertical walls and offer a visibility of over 120 feet as well as mild currents- dream diving conditions. Dinner will be served onboard overlooking the scenic atoll.

Anchor in Lucipara in the evening and sail back to Ambon overnight.

Day 7: Ambon

Wake up on the sea as you reach the final destination of this luxurious cruise. Stop on the way at Palau Tiga for a last dive in the plush Banda Sea before reaching Ambon where you will disembark.

We hope you enjoyed your charter vacation and already look forward to seeing you next time, wherever it is you choose to spend your holiday!

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