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14 days on the Adriatic Coast

14-Day Luxury Charter Itinerary on the Adriatic Coast In Croatia and Montenegro

Located on the Adriatic Coast , the beautiful countries of Croatia and Montenegro have been emerging these past few years as Europe’s best luxury charter hotspots offering idyllic shores, antique architecture, remarkable scenery and plenty of on-shore entertainment. This part of the Old Continent is fortunate to be sporting verdant mountain tops stretching to the azure blue skies, immaculate beaches and clear sparkling waters. The Balkan countryside is blessed with stone walls and fortifications and with a generous Mediterranean climate and over 1 185 islands to explore along Croatia’s coast, this destination is luring for a one of a kind adventure in the sun!

Day 1: Kotor

Commence your brilliant nautical adventure in Montenegro by embarking on your luxury charter yacht in the beautiful coastal city of Kotor where you will be spending the night. The city lies only 3 miles away from the Tivat Airport offering daily flight connections to Europe’s busiest airports. Located in one of the country’s most beautiful bays, this ancient city of merchants and sailors will be the perfect place to start your luxury charter vacation with the Porto Montenegro Marina readily offering the utmost of amenities for your yacht.

The Old City dates back to the 12th century and the well-preserved Medieval architecture are the reason for which Kotor is listed a UNESCO World Heritage Site. With winding cobblestone streets, red-roofed houses, old squares, busy markets as well as majestic cathedrals, it is without surprise that this awe-inspiring city lures visitors longing for a genuine Montenegrin experience. Kotor sports many nooks to explore during your charter and with a vibrant nightlife, your first night in Montenegro will be truly unforgettable!

Day 2: Kotor/ Budva

Start your day in Kotor with a delicious local breakfast aboard your luxury charter catamaran or luxury charter mega yacht before sailing south to the Budva Riviera, once deemed by Lord Byron as “the most beautiful encounter between the land and the sea” thanks to a dramatic coastline, spectacular sandy beaches, archaic architecture and wonderful entertainment. This stunning slice of heaven is the perfect playground for your luxury charter catamaranluxury charter mega yacht, luxury charter powerboat or sailing yacht.

Dock your luxury vessel in MC Marina Budva which is not only conveniently located in the city’s center but also offers various services for your yacht. Budva is one of the most exciting Montenegrin ports of call as well as one of the oldest with a history dating back 3,500 years. This region sports 35 powdery beaches for basking in the sun during the day and a vibrant nightlife with bars, pubs, karaoke and specialty sea food restaurants. Taste this region as you savor such delicacies as prsuta (smoked ham) or sir iz ulja (a special kind of cheese made from olive oil) and live the good life in Montenegro!

Day 3: Budva/Herceg Novi

Today you will cruise the sapphire Adriatic waters up north to reach the last Montenegrin destination during your luxury charter, the coastal city of Herceg Novi. This peaceful destination is located at the foot of Mount Orjen and is a sweet retreat that has been known for ages for its healing sea mud or “igaljsko blato” and water springs, or “iglajske slatine”. Herceg Novi is a resort well reputed not only for a unique architecture of the Forte Mare castle, a 19th century clock tower, the Kanli tower constructed by Turks and imposing churches, but also for its wonderful entourage of verdant mountain tops, tranquil sparkling waters and pebble beaches that you will be able to explore from the deck of your luxury charter yacht or from ashore. Spend a lazy afternoon playing in the turquoise waters of Miriste, a beach easily accessible by boat and quaintly set against verdant hilltops.

Moor your luxury yacht at the Marina Herceg Novi to explore this magnificent destination where you will stroll along the seafront walkway, visit the ancient fortress of “Stari Grad” or one of the many streets that are at the same time steps. Outside of Herceg Novi, you will be inspired by many culturally rich sites such as the village of Meljine, home to an 18th century impressive lazert edifice that was once the Bay of Kotor’s main health and sanitary institution.

In the proximity of Herceg Novi is also located the Blue Cave, one of the most attractive series of caves situated in the Lustica Peninsula, whose name derives with the remarkable blue color during sunny days when the bright sun rays reflect off the water’s surface. Also spare some time to visit Mamula Island, an inhabited island at the entrance to the Bay of Kotor only 3.4 nautical miles from the city, featuring little vegetation, a stunning beach and a dock to moor your luxury charter yacht.

Day 4: Herceg Novi/Dubrovnik

The fourth day of your luxury charter is at the same time the first day of your adventure in Croatia as your luxury charter catamaran glides swiftly through soothing waters to the coastal city of Dubrovnik, another UNESCO World Heritage Site. The city is Europe’s best preserved medieval site and you simply must take the time to stroll down the picturesque and narrow streets and soak up all the plentiful history abounding in every corner of Dubrovnik.

