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10 Days in French Polynesia’s Society Islands

10 Days in French Polynesia’s Society Islands

French Polynesia is a haven for all tropical lovers offering wonderful anchorages and harbors for your luxury charter vessels. Visit this slice of paradise and be stupefied by marvelous vistas, abundant verdant flora and rich Pacific fauna and prepare to live an adventure of your lifetime with Sunreef Yachts Charter aboard one of our luxury charter yachts! So… pack your bags and enjoy your holiday!

Day 1: Raiatea / Tahaa

Arrive in French Polynesia to Faa’a International Airport in Faaa, Tahiti, from where a short domestic connection is what separates you from reaching the island of Raiatea. You will arrive in the island’s main township, Uturoa, whose harbor serves both smaller charter yachts as well as bigger ferries. Embark on your adventure and spend a leisurely first afternoon onboard admiring some of the word’s most splendid vistas while your Captain sets sail to Apu Bay, just a few miles to the north in the neighboring island of Tahaa. Crisp breezes carry fragrances of sweet vanilla growing on numerous vanilla plantations stretching inland. Dock your yacht in the Taravana Yacht Club offering first class amenities for yachts as well a restaurant/bar serving premium food and cocktails.

Day 2: Tahaa / Bora Bora

Start off your day in paradise with a delicious alfresco breakfast before heading to Bora Bora. But before you reach your next destination, make a short stop on the way for an exciting fun-filled morning and enjoy snorkeling or swimming in the ever blue lagoon. With good wind in your sails, you will easily reach the fabulous island of Bora Bora and as you do so, admire verdant peaks towering over majestic and calm waters surrounding the island. Dockage for your yacht is available at the Bora Bora Yacht Club in Vaitape on the island’s eastern coast.

Vaitape is Bora Bora’s major settlement with a small population of about 9,000, where guests find themselves surrounded by towering mountains, verdant flora and bustling restaurants and bars specializing in preparing catches of the day.

Day 3: Vaitape / Point Taurere

Bora Bora is blessed with a magnificent aquamarine lagoon and like many French Polynesian islands, is rimmed with motus, offshore islets lined with bungalows on the water. One of these motus on the west coast, Motu Pitiaau, is where you will visit Point Taurere boasting magnificent coral formations, which is a favorite spot for all snorkeling enthusiasts. Spend some time in the Lagoonarium and swim with captivating marine creatures such as sharks and sting rays. Next, stroll around the island to absorb the exotic landscape or go swimming or snorkeling in the crystal waters. We hope you packed your underwater camera!

Day 4: Point Taurere / Point Raititi

Today you will circumnavigate the island to get back to Bora Bora’s southern tip and visit Point Raititi. Enjoy a delicious breakfast onboard and admire marvelous vistas of sparkling crystal clear waters abundant with rich marine flora and fauna. Take your sweet time swimming in the ocean or sunbathe on an oversize sun pad and when you arrive in Point Raititi, step ashore and visit some premium boutiques and art galleries or comb one of the surrounding pristine beaches.

Day 5: Point Raititi / Faaroa Bay

After a couple of days spent on Bora Bora, today you will cruise back to the island of Raiatea to visit one of the most renowned coves in the region, Faaroa Bay. You will sail the open water as you leave Tahaa behind you and near lush reefs that you will be able to explore while snorkeling, diving, swimming or fishing. The bay’s waters are ideal for an adventurous afternoon on the water or opt for some island visiting. Secluded moorings beckon for much relaxation while soaking in exotic sun-kissed landscapes.

Day 6: Opoa Bay

Leave Faaroa Bay for the day and visit the nearby Opoa Bay whose surrounding lands are rich in history. This plush Polynesian lagoon was once a popular stop over for voyages of early settlers of New Zealand and because water has always played an important role in the local life, Polynesians constructed a major religious center in Opoa.

Opua is a coastal village tingling visitors with sweet vanilla scents rising in the air from nearby stretching vanilla plantations. What makes this place remarkable is the archaeological site of Taputapuatea Marae restored nearly 20 years ago. Maraes are ancient communal or sacred places of religious cults for Polynesian aboriginals that were mostly destroyed or abandoned with the arrival of Christian colonizers in the 19th century. The one in Opua is an extensive complex housing humongous stone figures called Tikis and is presently in line to be named a World Heritage Site.

Day 7: Faaroa Bay / Fare, Huahine

Wake up to a beautiful Polynesian morning drenched in bright sunshine and have breakfast aboard your luxury charter yacht before sailing further south to the island of Huahine whose lagoons are serenely protected by vibrant reefs. The island towers over the crystal waters and you will notice lush verdant peaks reaching snow-white fluffy clouds as you head over to Fare, Huahine’s main town boasting various restaurants and convenience stores as well as quaint hotels. Visit a world famous beachfront tropical bar, Huahine Shack, a favorite hangout spot for sailors from around the world.

Day 8: Fare / d’Auea Bay, Huahine

Spend the day sailing through the d’Auea Bay on Huahine island boasting some of the world’s premium anchorages, imposing evergreen peaks as well as hues of blues, greens, oranges and browns of the plush reefs. Fresh breezes carry scents of tropical flowers such as vibrant hibiscus. Like any other place in French Polynesia, d’Auea Bay offers excellent conditions for snorkeling leaving guests with long lasting memories of charming submarine vistas. Step ashore and spend a relaxing evening in one of the local restaurants where you will meet visitors as well as islanders willingly sharing stories of their life in this pristine stretch of land.

Day 9: Bay d’Auea / Haamene Bay, Tahaa

Haamene Bay is a picturesque and immaculate cove on Tahaa’s eastern coast with the Haamene village beautifully nestled in its clear turquoise waters. With a brilliantly blue sky, this part of the island offers some of the best sailing conditions in the South Pacific and you will be enchanted by the magnificence of the fjord-like bay. This plush entourage offers many trails for strolling and hiking and the town also houses some fine restaurants, such as the Hibiscus Restaurant. Enjoy your last night in French Polynesia, absorb the culture and soak in lush landscapes of these fabulous islands.

Day 10: Haamene Bay / Uturoa, Raiatea

Today is your final in this French territory and it will be time to say farewell to the Captain and his magnificent crew who made your stay onboard a fantastic experience. Sail back to the initial port of Uturoa on Raiatea and take last minute pictures before you depart from the airport.

Look back at the breathtaking vistas of flawless lagoons and sandy beaches and promise yourself to come back during your next luxury vacation with Sunreef Yachts Charter.

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