Destination Bahamas and BVI with NALANI

Sunreef 80 Eco NALANI will be sailing to the Bahamas/BVI in the winter season 2024/2025! 

Experience unparalleled elegance and eco-friendly innovation onboard NALANI. With her state-of-the-art solar power systems, she offers a sustainable and serene sailing experience without compromising on comfort. Explore the crystal-clear waters and idyllic islands of the Bahamas and BVI, all while enjoying ultimate luxury at sea.

Paradise for sailors, the Bahamas are a pure depiction of stunning natural beauty, making it a top-tier destination for sailing, diving, and relaxation. Combined with a Sunreef, the shallow draft allows access to secluded bays and pristine beaches, while its advanced sailing capabilities ensure a smooth and enjoyable voyage.

Located in the Caribbean, the BVI is a renowned sailing destination celebrated for its idyllic landscapes, beautiful waters, and consistent trade winds. The BVI’s well-protected anchorages offer perfect spots for relaxation and water activities.

Experience the future of luxury yachting and make waves with NALANI – where every moment is an unforgettable adventure.

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