This must-visit destination of white beaches and sparkling waters lures yachtsmen with favorable sailing conditions and a mild and pleasant climate. Your vessel will be comfortably docked at the Dubrovnik Marina from where you will be reach the city center with many terraces and specialty restaurants offering wonderful views of the setting Mediterranean sun. A vibrant nightlife is only one of the attractions waiting for you in Dubrovnik, prepare to be swept away by this ultra chic charter destination.

Day 5: Dubrovnik/Mljet

Start off your day with a delicious alfresco breakfast while admiring magnificent surroundings. Today’s destination will be the southern-most Croatian island, Mljet, an utter blissful Adriatic haven that is the country’s most verdant island with plush Mediterranean flora, translucent waters, a rich submarine life and generous sandy beaches. Mljet sports tranquil fields, vast vineyards and quaint small villages constituting a perfect backdrop for a serene day in this European paradise.

The National Park in Mljet, created over 50 years ago, covers half of the island’s territory and is home to two picturesque saltwater lakes in the region, Malo Jezero and Veliko Jezero. Once there, you will be able to visit the quaint village of Pomena, only a short walk or boat ride away from these scenic lakes rimmed with verdant pine trees beckoning for a refreshing bath in the clear blue waters. The Veliko Jezero is home to a once Benedictine Monastery dating back to the 12th century that serves now as a restaurant/café where you will enjoy a specialty Croatian afternoon snack.

Day 6: Mljet/Lastovo

Another beautiful day in paradise commences as you wake up to the warm sun rays of the Adriatic and sail your way to your next fabulous destination in Croatia. Today you will visit the island of Lastovo, a fairly immaculate island that has only recently been opened to foreign yachts. Known primarily for its 15th and 16th century architecture, including beautiful historic Roman Catholic churches, this holiday hotspot is also famous for its Carnival and many summer music festivals.

Lastovo is an utter terrestrial paradise for all charter guests wishing to experience the genuine beauty of Croatia through Lastovo’s 46 islets and the same number of verdant hillside vineyards as well as quaint sandbanks embellishing the island’s coastline. Sail your luxury charter catamaran or luxury charter mega yacht to Lastovo and you will experience excellent food and wine while all fishermen will be able to spend tranquil moments catching tuna as well as other local fish. Moor your luxury charter catamaran or luxury charter mega yacht and explore one of the premium beaches dotting Lastovo, whether you choose to stroll along clean rocky beaches or powdery sandy ones.

Day 7: Lastovo/Korcula

Yet another charming destination awaits you as your luxury charter catamaran or luxury charter sailing yacht glides swiftly through immaculate waters to the island of Korcula, one of the greenest Adriatic islands and the sixth largest in the region with a 47 kilometer-long coastline. No luxury charter vacation is complete without a visit to this unique Dalmatian destination rich in art and culture and sporting many harbors and coves perfect for mooring your luxury charter yacht. Korcula’s north shore is rather low and accessible through numerous bays including Korcula Bay, Banja Bay or Prigradica Bay. The island’s south coastline is more rugged and features plush bluffs towering over the island.

Visit the city of Korcula in the north-eastern part of the island being a typical Dalmatian medieval walled city with impressive fortification and signature red roofs. Take a stroll through the old city center and be inspired by the abounding history and visit the many restaurants, cafes, boutiques or the town’s museum for plenty of local flavor. You will be delighted to sample such delicacies as goat-milk or sheep-milk cheeses, smoked ham and fried, grilled or boiled fish coupled with an excellent local wine produced in one of the sun-kissed vineyards. Top the meal off with prikle, the island’s most common dessert, a delicious donut with raisins and almonds fried in oil.

Day 8: Korcula/Vis

Today your Captain will navigate your luxury charter catamaran or your luxury charter mega yacht towards Vis, the westernmost of the larger Dalmatian Islands that is known for its splendid vineyards and premium fishing.

The island has only been open to luxury yachts for little over 20 years, leaving the island relatively pristine and pure and boasting magnificent beaches and a preserved natural architecture, making this Dalmatian destination a one of a kind charter hotspot to visit aboard your luxury charter catamaran or luxury charter mega yacht. Legend has it that wine growing in Dalmatia was first planted by the Greeks on a verdant field on Vis and the island is now known for its authentic white wine, Vugava.

Moor your luxury charter yacht in the town of Vis, or ancient Issa, situated in the north-eastern part of the island where you will be enchanted by an irresistible Mediterranean ambiance and casual lifestyle. Visit the town’s fortress, stony piles, remains of an ancient theatre, antique thermal baths or the ancient Greek gravestones. Also worthwhile are the towns of Komiza, Rukavac and Milna, all sporting exquisite beaches and Mediterranean architecture set against verdant bluffs. Vis is a charming destination for all history buffs and the island’s robust beauty will have everyone under its spell.

