4 Days into the Antigua Charter Boat Show!

Beautiful weather, astounding views and an incomparable display of luxury charter yachts are the key players in the annual Antigua Charter Boat Show. Sunreef Yachts Charter brokers are kept busy during the show attending scheduled appointments with clients and fellow brokers and inspecting charter yachts to make sure of their tip-top condition and highest level of onboard service.

Since the show’s opening this past Sunday, our brokers had the pleasure to participate in lunches prepared onboard Sunreef 70 Power SKYLARK and Sunreef 102 Sailing IPHARRA.

Check out the photos below to see what Chef Caro Uy of SKYLARK and Chef Duncan Taylor of IPHARRA created.

To know more about the show or to schedule an appointment with one of our brokers in Antigua, please contact us at charter@sunreef-charter.com.

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