Day 9: Vis/Hvar

Prepare for yet another fantastic serene day in paradise as your Captain sets sails towards one more pristine destination of the Adriatic, the island of Hvar known widely as the queen of Dalmatian islands thanks to her strategic location. This plush Mediterranean island is dotted with fragrant lavender fields, large ancient olive trees, stretching vineyards as well as quaint local restaurants serving home-made wines and cheeses.

Hvar offers plenty of dockage, whether in the town of Hvar known as Croatia’s St. Tropez, the ancient town of Stari Grad or Vrboska- island’s “little Venice”. Hvar is a bustling location with a unique architecture, a wonderful waterfront promenade bordered by plush palm trees, ancient stone fortifications, a magnificent piazza with the dominating St. Stephen’s cathedral and monuments on every step of the way. After visiting the town, stop by one of the numerous cafes for a refreshing drink and in the evening, prepare to dance the night away in one of the discos.

Day 10: Hvar/ Brac

Today you will sail slightly to the north to reach your next destination, the island of Brac, home to the highest peak of all Croatian islands, Vidova Gora towering over 778 meters above sea level. The island’s coast is very diversified with both a rocky and steep shoreline as well as a low and sandy one and the landscape sports gullies, crevices, tranquil coves for mooring your luxury charter yacht, verdant valleys and imposing limestone bluffs.

Sail to the town of Milna on the island’s western part that is separated only by a few kilometers from the bustling town of Supetar. Milna features a magnificent bay that once harbored the ships of emperor Diocletian when he was constructing his palace in nearby Split. The fully equipped marina now offers berthing for luxury charter mega yachts, luxury charter sailing yachts or power boats. The town will be an ideal backdrop for a day of diving, snorkeling or fishing in the crystal-clear waters, offering a fantastic retreat for all the five senses. Stop by one of the town’s excellent restaurants to taste specialty lamb dishes or procip, a dish made from fresh cheese cut into slices and baked in caramelized sugar. Top the meal off with smutica, a refreshing drink made from goat milk and red wine.

Day 11: Brac/Split

No luxury charter vacation in Croatia is complete without a visit to the vibrant mainland coastal city of Split, originally built around the impressive palace built by emperor Diocletian. To this day the city is a genuine testimony of these ancient times with Roman walls, temples and piazzas abundant in Spilt.

The ancient palace is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and coupled with ancient cathedrals, squares, temples, promenades and museums, these sites promise a walk through time. In Split, you will also find two original Egyptian sphinxes brought to the city by Diocletian, one of them being located on Peristil square the other one in front of Saint John’s church, an ancient temple of Jupiter. The city’s art gallery exhibits works of many famous Croatian sculptors while the Archaeological Museum dating from 1820 and located only a 20 minute walk away from the old town, is the oldest museum in the country. With premium boutiques and restaurants, Split is an exciting destination with plenty of local flavor where you will be able to taste such delicacies as soparnik- a baked mangold-stuffed dough-, local ham called prsut, excellent cheeses and magnificent wines. And if you still find enough energy after such a busy day to celebrate in the evening, Split is lined with nightclubs, bars and pubs.

Day 12: Split/Sibenik

Soak in Split’s magnificent landscape as your luxury charter yacht heads north to Sibenik, where premium berthing is available in Croatia’s new marina, Mandalina. Pristinely surrounded by the Adriatic Sea, Sibenik is where the majestic Krka river flows gently into these imposing crystal clear waters. Visit the magical city center with St. James’s cathedral, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, towering in the town’s picturesque square. Every summer the city hosts the annual Sibenik International Children’s Festival and is therefore a great place to visit for all families during their luxury charter vacation. You will be long kept in awe of the city’s dramatic Mediterranean architecture, beautiful beaches and plush flora and fauna. For breathtaking views, visit the imposing bridge over the Krka river offering splendid vistas of both the majestic river and translucent waters of the Adriatic.

Day 13: Sibenik/Trogir

It is time to sail to the magnificent Dalmatian city of Trogir where you will explore the town’s quaint harbor and the beautiful main waterfront promenade. This World Heritage Site is a much appreciated location with ancient fortifications and omnipresent Italian influence. Originating from the Hellenic times, the town’s architecture has later been marked throughout the ages with different styles and the city boasts exceptional Renaissance and Baroque buildings, the most significant of which is the Trogir Cathedral, masterpiece of the 13th century sculptor Radovan.

This enchanting Croatian port of call has it all and you visit to Trogir will be a great gastronomic and historic adventure leaving you with life lasting memories.

Day 14: Trogir/Zadar

Today is your last day in Croatia as you disembark your luxury charter mega yacht or luxury charter catamaran in the bustling Dalmatian city of Zadar. Before you depart from the Zadar International Airport be sure to visit the city’s remarkable city center lined with ancient cobblestone passages, Roman ruins and medieval churches or stop for lunch in one the impeccable quaint restaurants.

Say farewell to the crew aboard your luxury charter yacht and plan ahead for your next memorable adventure with Sunreef Yachts Charter. Bon voyage!

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